Were All Photographers. Are We All Photographers?

Once Google Glass takes off, people may utter, “Glass, take a picture,” more often than talk to each other. It is already happening, come to think of it. Pictures are serving the role of conversations… I went to this cafe. I am at a party I am stupid. Instead of narrating such stories with a touch of drama, we Instagram our lives straight into everyone’s timeline. Photography was always a language. But earlier, it was used to make a statement. Now there are statements, with a lot of chatter and small talk in between. So considering the millions of stray

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Having run with Instagram

Instagram is not just about taking selfies and shots of your food. 10 things about this super fun app, that may take you by surprise.

Shoot. Select photo. Crop. Add filter. Tag. Share. Done!

In a matter of seconds, I have shared my day at the beach with my friends. With photo sharing, in just a few easy touches on Instagram, these simple tweaks could make your stream even more exciting.

1. It’s Different!

Do not compose the way you would with a regular camera. The images are usually viewed on a phone screen, so keep it simple.

2. You

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Getting online

On the one hand, social networks bring people together. The other is communication becomes more intrusive

When I had Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and a number of other applications to cover the life-line, I did not release a smartphone from the hands. What I tried on, with someone for lunch, where she spent the evening literally everything immediately appear in the network (now imagine how unnerving it friends). Gradually, I calmed down and began to spread only something truly original or funny. And then the storm broke.

You had the day before at our favorite cafe? Why not zachekinilas? I

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