Archaeologists have found a crest with ancient runes

April 14, 2012 7:34

Photo courtesy of The Local

German archaeologists have discovered one of the oldest runic inscriptions on the crest, found in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. On it informs edition The Local. On the crest length 12.5 centimeters says Kama, which means "the ridge." It is made of antler. Discovery was made a few years ago (work in the region, where he found a comb, conducted since 2002), but until recently, kept in storage.

Researchers still find it difficult to name the exact age of the ridge, but the claim that it belongs to the second century AD.

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Russian inscription on the sundial of Nabataean Hegre

Fig. 1Sundial from Hegre (Museum of the Ancient Orient, Istanbul) [4]


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Thanks to the internet information in the new millennium has moved to another level of quality — it has ceased in many areas of the domain of the elite. In science, these "elected" were archivists, historians, epigraphists with access to libraries and archives to the museum's storerooms. Perhaps, therefore, much remains beyond their specific research. Data about artifacts that archaeologists learned a long time ago and is a true sensation, artifacts that have not been properly

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Stone «newspaper» Viking

In order to recognize the runic inscriptions, in the eleventh century did not have to be literate. At the same time, those who could read, could learn from the rune stone is much more information than it was written. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Rune stones are an important part of the cultural heritage in Sweden and many of them are still standing in place and bear the marks of people who lived a thousand years ago. They represent a unique source of knowledge about the Viking Age, and among

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Fear of Russian language

Our language — the sole objective reality that exists in this world. All archaeological artifacts can be faked, chronicles written, all the arguments to challenge, but there is a common symptom that passes through the centuries. This is — the language, it can not be faked!

Often you can find publications that protect our language from borrowing. But rarely, studying the contribution of the Russian language in the world culture. Could it be that this approach can completely turn the existing world and Russian history? Chairman of the cultural history of ancient Russia Council on the cultural

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Rysichi were literate before Cyril and Methodius

Cyril long before he created the alphabet, was in the Crimea, in Karsuni (Chersonesos) and brought back the Gospels and the Psalms, written in Russian letters. This has long been known, but it is well hidden and silent … VP Gribkovskii

Did Slavic writing to Cyril and Methodius? Every year on May 24 the entire Slavic world celebrates both religious and national holiday — the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. UNESCO announced the year 863, the first year of Cyril and Methodius in Moravia, a year recognized the Slavic alphabet. It is considered common knowledge that before the

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Found on cucumbers verses from the Quran


Villagers Bulgakovo (Ufa district) have grown cucumbers unusual. They stood out Arabic script with verses from the Koran. The owners of vegetables consider it a gift of God, the clergy — a sign approaching doomsday and end of the world, skeptics — that the owners themselves lettering scratched, but biologists have substantiated the phenomenon from a scientific point of view. Not aluminum cucumbers, but also unusual. Floria Teregulova — horticulturist with the experience, but these fruits sees for the first time. Cracks on the vegetables resemble the Arabic script with inscriptions from the

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Odin Runes and Slavic place of issue

Fig. 1. Alphabet rune stone from the island of Bornholm

In the XVIII century, the German researchers did not doubt that much older Germanic runes Cyrillic, and the Germanic tribes came to Europe long before the Slavs. Sympathizing with the Slavs, they attempted to show a century later, that the Slavs in retreat, church Radegast also used Germanic runes, and even a little of their volatility, and thus, at least in part have been attached to literature and civilization. Later, however, it became clear that the modifications Germanic runes in their inscriptions

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Archaeologists unraveling the mystery of symbols found in Sochi

November 9, 2011 8:38

In the forest zone of the Olympic construction discovered stele with ancient inscriptions and symbols.

Specialists have found that it is not mischief bullies, and the real historical value.

Each stele photographed, now researchers are translating. They managed to establish that the messages are written in ancient Greek language and relate to early Christianity. According to the first version, one of the phrases from the story of something wandering or floating — painted near the boat and fish. What does the other text and images, scientists have yet to figure out.

During the inspection of

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