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Creative Eye aims to prove that combining imagination with technique can make for interesting and inspiring images, even if your subject is as ordinary as paint! If you’re looking to add creativity to your photography, then you’ll find it even easier to get the results you want by using the best possible kit. For the ultimate image quality, consider the Nikon D800, which boasts an FX-format CMOS sensor that has a class-leading resolution of 36.3-million pixels, allowing it to capture an unprecedented level of detail.


By Ross Hoddinott

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 105mm f/2.8GIF-ED

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Tornadoes from Oklahoma is recognized record in several categories

June 5, 2013. U.S. national weather bureau has reported some interesting details about tornado was flown to Oklahoma City at the end of last week. As the analysis of tornado power, it can be classified as EF5 tornado on the evaluation system adopted in the United States and Canada in 2007, and based on the strength of the wind and the scale of destruction.

That is, the Friday tornado received the highest category in the system, which is absolutely true, because the wind speed has reached 472 in km / h In this case, it is worth noting

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Liberasty such liberasty, obgadyat even positive

An interesting article about the new developments, starts well

The new Russian weapons: Railgun Artsimo The tests electromagnetic cannon stunned the military — trehgrammovy shell that hit a steel plate, turned it into a plasma

The heart of man in the street begins to fill with hope, well really we still do not capture the Chinese … but here it is put on the ground …

Despite the disastrous reforms in our armed forces ….

Then you can not read it. A sense if reforms are harmful, then what’s the point of these new developments,

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Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile. HeliVert: How do

helicopters (photo)

Author of the report — Roman Vukolov (LJ docent)

As you know, last week I managed to make an old dream and fly over Moscow. The flight started from Tomilino from the site of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile, part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia". But before I hit the road and a small group of reporters showed the plant itself. More precisely only a small part of it, because, first factory custodial, not everywhere you can walk here every interesting characters, and even with the cameras, and secondly it is very

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Lights of evening Samara

I like to walk the streets of Samara, when the city lowered the twilight, when he transformed many lights lamps, traceable line the streets, with spreads on them a set car headlights. A dull gray boxes of faceless buildings are painted numerous fires windows. Night wears a town in festive attire, how to choose a costume hiding in the dark shortcomings, emphasizing in light of interesting details.


Gradually dissolves daily vanity, being replaced by the serenity and quiet of falling asleep streets.

I suggest you walk on the evening Samara with me.

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Plants covered avalanche of money

October 18, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said two interesting figures. At a meeting with the council, which includes 26 U.S. and European companies, he said — their total investments in the Russian economy exceeded $ 100 billion. This is the third of the money invested by foreigners in our country since 1990 (265.8 billion dollars). I wish Prime Minister did not mention another interesting fact. This year, the Russian broke an unprecedented boom in foreign investment in manufacturing. From May to July 2010 started 70 major projects of 25.6 billion dollars. Among them — the world’s largest glass factory, Europe’s

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In Moscow, opened the VII Festival of Science

Moscow hosted the grand opening of the Festival of Science on the basis of MSU.

Science Festival held in Moscow in the Russian Festival, which takes place throughout the year in all regions of the country. It is designed for a broad audience. The main purpose of such a large-scale scientific holiday — to popularize basic knowledge, to cultivate young people’s interest to the research finding, tell us what are the prospects it opens the modern man, as well as provide new opportunities for the development and growth of young scientists. Moscow Festival of Science was the

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The world record in Tver and Sports Day

September 30, 2012 at the stadium Suvorov Military School held a very interesting event. All the action started with a 14-00, where the boys were preparing for performances, warming up horizontal bar and parallel bars. On a makeshift stage stadium out various groups of the city. The audience with their performances pleased the dancers, lovers of kettlebell lifting, football freestylers, turnikmeny … It has been a very rich and interesting. But the main purpose for which the area at the Suvorov met all of these people was to establish the World Record! And this is a very high bar. The

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Tracked Scorpio

Another interesting of JSC "Corporation" Protection ":At the request of the Ministry of Defense made and tested a new version of the Scorpion LSHA.

The machine consists of a base Scorpio LSHA (Unarmoured) with caterpillar drive. Provides for the replacement of caterpillars on the wheel and move back by the crew

Something interesting with LJ Denis Mokrushina tracked Scorpio

Dmitry Wiebe: When all the secrets will be revealed

Science News reports are filled mainly from abroad. But that does not mean that science does not work in Russia. She’s just almost always modestly silent about their achievements.

After my epic failure with the observations of the transit of Venus would like to write something epic. And I decided to write about our science. More precisely, about what she was doing. More precisely, about how to find out what she was doing.This is a very important question. For example, a young man (male and female), pondering habitation, before making a decision about choosing a scientific career, must

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