Russia caught up with Portugal’s GDP per capita in purchasing power

The irony, exactly 10 years as predicted, the Russian caught up with Portugal's GDP per capita at PPP. It is interesting to notice. And how much laughter and irony heard:

PORTUGAL — $ 24682 RUSSIA — $ 24631

True to liberastov is comfort — it's buying power in today's dollars. It is therefore particularly "alternative-developed" economists prefer to consider in 2005 dollars. There are other data:

Portugal — 20,135 USD Russia — U.S. $ 15,633

Sanya, stay with us, we can do, we can do

Currently, the Company can not write a poem, "Kill the President" or sing a song, "President, go home." It's not that it chravata consequences, and that "we are not heroes." Just "so do not wear." The era of slogans, pathos, and finally — the expression directly. Somewhere it has ended many decades ago, but in our particular country it happened after the disappointment of 2006. It is intended to parapolitical sphere. In 2006, there has been a strong surge of idealism at first, it was followed by a no less powerful frustration, frustration and doubt. Which, in turn, have made

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