Irrigation regime

KAMENSKY under located on the left bank of the Dnieper terrace near Kamenka-Dnieper, Zaporozhye region, Ukrainian SSR. The total area of ​​the array of more than 20 thousand hectares, including 17 hectares of irrigated land irrigated by the waters of the Kakhovka Sea Kamensky, Ivanovo and the Annunciation irrigation systems.

The array is extended from west to east basin (sub), which gradually decreases from the north and east, south and west. The terrain is flat with developed microrelief.

Soil — sandy and medium loamy ordinary chernozem on loess and bedrock -. Sands. Ground water in most parts of the area

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Irrigation of gardens in the Moscow region

Fruit growers, working in Moscow and in the adjacent areas, making sure that irrigation of gardens — a very necessary measure. But it has not yet received proper distribution.

The Moscow region is a zone of an unreliable moistening. In the study it was found that wet years as much and dry. For example, in 27 years (1936-1963) was a very dry year 4, dry — 8, medium moist — 7, wet — very wet 4 — 4 years. Maximum rainfall — 682 mm — fell in 1947, the minimum — 371 — 1938.

But even more unevenly distributed rainfall

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CTZ has won a tender for 53 bulldozer for Belarus

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to the end of November in Belarus will send a large shipment of road-building machinery.

Under the terms of the tender won the company will ship the Belarusian ameliorators 53 marsh bulldozer. Five of them — in the form of a tractor sets, which are then gather in Minsk.

Chelyabinsk machine will work on irrigation and irrigation facilities in all regions of the country. CIS neighbors were able to save the industry, but the remaining Soviet-era fleet of tractor equipment needs to be replaced.

Bulldozers CTZ replenish machine arsenal reclamation enterprises in Belarus,

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Europe is experiencing water shortages

Europe is experiencing water shortages Facts

The economy and the state of ecosystems in Europe under threat as long inefficient use of water resources. The situation is so serious that requires urgent intervention, according to the European Environmental Service in a report to the World Forum on Water in Marseille.

Europeans need for water is growing.

Due to climate change, some regions near the river basins lack of water. Compounding the situation irresponsible behavior of citizens in relation to this valuable natural resource. In addition to the introduction of a special ban on irrigation hoses need other more effective and

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Solar energy — saving for Africa

Solar energy — saving for Africa Facts

Fig. Photovoltaic solar cells, which operates the system of drip irrigation. Kalale, Benin.

Robert Freling, executive director of the solar electricity SELF, located in Washington, showed that for irrigation use of solar energy will be much more economical than the use of internal combustion engines with diesel fuel. The experiment of combining drip irrigation and solar energy in 2007 to save the dry regions of the world began in the villages Freling Dunkassa Bessassi and in the north of the West African country of Benin.

Originally the project was planned to install solar

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In Kalmykia, created forest nursery

In Kalmykia, there is another forest nursery. The fifth in a row.  The need for its construction arose from the fact that the country is chronically short of planting material. After all, before its cultivation had to use temporary forest nurseries, where irrigation was performed antiquated method — by hand. As a result of forestry "Ergeninsky" was forced to purchase seedlings in neighboring regions. Now it is used drip irrigation system.

The area of forest nursery, which is located near the village of Ketchenery, is 29 hectares. For its construction was sent to

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Farmers Ust-Abakan Khakassia region earned on a new sprinkler technology

Because of the recurring droughts in the Ust-Abakan Khakassia region is significantly reduced yield of vegetable crops and potatoes, there are difficulties in feed for cattle, which, by the way, has increased markedly over the past few years.

— It is necessary to note the active work of the leadership of the municipality, which has led to farmers District arguments have convinced farm managers involved in the program department to restore irrigated land — emphasizes the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Valeri Abramenka.

The efficiency of irrigation proved long ago, only watering guarantee a high

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In the Altai region added two irrigation system

In June 2011, in the Altai region will be launched Burlin irrigation system worth more than 1.5 billion rubles. Water from the river Ob go to the lake Pryganskogo (Burlin district, Altai Krai), providing irrigation of agricultural land area of 55 hectares and recharge of the small rivers and lakes. The irrigation system has a number of upgrades to the lake Pryganskoe and flows through the natural course of the river Burla, the bypass thus five grassland areas affected by drought every year. Construction of the system began in the 80s of the last century. Allowed to complete the

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An agreement on the construction of new plants in the Rostov region

Memorandum on cooperation in the project to create the production of irrigation equipment Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev and CEO of Valmont Global Irrigation Aaron Schapper signed on January 18 in Germany at the International exhibition "Green Week".

This will be the first investment company in Russia and the first of its production enterprise in the territory of the Russian Federation. Investment in the first phase of construction is $ 12 million Estimated start time of the first production Valmont in the Rostov region — 2014. The project will be implemented in the October industrial park. This

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In Lipetsk region opened plant drip irrigation

December 18 Chaplyginsky district of Lipetsk region opened a plant for the production of components for drip irrigation.

Sino-Russian Joint-Stock Company "New Century agricultural technologies" became a participant of the special economic zone of regional industrial type "Chaplyginskaya." This plant in Chaplyginskaya economic zone was fifth.

While there will employ about 30 people, all locals. By 2015, when the launch of another line, employees will be doubled. In Chaplyginskaya Chinese production has already invested 151 million rubles. Now it will produce 45 km drip irrigation system per hour.

The use of such technologies in the

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