Bobruisk: KGB interrogated activist Hulk

We tried to take receipt activists that it would not participate in the actions of the opposition — the "European march" and social pickets.The KGB activist summoned for questioning as a witness, but the investigator Alexander Horoshkevich said that it will hold only explanatory conversation.The interrogation lasted half an hour. Investigator is interested organization and activities of the opposition "Junior Front"In Bobruisk.Taisa Kabanchuk investigator asked why she was summoned to the KGB, and the investigator Horoshkevich replied that reason — its leadership in Bobruisk "Hulk."• The KGB interested in training "Euro march", 20.09.2007

Two of the Young became suspects in a criminal case

Investigators were interested in the activities of another 2-regional youth activists — Anastasia Azarko of Nesvizha and Paul Krasowski of Zhodino.Sixteen Ivan Shyla questioned now Soligorsk District Prosecutor’s Office investigator Witold Alekseev. He also presented a resolution that Ivan is considered a suspect in a criminal case for his role in an unregistered organization "Young Front".Ivan told after questioning "Freedom", the investigator showed him as confirmation printouts from Web sites and protocols detention for his role in various street protests.With all of this investigator did not read what specifically Internet resources it takes.Ivan Shyla says:"Questions pretty classic — like, what

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Andrei Klimov Recommend to forget that he was a deputy

Wife of the politician Tatyana Klimova times a day gets letters from her husband. It states that information about the investigation is very rather short: interrogations go, Andrew as previously pleaded not guilty and is not responding to questions.But by some impressions from interviews with the investigator Anatoly Klimov Godunov still divided, says his wife:"One question with the investigator Andrew particularly struck me. Guodong investigator Andrew assured to forget about some of the new pages of the history of Belarus — namely the existence of Supreme Council 13th Convocation and referendum. How to comment on this? Maybe it’s forgivable if

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Mogilev questioned youth activists

From 10 am was in the office of senior investigator S.Karpikava Maxim Azarov. "Prior to this investigator is interested evidence, whether we deal with the favorites" Junior Front "Minsk, namely Boris Gorki, Dmitry Khvedaruk, Anastasia Palazhanka and other" — said Radio Liberty Maxim Azarov According to Maxim Azarov, the investigator also questioned Karpikov minor Rostislav Pankratov. Parents of the guy in the prosecutor’s office did not cause. Also, now the prosecutor called the October district of Mogilev youth activist Tatyana Bulanov.On the night of the sixteenth to the seventeenth April Tatyana Bulanov, Maxim Azarov and Rostislav Pankratov were detained on

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Quote a day or April 6

"The investigator was in a hurry to transfer material to a tribunal. And because I had a day or three and then view videos. We filed the petition, so we moved the period of review, but it is the investigator replied that the case then I will meet in remand. The investigator explained to the fact that he has a lot of other more fundamental things. But I more than sure that this is an order from above — that possible faster condemn us. "Youth activist Haretski reasons why the investigator rejected the lawyers who asked for more time

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Kurapaty vandals released under a written

Investigators confronted. November 1 Macs and Sviridov detained at the memorial complex Kurapaty 2-teenagers who had broken 5 crosses. November 11 after checking the police opened criminal case. Investigators said that teenagers to court will keep custody. But November 13 young people came to confront the parents.Preventive measure for teens decided to choose on their own recognizance. Investigative experience with the departure of Kurapaty moved to another date, because in Minsk was a thick fog.

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M. Mushroom: This simulation activity investigators

Mushroom says that he did not want to associate that what’s happening at the moment, with 1937."If then grabbed, then nobody will be released. This is the big difference. And here took, detained, checked and released … I do not think that’s great. It is very bad. In primarily for whom delay. And the second — to the investigation. Investigator has to spend very many useless work, then, does not promote the true offenders. " Views on sovereign Grib, the problem is that the top management has given installation and put the puzzle possible faster to find, and it comes

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Investigators questioned chemistry students

They are in temporary detention. Among them — student at the Institute of Informatics and Radio Electronics and Oleg Sheleg student bio faculty of the Belarusian State University Tatiana Pyakun. Woman visited chemical circle and Last year was witnessed in the case of Oleg Shelega. He was then blamed for making homemade firecrackers and punished conditionally.Investigators work out version of participation chemistry students to making homemade bomb exploded during a gala concert and maimed about fifty people.Lawyer Tatyana Pyakun Gorbatok Svetlana said "Freedom" that investigators have spent the girls in the apartment search and is now being questioned.

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Why investigator shot Papin?

Reminder of this last political prisoner Alexei Shidlovskii, which sought political refuge in the Czech Republic and is currently in the country. According to Alexei Shydlovsky investigator Vasily Papin in 1997 conducted the case of political graffiti in the column with the result that the young activists were convicted and Alex Szydlowski Vadim Labkovich.

Alexei Shidlovskii"Investigator Papin practically fabricated this case and then retired from the Columns to increase to Minsk. He during the investigation and did not hide that works to order. Moral framework, in my opinion, he did not have any. So says a lot for the

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KGB Interrogation Vadim Borshevsky

Now 10am Barshcheuski was summoned to the regional management to senior investigator Ivan Moskalyova, who yesterday conducted the search of his apartment. More than an hour Vadim Barshcheuski insisted that as a public representative for questioning was admitted human rights activist and journalist Valery Shchukin.The investigator refused, that Shchukin was under interrogation and suggested Barshchevsky hire a lawyer. The journalist said that he would find a lawyer, and only if the lawyer will be contracted, it will come to an interrogation by the KGB.

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