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Starry sky after the Big Bang.

New sky map, made by scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA), shows how the Universe looked soon after the Big Bang, which occurred 14 billion years ago. It is based on data from the satellite «Planck», which 15 months measured the microwave background radiation, surviving in space as a reflection of the flash of the Big Bang. On the map recorded temperature distribution of radiation throughout the universe. Red marked warmer areas blue — colder. The difference in temperature is minimal, but that such a structure was the basis for the formation of stars and galaxies.

These data

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The patent for UFO


July 4th all the progressive community celebrates the International Day ufologist. It was on this date in 1947, had the most remarkable event in the world of "flying saucers" — near a U.S. military base in Rockwell crashed unidentified flying object in the depths of which were found out of order "little green men". On this subject, filmed several takers for heart blockbusters, and in the Rockwell deployed a thriving business in the only museum in the world of UFOs.

But July 4, 2000 The apron

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The Great Migration of the aliens from Sirius

"Duel", Moscow, n16 (465), 18.04.2006

Author: IF Popov

Legends of the Dogon tribe in Africa talk about relocating their ancestors to Earth from the Sirius star system and the arrival on Earth of living beings "twisting in the ark." Such stories have in other nations, but to discover the amazing astronomical knowledge of the tribe, lost in Africa, have not had …

The Dogon possess knowledge about the universe and the "spiral worlds" of the solar system, about the Sirius star system, and much more. Caste of priests ("olubaru") keep them for many thousands of years, memorizing

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The Mayan Factor — Jose Arguelles

The prophetic book by Dr. Arguelles — The cosmic scale challenge to conventional thinking.

Allegations of "reasonableness" of a vision of the universe just means that this description fits into the modern scientific worldview that spawned and supports global tragedy. We do not need a sensible view of the world — we need the most incredible and shocking vision of the universe, what you can imagine. Book by Dr. Arguelles easily meets this requirement. Download the book "The Mayan Factor" Jose Arguelles

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Charles Cockell. And what forms of life we are looking for?

"Do not assume that life is common in the Universe", — Said Charles Cockell, Director astrobiological center of the United Kingdom at a meeting of the Royal Society on March 11 this year.

Cockell has identified three main criteria that guide astrobiologists in the search for extraterrestrial life. These criteria are, in his opinion, limit our ability to find and do not allow us to expect a high success rate.

First, the biomarkers gases whose presence indicates the presence of life forms. Lifeforms typically associated with oxygen or

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In the dream, the sound in your head is scary

Every year, two or three times I wake up from a strange sound in his head, like a bassivny ultrasound, inspiring fear overpowering my mind! The sound comes through a dream in my mind after I open my eyes and all the space in the room is lit gentle, pleasant neon. I also feel the high pressure over his head, I want to pull the blanket over his head to stop this unpleasant feeling, but I understand that I can not even move a finger phalanx! My body was paralyzed, I'm trying to force through a huge helping

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Secrets of the Universe. God and the Universe

From where did the universe come from, God created it (beyond reason), or built up over millions of years? Let's take a look and try razobratsya.

Watch Secrets of the Universe. God and the Universe


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Oddities in the world of galaxies

Let's look at the world's most ambitious objects of the universe — galaxies. According to estimates of astrophysicists in the foreseeable range of modern telescopes of the universe of Star Island is about nine billion. Information about them can be found in astronomical atlases, such as the "Palomar northern sky", "New General Catalogue", addition to, "Index-catalog" Messier catalog and others.

In terms of the search for the next astroinzhenernoy of VC III of particular interest are the so-called interacting galaxies. This pair of galaxies, sometimes larger groups located relatively close

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Creating a 3D model of the universe

To create a three-dimensional graphical model of our universe astronomers from the British University of Portsmouth took almost 10 years. Each person using the space map «2MASS Redshift Survey», can see everything that is situated at a distance of about 380 million light-years from Earth. A distinctive feature of this card — consideration of the universe through the lens galaxies, as well as through a huge concentration of luminous dust.

If you want to buy a unique gift for a loved one, a better place than the internet you just

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The mysterious and frightening infinity

All that we see on Earth, and she, along with us, is composed of particles that have emerged from space. Humanity during its entire existence, seeking answers to the questions of where there is life there is any other intelligent civilizations in the universe, or habitable planet with living organisms, and in general what is out there in the dark and mysterious way.

Want to print high-quality wall calendars with the stars and planets? In such a case, the trust seal wall calendars you can professionals from the printing house "Eurographic." Details

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