Vega 3D

Laser projection level

LASER: Class — 2, wavelength — 635 nm radiation power — 1 mW

Optical scheme: horizontal and two vertical planes

Operating range: up to 15 m (with receiver — up to 60 m)

Measurement error: ± 0,2 mm / m


DIMENSIONS: 162x79x127 mm Weight: 0.8 kg

PRICE: 16500 rubles.

Compact multi-functional automatic laser level Vega 3D is suitable for interior decoration, installation, leveling walls and floors, installation of ceiling structures, installation of partitions, wall mounted equipment, the leveling of wall shelves, and much more. The device builds three mutually perpendicular planes — one horizontal

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Bridgelayer MTU (K-67)

Projects and prototypes based bridgelayer MTU

Bridgelayer MTU served «testing ground» for new bridge means. But first it is to talk about two projects carried out in the OKB SV IR led AF Kravtseva at the initial stage of work on the K-67 launched bridges (in accordance with the TTT approved P. Marshal Rybalko in October 1946).

In May 1948 OKB IR SW version proposed bridge kit K-67, providing installation (installation) on the barrier rut bridge 15 m long with two retrofit T-34 tanks. The bridge is equipped with built-in wheels can be transported on a trailer at the

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Tests of a new engine for the PAK FA in 2014

Scientific Production Association «Saturn» began preparations for a promising new engine fighter T-50 (PAK FA) for bench testing. On this, as reported «and Mash,» said Yevhen Marchuk, General Designer, Director of the Scientific and Technical Center named Cradles, part of the «Saturn». Motor tests in 2014. «In iron engine will be ready in two years, and will begin bench testing, debugging it will go. This is — a fundamentally new engine because it creates quite a long time «- said Marchukov. According to him, the share of modern power plant will be 30 percent less than the AL-41F1 («Article

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Lightweight Assault ARBALEST

The design of this aircraft was designed by students in the competition in 2002 «Ikelos», conducted by NASA. The main feature of this aircraft is very small takeoff and landing. In addition, a small fuel consumption makes it possible to get a huge range and a long time loitering. The aircraft has a rather massive arms. While not specify what will arm the aircraft. But in the front of the fuselage designed space for installation 12.7 mm, 8.58 mm, 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm machine guns. It also can be set 40-mm setting for firing grenades. In the firing

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F-35B with hanging gun

  The picture shows a fighter F-35B with suspended under the fuselage gun installation GAU-22 / U.   Suspended installation armed 4-barrel 25 mm Gatling gun-type with a rate of 3300 rounds / min. This system has been specifically designed for F-35B by General Dynamics and has a much inflated fire accuracy than previous GAU-12 / U of the same caliber (5 ctvolnaya gun with a rate of 4200 rounds / min).   The fact that the F-35B unlike F-35A do not have sufficient interior volume to accommodate integrated guns. Unfortunately, this scheme reduces the stealth F-35B, the newspaper notes

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Yaroslavl Refinery launched diesel hydrotreater

Yaroslavl refinery Slavneft-YANOS launched commissioned a new diesel hydrotreater capacity of 1.5 million tons / year. Building installation was started in 2010, the cost of the project — 6.3 billion rubles.

The plant operates on Technology and Prime D designed for commercial diesel fuel component, characterized by an increased cetane index, as well as ultra-low sulfur (less than 10 ppm). The project is set to introduce Neftekhimproekt under license of the French Axens. Entering the unit will allow a 4% increase production of diesel fuel Euro-5, as well as to launch a project to translate one of

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Energy-saving technologies in the Irkutsk region

Modern innovative energy-saving technologies have reached and the Irkutsk region. A few days left before the start of a new complex on the highway M-53. At Moscow road near junction on the settlement Railroad station and Thelma experts found and mounted 8 poles with solar panels and wind power generators. The equipment allows for all kinds of weather to accumulate a charge of sunlight and wind.

Automatically set up the equipment at dusk light the lamps on bus shelters and pedestrian crossings at this point the track. While this is the first site where the work will ultramodern technology

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M-52T — self-propelled gun of Turkish Armed Forces

Turkish self-propelled gun (SPG) M52T is a modernized version of obsolete M52 artillery systems of the South American production late in 1950.   Tests of the upgraded version of ACS were completed in 1994 and the creation began in 1995. In total, 365 self-propelled guns were modernezirovanny M52 to version M52T.   The Turkish army is the sole operator of this artillery system, writes    Unique small barrel 105 mm howitzer cannon was replaced by a 155-mm / L39. The same gun was used for German M109A3. The highest range is 18 km with a standard projectile, 24 km

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Shchekinoazot introduce methanol complex in July


"Shchekinoazot" in May-June 2011, plans to launch a range of methanol production value of more than EUR 150 million.

Previously entered into commercial operation the capacity of 450 thousand tons of methanol was planned in the IV quarter of last year, but the date was moved to amend the investment project.

"Shchekinoazot" began construction of the methanol production M-450 in 2007. In August 2009, put into operation the first starting complex — a warehouse of methanol. Methanol is planned to implement the domestic and foreign markets.

Specialists complete the installation of technological pipelines are

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Sche 2 contract for kerchenskogo ? Zatoka. Plant zavantazheny to mid-2013 rock

Kerchensky sudnobudіvny plant "Bay", a partner Holdingovoї Kompanії "KrAZ", scho belong to one fіnansovo-Promyslova Group "Fіnansi i credit," vіdnoviv your spіvpratsyu s kompanієyu "Damen Shipyards Bergum" (Nіderlandi). On zamovlennya tsієї kompanії plant pobuduє two most nasichenih body korablіv postachalnikіv project PSV 3300.Kompaniia Damen Shipyards Bergum — davnіy i perevіreny partner factory for yakogo "Bay" pobuduvav no one serіyu unіversalnih konteynerovozіv, budіvnitstvo as an offshore sudіv bude Perche spіlnim dosvіdom.Before the robot over tsimi zamovlennyami to "Zatotsі" planuyut pristupiti in kvіtnі stream rock. Zdachi Perche ship zaplanovana on sіchen 2013 rock, the other — on Kviten 2013 roku.Takozh

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