Cost-effective inhumanity

At a rally in Washington organized by the Presidential Commission on Bioethics, American officials have admitted that in the last century had dozens of cruel experiments on humans without their consent. The Associated Press news agency has conducted a large-scale analysis of the oldest publications in the medical and popular periodicals and revealed details of more than 40 Inhuman research conducted by American scientists in the XX century.

The reason for the rally was surfaced in fall 2010 story on the deliberate infection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Guatemalans, which was carried out on the instructions of the U.S.

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In Jiangsu Province recorded FMD in pigs


Beijing, Dec. 17 / Xinhua / — The Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of China today reported that the district Sinbey Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province / East China / recorded case of infection of FMD type O in 12 pigs purchased in other areas.

Employees of a local food company on December 10 found in 12 of the purchased in other regions of pigs like symptoms FMD infection. December 12th Jiangsu Provincial Center for Prevention and Control of Animal Disease symptoms diagnosed as suspected swine foot and mouth disease, December 17, State Key Laboratory for FMD confirmed

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Outbreak of mad cow disease in China



26.07.11.Veterinarnye service China last week sent a report on a new outbreak of the disease in cattle in the province of Guizhi the World Organization for Animal Health.

The report documented cases CGE among cattle in a village in the province of Guizhi, located in the south. On the farm, it was found 73 cows, 124 pigs and 197 sheep and goats, of which 46.78 and 9 respectively animals showed all signs of the disease. All the animals on the farm were destroyed.

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Spongiform encephalopathy in cattle, BSE, mad cow

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U.S.: Another monkey virus goes to the person




Hunting for primates and use their meat in the diet may lead to infection of the consumer one of the varieties of the virus carried by the monkeys, including hominids. Experts say that the consequences of human infection with simian foamy virus (simian foamy virus, SFV) is not

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In Tajikistan recorded outbreak of anthrax


14.04.11.Po least 14 people were hospitalized in the Sughd region in the south of Tajikistan with suspected anthrax disease yazvoy.Ob worker told the regional department of sanitary-epidemiological control of the country.

SES employee with the words, the focus of infection was registered in the village "Kayirma" Shakhristan district area. " In late March, a resident of the village in the morning Barno Bakoeva found death four of his cows. A day later, a similar case of animal deaths have been reported in a number of other farms "Kayirmy."

Arrived on the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance workers found that livestock

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Cows in Northwest China detected FMD virus


18.10.11.U cows in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region / North-West China / FMD virus is detected, reported today the Ministry of Agriculture of China.

Virus was found Oct. 8 in 26 cows in the county Hayyuan Zhongwei city. Results of testing showed that animals infected with foot and mouth disease virus type "O".

All infected and housed together with other 682 cows were properly eliminated. To date, the epidemic effectively localized.

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Parasite invasion destroys thousands of acres of forests in Armenia


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19.07.11.V by rampant pests in Armenia infected 11,300 hectares of forest, and if we do not take the necessary measures to deal with them, then the damage will increase.

This was announced today at a press conference, said the director of the state non-commercial organization "Armles" Martoun Matevosyan.

M. Matevosyan said that the spread of forest pests — a phenomenon characteristic and seasonal. Currently, the strongest of all infected territory Arzakan Kotayk region and Mount Ara in Aragatsotn region. According to him, although the degree of infection reaches a critical level, but measures must be

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The village Karat 6 people infected with anthrax


28.06.12.V village Karat Akhvakh District 6 people infected with anthrax. According to preliminary data, the cause of contamination was the meat bought in the market. June 15 at the village market Karat was sold contaminated meat.

To date, sought medical treatment 6 people. Among them a pregnant woman, she is in serious condition and taken to hospital in Makhachkala. Rosselkhoznadzor with prosecutors trying to find out the causes of animal diseases.

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In Somalia, the cholera epidemic


23.08.11.Po information WHO Somalia only in a hospital is more than four thousand cholera patients who were infected through dirty water. Most of the infected — are children under five.

The reason for such an epidemic called extremely adverse humanitarian situation in Somalia. Thus, in recent years the Government of Somalia to actively take refugees from other countries. In some regions they accumulated a huge amount. Under such conditions of hygiene is virtually impossible. WHO concerned about the health of so many infected with cholera and the reluctance of the government to take drastic measures.

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Unknown strain of influenza virus has infected the four children in the U.S.

In the U.S., four children became infected with a previously unknown strain of influenza virus H3N2. Their lives are not in danger, but for a while the kids have to stay in hospital under constant medical supervision.

According, referring to representatives of the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tom Skinner, a comment which has placed many American media, the last of the cases of influenza was reported in Indiana. Newly infected boy whose relatives in contact with pigs. The three affected children were found in Pennsylvania. They all attended the same fair, held from 13 to 20 August,

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