What fur?


Early June and I am standing — breath held — in a vast cavernous concrete space, whitewashed walls and racks of washboard-stiff mink skins stretching as far as the eye can see. They are lopped together with string, tails grazing the floor, tags identifying each lot — 20 female black cross mink, beside batches of 20 male blue iris.

There is a smell — cloying and sweet, which clings like a wet film of moisture

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UK considers US-style FMS regime

It was the possibility of a UK FMS like regime, however, that gained particular traction in some quarters of industry. Other European countries are reported

• The introduction of a US-style Foreign Military Sales system has been discussed in UK government and industry

• The idea is not being “actively progressed” though, with costs likely to be a barrier to have looked at similar options.

While UK industry sources have expressed enthusiasm for such a regime, rhe potential initial costs to government at a time of austerity suggest that the scheme will remain on hold for some time.

Sources close

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Electronics — in the oil industry.

The oil industry of the Soviet Union from year to year increases the rate of production of oil, supplying the country with fuel oil and other petroleum products and gas.

When geophysical exploration, refineries, with scheduling and automation of oil fields, various electronic devices and equipment. For the production of the dispatch radio stations of different types are used.

However, existing radio stations and devices are no longer satisfy the needs of the oil industry. For industrial communication oilmen needed power station 15-20 em with a universal power supply.

Radio stations will be widely used and remote control of oil

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KEVIN MULLINS speaks to 25 photographers to get a feel for the current state of the industry-are your peers thinking of packing it in. or are they laughing all the way to the bank?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about ‘the state of the industry’. Mostly fuelled by conversations I’ve had on Twitter and social media in general, stemming from these articles. There seems to be a real concern with some professionals within the industry about its future, whereas others are very positive about it. So this month I spoke to around 25 full-time professional photographers and actually got

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Russian lift division should be at a height

Max Waxman,

President of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations,

President of the Russian association of elevator, CEO Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

It is no accident the tradition of joint celebration continues for many years. Lift division as one of the sub-sectors of heavy industry is very closely connected with mechanical engineering. Elevator — this is also the machine; rather complicated, modern facility that is constantly transporting people. It’s a product that is always in demand, without it is impossible to live in high-rise modern city. Lift — the most popular type of transport. According to statistics, ordinary elevators carry

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The development of elevator industry in Russia in terms of self-regulation

This conference, unprecedented in scale and representativeness, has gone beyond the usual business meeting and resulted in a very comprehensive and full major activities and events forum.

The conference was held on November 16th. The next day, there were general meetings of self-regulatory organizations elevator areas: Russian lift association, Interregional Association of elevator companies, DT «Liftservis» and «Rusekspertlift.» November 17 was a tour to the factory «MEL», where the participants got acquainted with the development of a new factory -elevator economy-class European level with energy-saving systems.

Technical regulations

The conference was held in a month, and its members could literally

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Sustained funding uncertainty has French, U.K. defense industry on edge

Ask defense industrialists in France and the U.K. what they want most in the absence of larger military budgets, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction. Ask what has been missing in the past two years, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction.

There are certainly ample signs in both countries that questions about long-term spending priorities will persist. French parliamentary elections first have to be resolved this month, and then the new government plans to launch a major strategic review of

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Our mission — to achieve recognition of our lift industry, to further the formation of industry self-regulation

Eugene Agafonov, Director General of the AUC «Essa-liftek», the chairman of noncommercial partnership «With Sioule»

Speech at the XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers May 25, 2009.

The closer we approach the end of 2009, the more I have matured unpleasant feeling that the XIV Congress will be the last in our history of the elevator in their scope and importance. I would not want to believe it. And it really does not prevent, in my opinion, if we could go back to his lifting the state until 2001.

Let me explain my thoughts.

The unforgotten even

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Liftoviki — Self industry.

In May of this year in Moscow, TGC «Izmailovo», hosted anniversary XV National Congress liftovikov Russia — industry forum, which traditionally holds an annual Omori «National League elevator companies and municipal infrastructure.» Over the past from this point a few months there was a lot of events, the situation in the industry has changed in many ways. Including the August 2, 2010 President of the National Union of Self-Regulatory Organizations elevator MA Waxman and President Omori «National League» FA Lyachin signed a Cooperation Agreement establishing a framework for cooperation and interaction between the two organizations in the regulation of

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Fastener industry in South-East Asia

The rapid development of global production of fastener is uniquely related to hardware industry in South-East Asia. Today it is not only Japan, Taiwan are traditional world leaders in the production of fasteners. China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea significantly increasing hardware production, ensuring high quality.

Total global production of fasteners is 12 million. Tons per year in the amount of 25.8 billion. USD. Almost 70% of the fasteners is available today in the countries of Southeast Asia.

October 30, 2004 in Osaka, Japan, held friendly meeting fastener industry associations in four regions of Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and

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