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Corporations with a human litsom.Sekrety successful interview.

It argued that the company «with the name of» celestials work and mere mortals to avoid falling. This is partly true — the selection of such employers really hard. But what they expect from the young specialist?

For most students, the most urgent task at the approach of the end of the training — a job search. Everyone wants to find a job to his liking, according to his ability, with a good salary, prospects and other delights. Many find themselves interesting job, but when you try to fail to qualify, and they have to either look for another

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Interview with Richard Curtis.

After about five minutes of real time, or 140 words Time magazine, Richard Curtis made a sensational statement. Who is filming «About Time» lunch and EMPIRE talks with writer-director who so deftly holds a plate on her lap, as it is only able to Britain. We sit in a comfortable, shaded corner of the park in the town of St Austell, Cornwall. Not far from us are fried in the midday sun impressive dummy Santa Claus and statues of angels. They had just starred in stage a family celebration.

In the world of Richard Curtis Christmas it is even in

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Interview with Artur Chilingarov

«HP» — Interview with you is doubly interesting: firstly. You are one of the most famous and influential deputies of the State Duma, the person closely involved in Russian legislation, including legislation relating to weapons; and, secondly, the famous polar explorer, whose life is probably closely been associated with weapons. Therefore, the conversation will consist of two parts. The first question, downright forehead: not so long ago in the walls of the State Duma was circulated a document containing the amendments to the Law «On weapons» that have signed, if I am not mistaken, about thirty deputies. In particular,

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Mogilev public activist unknown smashed car

The incident happened on Friday near a stop of public transport and construction, where he works public activist.Nicholas Rasyuk believes that the incident could be a prerequisite for revenge for his interviews party Bulletin "Socialist newspaper."In the interview, he laid out his vision of the situation on the construction site in Mogilev."Managers profitably, so the builders violated labor discipline. It uses such violations to ignore labor contracts and force an employee to work ten to twelve hours for low wages. Change this situation can the employee through-independent unions, "- said in an interview public activist.During the past days on the

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Alexei Marochkin presents a picture of For Freedom! Area Kalinowski

First sketches Marochkin Alex was going to do more in Last year March 20, but did not, because as soon as the tent camp was liquidated by the authorities. Painter began work on the painting after March 25 2006. In an interview with a member of the Freedom Union painters Belarus Alexei Marochkin noted that the picture will be taken to diversify because it multi-faceted, and it has a lot of associations, which are not easy to solve. Marochkin "The most important thing, that is read — this is positive. On the frontal plane — the boy with the flag

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As citizens of Minsk to the idea of the Congress of Democratic Forces?

February first sociological center "Mirror-Info" held in Minsk survey, during which people were asked about their attitude to the idea of spending the new Congress Democratic Forces.As said now our radio control center, Ph.D. Leonid Miheychikov, 38% of respondents said that they are indifferent the event of opposition. Another 25% say they do not have to answer the question.Excellent belong to Congress 21%, negative — 16%.

Interview Lukashenko Reuters: Why must expect the worst?

Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to "Reuters". How can otkommentirovat his intention to run for a fourth term as president? Or will the opposition in the House of Representatives? Explains how bad things Lukashenko Belarus and the West?Fourth term as president?Valery Karbalevich"In an interview with Lukashenko agency" Reuters ", perhaps more enthusiasm aroused thesis of his intention to run for a fourth term. Seems that nothing sudden politicized public is not here. Contrast, would cause a sensation, if Lukashenko said something otherwise. Yet, this first public statement on the matter. As Lukashenko said, "expect the worst." Like you could to

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Interview: the correct procedure, or violation of the law?

It affects the future professionals, according to which the Ministry of Education, nominated by special requirements. What is the specialty and how it will be interviewed?According to the summary of the Ministry of Education, the interview focused on what to reveal personal, business properties, capabilities and motivation of people to the teaching of a particular function.Inspector of the Ministry of Maria Karpenko explained that such an interview is not the first year held at the Military Academy, and the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. Now, according to the presidential decree, this practice vserasprostranena and civilian specialty.This "government", "governance and

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Paradoxes electoral moods Russians

The survey was conducted in January to order our radio Russian Levada Center in collaboration with InterMedia Survey Institute. Were interviewed 1,600 people in 45 Russian regions. The results look paradoxically: 45% of respondents expressed doubts that the elections will be fair, 65% believe that the response to the question of who will be followed by the president, is dependent on Vladimir Putin and his administration, and only 19% believe that it will be depend on the will of the voters. And together with those three-quarters of respondents they say that they will go to vote, with all 45% of

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Gomel: Police asks participants a mass brawl in the cafe Krynica

At night from Friday to Saturday hassle then filed two groups.According to police, both sides attended by about 30 Young people, in including and ladies.Obsluga cafe called servants Protection Department. 1st of them also beaten. His team-mate had Make a warning shot skyward.Hot on the heels watchmen detained six participants of the fight, but later released, as they were all on a good drunk.At the moment, the police know the accident scene and interrogates all persons involved in the incident the night. No one has been arrested and detained.Second police station police station overnight train accident prone qualified as hooliganism

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