Storm-related work generating opportunities.

Most remodelers who respond to storms find business booming despite associated risks.

Hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, and other natural disasters accounted for more than $110 billion in damages in 2012, one of the costliest years on record, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

This spring, Moore, Okla., was destroyed by a massive EF5 tornado, which took the lives of more than 20 people. Nearly 91,000 Oklahoma residents have filed claims since the storm, and insurance payouts have topped $1 billion. In comparison, Hurricane Sandy caused approximately $70 billion in losses and hundreds of millions in insurance claims in 2012.


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Minding the storm chaser.

The difference between opportunists and legitimate contractors starts with visibility.

The phone calls start shortly after Donn Lipscomb repairs the last few houses he agreed to fix following a severe storm. Spurned customers contact Lipscomb, owner of Moore’s Roofing and Insulation in Oklahoma City, when the out-of- town contractors they paid to address their insurance claims stop returning their calls and take off without warning.

Homeowners hire these companies, known as «storm chasers,» because they consistently submit the lowest bids and promise to start each job right away. Although some of these people stick around long enough to complete a

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Weaving yourself a safety net of insurance is one of the smartest things a photographer can do, especially if using the Photoguard Pro insurance.

Imagine you’ve just turned up for your shoot at a prestigious wedding, or even your first job, and you realise you haven’t charged your camera or forgotten to insert an SD card. Your professional reputation could be at stake, as could the job. Not having professional insurance can have the same devastating effect on a photographer, so it’s time to make sure you have all the right cover.


Accidents can befall even the most

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Will change if indispensable volunteer insurance savings?

Is it possible to insure against "antisocial" behavior?2007 already clouded growth factor in the severity of the consequences result of road accidents. The death toll in a ratio of 100 victims has grown from 14.7 to 15.4. And in the Minsk region, this figure is even higher — as much as 20 died of injuries per one hundred square meters of road accident victims.Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Association of professionals and insurers transport Yuri Vazhnik background growth sees itself not only in the received "nods" the rapid growth of the fleet, and in "antisocial behavior" on the

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Why do you need insurance policy pregnancy and childbirth?

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, two out of three pregnant women were forced to sit in queues clinics, lying in hospitals, take more research, consult with experts and tremble for the health of the child. As a result, only 31.5% of women from the burden of successfully resolved.

Insurance companies offer special policy, which can ease the burdens of pregnancy and childbirth. In pregnant women who do not want to use the free medical care at the district women's clinic and give birth in the nearest hospital, there are two ways: either to carry money straight

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Medicine in Europe: Whatever it was, of all antibiotic pass!

Natalya Barabash, a columnist for "Evening Moscow"

I phoned a friend: "I read? The English hospital staff starved 1,000 people! The horror! How can it be — is there an enlightened Europe! "But for some reason I was not surprised. Alas. Stories about the magnificence of European medicine proved that myth, which was the hardest part.

— Oh, you will see the difference with Russia! Yes we have one blood test will tell you everything! — Viennese friend assured me that all the Austrians believed that medicine is no better than them.

The first miracle to doctors

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How much is a life in the U.S.?

Fans of the west are often fascinated by the statistics of income in the United States and, like, low prices for clothes, cars and products.

Trick here is a fundamental difference between the Russian and the American economy. The fact is that in Russia all your expenses are obvious. You've come to the store to pay as much as indicated on the price list, then bought drugs for a certain amount, well, maybe you pay any more credit, for a car, for example.

In the U.S., it's different. Expenditure on food and clothes — this is only the tip of

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About childbirth in the U.S.

I once wrote about his experience with American medicine. Then the internet community has branded me a disgrace, and my claim to the very-very-best and perfect medical system in the world called unfounded. Numerous "experts" from the newly minted Russian patriots of America dubbed me stupid loser who, in their ignorance and stupidity did everything wrong. And I went in the wrong places, and did everything wrong, and generally fool! There is nothing to denigrate the best medicine! I will not make excuses. It makes no sense. Here I would like to tell about one contact with American medicine,

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America — gilding showered, teeth turn black

According to a study of some dental organizations, U.S. residents are increasingly choosing to treat teeth to the emergency room (Emergency Rooms — ER). The reasons — too expensive medical care, lack of insurance and lack of professional dentists.

If a quarter of a century ago, the Americans were visiting dentists for prevention, but now they do not even pay attention to small problems with the teeth.

In emergency rooms, they are usually treated in the case of extreme pain or bleeding. In most receiving emergency dentists do not work. Therefore, doctors can not provide full assistance to sick

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The guarantee Lloyd's market is a huge loss

September 21. Insurance market Lloyd's of London said Wednesday that suffered huge losses in the fiscal first half due to the unprecedented number of major natural disasters, including the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

"The Corporation has estimated losses that before tax amounted to 697 million pounds (1.09 billion dollars, 800 million euros) in the first half of the year", — said the chairman of Lloyd's in the official final report, noting that the requirements on insurance payments increased significantly. And this is compared with a profit of 628 million pounds in the same period last fiscal year.


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