Anaferon — Myths and Reality

Many drugs are designed to prevent and treat colds and flu, now surrounded by myths — someone scolds them, someone praises. Representatives of "Materia Medica Holding" collected in this article are a few facts about the drug "Anaferon" (trying to avoid the "gloss" and advertising).

Colds are a pressing social problem — every year they lead to temporary disability of millions of people that brings economic losses in many countries of the world. Of course, we — ordinary people are important, not economics, and health of our family. Any viral infection weakens the body's defenses, which is disadvantageous to

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Does fear Gomel avian influenza?

Lady: "I think that especially do not need to be afraid. We obtain Belarusian products — chickens from Vitebsk, Gomel. Maybe some preventive measures and necessary. "Lady: "It is necessary, and how! Russians will soon bring us and chicken sausages, and sausages. We do not know what we eat. At some time of the need to close the import of Russian poultry in Belarus. One hundred percent block!"Man: "It’s a disease. Unless beware, it will be distributed. Better, that flu we did not have."Man: "We need to develop health measures."Lady "First necessary that the veterinary service worked fine, controlled delivery

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In Belarus, an outbreak of influenza

By him, "Molodechno and Gomel Epidemiologists declared an epidemic of influenza and acute respiratory infections. In these towns over the past three days has been fixed excess epidemiological border on a group of these diseases. By A.Kozhemyakin midst of cases — 53 percent of adults and 47 percent of children. It is expected that this week "To the epidemiological process can connect the new town in including and Minsk, "said Chief Epidemiologist Ministry of Health Anatoly Kozhemjakin.

The second wave

Currently statistics clearly shows that the first wave of a pandemic influenza H1N1 (in some countries, there were already two) passed its peak and is now the incidence has declined. The same can generally be said of the "seasonal" strains of influenza and other viral respiratory infections.

Cases of swine flu registered in 209 countries, 14,142 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease led to the death (the real number of deaths is much higher). However, forecasts the spread of the virus in 2009, made on the basis of information about previous pandemics have been exaggerated: the actual mortality and morbidity

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Flu and Pregnancy

Of course pregnancynot the best time to disease. But rarely see a woman who for the first nine months was never sick. Therefore, if you feel that the nose is running, and the tickle in the throat, do not panic. Maybe it's just a cold, which does not present any particular risk for the unborn child. Worse, if you picked up a viral disease, which is called flu.

What is influenza?

Flu symptoms are known to all — a high fever, weakness, runny nose, cough, and headache. Influenza is caused entirely by a particular virus belonging to the

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Protection from any flu

This year's flu epidemic, usually having a clear seasonal pattern lasted until the warm season. And it's not just a new strain of the virus H1N1 — now all over the world registered more cases of "normal" variants of the influenza virus than usual this season.

Flu symptoms are well known to most people and repeatedly described in the scientific and popular articles. They are made up of common manifestations of severe intoxication and inflammation of the airways. Typically, the symptoms gradually bright tested for 10 days or more, but complete recovery of the body after infection

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How not to get sick in winter

C end of the Christmas holidays began a natural increase in the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections (ARI). Start increasing incidence is due, as in previous years, with the return of adults to work and children and adolescents in schools and kindergartens — in organized groups created ideal conditions for the spread of respiratory infections.

In the structure of the incidence of SARS, as usual, there are flu (so far it a bit, but in the near future is expected natural increase in the number of new cases) and parainfluenza and adenovirus, rotavirus, rhinovirus, RSV and

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Virologist Natalia Mazurkova has developed a unique environment for the production of vaccines

Traditionally influenza vaccine produced from chick embryos grown in the vaccine strains. But for many reasons, chick embryos are not the best substrate for the production of influenza vaccines. After the outbreak of "bird flu" in the world have begun to develop production technology of influenza vaccines in cell cultures using a medium that does not require addition of animal serum. The composition of such media are usually kept secret. In Russia’s own serum-free culture media and malosyvorotochnyh not. And the expensive imported counterparts.

Natal’ya Mazurkova developed a unique environment in which, instead of animal-origin components used

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Who should be afraid of the flu?

This spring, the media literally blasted the news about a new form of flu that can be deadly to humans. And just remember Stephen King's novel "Armageddon", which refers to the deadly infection that destroys people. Now we know that we are not facing death. But that does not make the flu virus less scary. So, who in the first place should be protected from the flu?

All susceptible to the flu, it is highly contagious, transmitted through the air (airborne), and in a matter of days is able to lay in bed, thousands of people. Only if it

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Outbreak of avian influenza H7 in Australia


20.11.12.Avstraliysky Department of Basic Industries announced the need to score 50,000 chickens in connection with the discovery of these highly contagious bird flu virus. It is a strain of H7, outside of the infamous H5N1, which began with a large-scale epidemic, which killed since 1997, many lives in Hong Kong.

According to the head of the Department of Veterinary Services John Roth, the virus is not transmitted through the eggs and poultry meat. However, owners of the farm, located in Maitland, were placed in quarantine until the reasons of infection, the most likely of which are called wild birds.

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