Investigation Result Into Dutch Apache Crash

Details of the investigation into the crash of AH-64D Apache helicopter 0-20 from the Royal Netherlands Air Force in Afghanistan were made public recently. On August 29, 2004, a flight of two Apaches left Kabul IAP for Bagram airbase to transport emergency radios for testing there and to carry out a reconnaissance mission in the area. The whole flight was to be flown at low level, below 200ft (60m), and during the first phase a riverbed would be followed. The flight was using callsigns Mayhem 1 and 2, where Mayhem 1 was the section leader.

The AH-64D Apache can be

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In Brest can visit stravsyatsiny

"Narodnaya Volya" reports that the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office reopened the investigation into the death of Brest Lithuanian diplomat Vytautas Pociunas. Diplomat body was found August 23, 2006 near the hotel "Intourist", but the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus considered this unfortunate event and criminal case not opened. The Lithuanian side is conducting its own investigation, but in the last year in December, it stopped. At the moment, the investigation will continue at the request of the deceased relatives. "Morning plus". "Svetlahorsk be allowed," the hammer. "In the town implement communal property. Two shops and restaurant" La berth "not sold

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Who were shot in the forest near Gomel?

In a letter addressed Deputy Chairman Executive Committee, head of the regional commissions in the study and reburial Natalia Aksenova authoritative co-chairs of the organizing committee write it must find out who committed the massacres. Applicants believe, what you need look, if it can be executed names.In this case should take into account evidence of local residents, say the signatories of the application."From previous experience of similar excavations (near Minsk and in other areas) we know about the attempts of certain persons zaidealyagizavanyh and even fabricate the results of research institutions," — said in the letter.Co-chairs of the organizing committee

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Vicky Frost fate will be the subject of public debate in Italy

With addition time, as the home of the couple Cogoleto Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin girlfriend refused to give back to Vileika her fate disturbs many Italians. Italian Senate even made a special commission to investigate this option. The debate is scheduled for February 21 in Milan bank building BPM. The reason for their investigation of the case began Vicki Frost, who held and referred to the tribunal for minors Genoa Belarusian prosecutors. How should the materials investigations, reports the Italian press, the home of a couple forced to lie Cogoleto Belarusian girl. In fact, in relation to Vicky

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Experiments planned for the Russian segment of the ISS

During the twenty-seventh of the Expedition will carry out experiments in a variety of fields, including natural sciences, life sciences, the study of Earth from space, explore the solar system and the formation and development of technology. Flight program includes measures to resupply the PC delivered equipment and the maintenance of health ISS.

Crystallizing dish Crystallization of biological macromolecules and getting biokristallicheskih films in microgravity

Plasma Crystal Investigation of plasma-dust crystals and fluids in microgravity

Relaxation The study of atmospheric optical phenomena on the orbital altitude and the re-enter the rarefied upper atmosphere

Hurricane Testing

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MIA pictured suspects in the bombing?

Require police officers to identify people in the photographs captured people.Representatives of the democratic movement, investigators questioned as suspects in the malicious hooliganism, investigators called acts of violent imitation.

The number of suspects in a criminal case on the explosion on July 4 in Minsk since the beginning of investigative activities increased 10-ki times. But before This time no one was charged.MIA’s own website endeared photos of people who were at the scene for several hours before the action.Press officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Slepchenko said "Freedom":

from time to time so it appears that the

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Why to investigators involved specialists from Russian FSB?

The police, which is under investigation, of course Yaga and the present results they say strongly enough. Konstantin Shalkevich council of disk imaging MIA said the investigation continues, but the offender has been found. Read version, fixing signs suspicious policeman refused. Shalkevich Constantine said that the poll is still going to eyewitnesses, in including those who responded to the call to bring photos and videos of the explosion. By Constantine Shalkevich, these people guaranteed monetary merit. "I see no reason this figure voice. It is quite large — 10’s basic values." I suffered repositories clinics, investigators not only take evidence

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Unique robotic line foundry run on UOMZ (Ekaterinburg)

During a visit to the "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" Dmitry Rogozin took part in the opening the first phase of a unique robotic foundry parts of optical guidance, which are used in the aircraft industry — to create military aircraft and helicopters.

The work shop is fully robotized production of future cases of optical sights begins with a wax casting parts, which is covered with 7-8 layers of ceramic, then the wax drips out, it remains ceramic mold into which is poured aluminum and receive the item, said the head of the foundry site Artem investigation.

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4 years back the destroyed V.Cherkasovoy

The last years of his life Veronika Cherkasova worked in the independent newspaper "Solidarity."She was cruelly murdered on October 20 2004 in his own apartment in Minsk. Her body with numerous stab wounds found a 15-year-old offspring Anton Filimonov and her stepfather Vladimir Myaleshka. The basic version of the murder was found on home soil.But the results of investigative journalism reinforce the view that the murder of Veronika Cherkasova related to its areas of activity. Consequence a couple of times reduced and suspended again with the wording: "in connection with nevysvyatlennem person subject verbovaniyu as a defendant."According to the press

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Perspectives «Mace» in light of recent events

September 6 during testing nuclear submarine «Alexander Nevsky» incident related to a new ballistic missile R-30 «Bulava». On the second flight Minutka refused one of missile systems, so that the product had fallen into the waters of the Arctic Ocean. To investigate the circumstances of the tragedy was created by a special commission, whose chairman was appointed Chief of the Navy Admiral Chirkov. At the current time, the Commission continues to figure out why the rocket failed to fulfill its educational puzzle. Without waiting for the results of the investigation, defense minister Sergei Shoigu ordered an additional tests newest rocket.

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