Indian resurrection

Since Polaris Industries acquired the rights to the hallowed Indian name, we’ve been waiting to see what kind of motorcycle would roll out of its Wyoming, MN, skunk works. Born 1901, died 1953, and after several abortive, short-lived attempts—some of which, it should be said, were fairly ill conceived— Indian is now set to rejoin the living with entirely new motorcycles designed from the ground up as their own thing. Not clones. Not crazy mashups. No, sir: the real deal.

And, yes, you read that right. Motorcycles, plural. While many of us assumed Indian would be Midwestern conservative and bring

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As Tempered Democracy

"The Holy Fathers" and "insidious killer '?

Most Americans today are descendants of Englishmen. As emphasized by the American historian William Foster, "the British were at the time top-notch pirates and slave traders first class … When England … looted America, she began to act truly cannibalistic practices typical of capitalism in the early days of his youth — to take away from Spain, the fruits of her" work " using this as their main weapon of sea robbery. The first place among the famous English pirates and slave traders belong to Francis Drake. For successful pirate attacks Queen

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Knights of the New World

Columbus ordered all residents over the age of 14 every three months to take the Spanish thimble of golden sand, or 25 pounds of cotton (in areas where gold was not). Have fulfilled the quota was hung on the neck of a copper medal with the date of receipt of the last tribute. Badge give the holder the right to three months of life.

Twelfth October 1492 The Spaniards set foot on the land of the New World. The turning point in the history of mankind: the meeting of two worlds.

Caught without it or with an expired

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The extermination of the American bison

Sanctioned the killing of bison U.S. authorities. Killing animals is not only for their meat and skins, but also to undermine the traditional lifestyle of the Indian tribes inhabiting the western United States, to deprive them of the power supply and starve to death. Military General Philip Sheridan thought, "buffalo hunters have done over the last two years more to address the acute problem of the Indians than the entire regular army for the last 30 years. They destroy the material basis of the Indians. Send them powder and lead, if you will, and let them kill, flay their

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Zbigniew Brzezinski on the line

I have to admit, the American people are extremely ignorant. He has absolutely no idea of the outside world. In our public schools do not have such an item: World History. We teach children very patriotic American history. And in fact it is a glorified "Christmas" story, far from the complex and contradictory realities of the past. Take, for example, relationships with Native Americans — Indians. As it is a shame, but we must admit that the first ethnic cleansing "in the name of the Law" were held on American soil! Thousands of Indians were driven from their land

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The history of the American West told by Indians

Their manners are decent and worthy of praise

Where now the Pequot? Where Narragansett, Mohicans, pokanokety and many other powerful tribes of our people? They absorbed the greed and oppression of the white man, as snow absorbs the rays of the summer sun. We will give in turn to destroy itself without a fight, leaving our home country bequeathed to us by the Great Spirit, the graves of our ancestors and all that we hold dear and sacred? I know you shout with me: "No, never!" Tecumseh of the Shawnee

So it has been with Christopher Columbus, who called

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As he was fighting, soldiers democracy?

Methods of destruction of entire peoples in the XVII — XIX centuries. the open spaces of North America have found an enthusiastic admirer and imitator in Europe XX century. in the person of Adolf Hitler. John Toland, the author considered the best in the U.S. biography of Hitler, recalled in his book about the second half of the 70s. "Hitler pointed out that the idea of concentration camps, and the practicality of genocide to a great extent the result of his study of the history of England and the United States . He admired the way the camp was

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Russian arms supplies: truth and fiction


Lately it has become fashionable to criticize Russia at the expense of non-performance of contracts by it (or poor performance) on military-technical cooperation with other countries, in simple terms for the supply of our arms to other countries. But, perhaps, about the "last time" I’m wrong — this leads to not stop showering for a long time and the end-edge of it, alas, is not visible. But, upon closer inspection of such claims, it turns out that the facts cited in support of this thesis — do not stand up to scrutiny.

For example, in this

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Thought is material, armed and dangerous

August 6, 2012 14:08

We all know what great craftsmen North American Indians in all that regards meditation and concentration. And the best in this business sometimes arranged between a psychological entertaining fights. Two opponents sit across from each other without any weapons and began to play in such things, "peepers." The game ends when one of the contestants did not fall to the ground. Sometimes exhausted. Sometimes unconscious. Sometimes dead. So how do they do it? It is surprising, but these psychic battles are held by Indians today. And you can watch them personally, but not all.


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An eerie magic tribe Yekuana


Yekuana — a tribe, vlachaschih their miserable existence in the forests of the Amazon. Driven whites in the most remote corners of the rain forest, where dominate hordes of mosquitoes and crocodiles, these people are living in the stone age, engaged in hunting and gathering. In rare holidays, coming together, they perform strange rituals without music, reminiscent of dance. At the end of the festival they eat the powdered bones of dead relatives, allowing the release of their souls.

Tribe makiritare or Yekuana as they call themselves, rather large and incorporates

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