Police: What makes Young front?

In the last week they were interested by 4 young people. Dmitry Sokolov and Denis Haberava interrogated Major Ivan Miniatures and the Chief Inspector of Polotsk city police department Valery Dragun, and the inspector juvenile commission Julia Demeschenko interviewed students Polotsk gymnasium № 2 Catherine Zhogal and Karen Platonov. Asked specifically about Ales Krutkin — 1st of the favorites Polotsk youth. Policemen questioned, he is campaigning for the introduction into "Young Front" or "The very young Belarus" which features and what makes it generally takes the mentioned structures.Ales Krutkin itself does not exclude that in Polotsk is preparing a case

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Mogilev: In the trial of the traffic police started pleadings

Now graduated tribunal investigation and defected to the pleadings. A day or two past the tribunal heard the testimony of the plaintiffs and their claimed eyewitnesses, also questioned six policemen — GAI employees and management of the Mogilev Interior.Now the application of the defendants questioned the Tribunal of 3 more policemen in including Representative of its safety management Interior Igor Shpakovich. From his testimony Tribunal vyznat as department inspected the facts of the complaint Mogilev Director Human Rights Center Vladimir Kravchenko.From the words of the emperor Shpakovich, viewed in the department just to investigation documents collected and produced output. None

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Mogilev policemen on trial for detention of democratic activists

Recall four civilian activists Last year December 16 intended to go through Minsk in Chernihiv. For 10 km to Belynichy policeman Vladimir Stelmach suspended bus, which drove activists and citing documents invalidity driver ordered him to return to Mogilev.The plaintiffs accuse police in an attempt to thwart their visit to the founding conference of the Union of the Left parties in Belarus. Acts policemen regarded by them as a violation of their constitutional rights.Now in the courtroom questioned six policemen. Human rights observers noted that the evidence police officers does not match what was written in their reports.Management Interior on

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March 1 in the ranks of drivers expected natural selection

In Administrative Code introduced 25 new fri, which greatly complicate life for drivers and pedestrians. For speeding 30 miles per hour — a fine equivalent to 150 bucks (for the second violation within a year — 15 baselines and deprivation of the right to drive for a year. Conversation while driving on a cell phone, the lack of maintenance, late vehicle registration — everything will cost two basic values. No insurance on the car — immediately ready 155 thousand rubles. Lost if the license stashed symbol — minus 620 thousand rubles household budget (in the case of relapse programming machine

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Mogilev applicants for candidates received subpoenas

Activist of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Yuri Novikov and chairman of the donor NGO "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko tomorrow should go to committee investigations cash.Both activists — candidates for candidates Chamber of Deputies representatives.In acquired agendas now indicated that the activists called as witnesses to the inspector Sokolov. Yuri Novikov inspector in a telephone conversation said that he needed to come to fill the questionnaire, which was sent from Tipo Minsk. According to Igor Kovalenko, the inspector said to him that he expects the income statement.Both activists unemployed. Tags: elections, Mogilev, Novikov, Kovalenko

Their customs-25. (July 28 — August 4)

July 29. 35-year-old father of the American city of Quincy (Pa.) has kidnapped his daughter from her mother's house, in the course of shooting people. Three of the victims.

July 30. In broad daylight, on a busy street from a moving van shot by unknown 16-year-old boy from a Kalashnikov — Marseille made the 15th murder in a series of crimes involving the redistribution of the market for drug traffickers between the south of France.

July 30. Inspector General of the U.S. reconstruction of Iraq: training program for Iraqi police sawed more than 200 million dollars.

July 30. Seattle

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Small business in the United States: Better Mafia than government oversight services

The ratio for Oversight Services (nurses, firefighters, architects, inspectors licenses, etc.) to small business owners successfully characterized the policies Republican Eric Ulrich of Queens. The main causes of penalties he called "arbitrary and capricious» (very arbitrary and capricious). Inspector tend to come at the most inopportune moment and write tickets (fines), the validity of which defies logical explanation.

Here are just a few stories quite typical for New York.

The first case. 99 Cents store owner closed for a day to paint the walls in the room. Then, of course, he takes off from the walls of the plates

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In Moscow, the head of the tax office caught on a bribe of 3 million rubles

Photo source:rambler.ru

In Moscow on suspicion of taking bribes detained the chief metropolitan tax office number 14 Svetlana Romanicheva and senior state tax inspector of field tax audits Natalia Romashkina number 2. Women suspected of accepting a bribe of 3 million rubles., Said RBC Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Moscow Marina Tretyakov. The operation to arrest an official in was held the day before, on October 27. In the operation took an active part of the Federal Security Service Revenue Service and the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of the Interior (MOI) of

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Referees and inspectors matches of the 1st round

March 12 (Friday), "CSKA" — "Amkar" V. Pettai (Petrozavodsk), A. Lagoon (St. Petersburg), S. Barabash (Stavropol) Inspector — C. Anokhin (Moscow) March 13 (Saturday), "Anji" — "Spartak" Nalchik A. Nikolaev, T. Kalugin, S. Hraltsov (all — Moscow) Inspector — A. Butenko (Moscow), "Rostov" — "Tom" A . Kolobaev, V. Bobyk, Kulagin (all — Moscow) Inspector — Yu Vergopulo (Moscow), "Wings of the Soviets" — "Zenit" Yegorov (Nizhny Novgorod), V. Hodeev (Voronezh), A. Malorodov (Saratov) Inspector — Frolov (Ramenskoye) March 14 (Sunday), "Spartacus" M — "Dinamo" S. Karasev, A. Averianov, Drozdov (all — Moscow) Inspector — Spirin (Moscow) "Ruby" — "Lokomotiv"

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Kazakhstan may disappear argali


22.07.2010.Beznakazannost has meant that virtually destroyed a rare animal — Karatau argali — claim in forestry Zhambyl oblast, the Agency "Kazakh-grain."

Local inspectors recently arrested another hunter argali, the Red Book and protected by the state.

According to foresters, in recent years, none of the poachers did not suffer deserved punishment. Hunter from Taraz detained in the Karatau Mountains since gutted carcass of the animal. Horns, hooves — all said that this mountain sheep — argali. Experts identified — female.

Tabyszhan Arystankulov, inspector of Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Zhambyl region:

— By all indications,

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