Bangladesh storm proved fatal for 23 people

Two coastal region of Bangladesh at the mercy of a series of terrible storms. As a result of a sailor killed 23, the fate of the other sailors on board vessels at sea in the waters of the Bay of Bengal hundreds of fishing boats is unknown. Rescue workers have suggested that they could hide in the outer islands in the Gulf of mangroves.

Presumably, in the list of the missing can be up to 1500 people, including sailors from the island Khatia the north of the bay. The storm caused seven islanders. In general, the dead-bye to life

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Two-meter tsunami wave bearing down on Hawaii

Tsunami wave height of about two meters looming on a number of islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, the television channel CNN.

According to forecasters, the tsunami caused by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in the western part of Canada in the Pacific.

"To Cahul, located on the island of Maui, is a 5-foot wave" — TV channel. Approximate time of waves approach the coast to 10.20 pm local time (11:20 MSK). Wave height of five feet bearing down on the nearby town of Hilo. To other islands looming tsunami is much less — up to a meter, say forecasters.

The authorities

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The cyclone Evan in Samoa

Storm second category of danger, named Evan, swept over the Pacific state of Samoa, which was accompanied by the wind at a speed of 165 km / h Major releases of rainfall occurred over the capital city of Apia, located on about. Upolu. The islands in this regard, a state of emergency. Brunt of the disaster was strong enough that cost two islanders life. It was learned that during the cyclone two children disappeared near the floods Vaysigano. With its coast evacuated about 400 people.

From showers affected local agricultural crops, trees in some areas due to the

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Rainfall in the Far East will intensify on Thursday

Heavy rains are expected in the Primorye and Sakhalin during the night and early Thursday, but the weekend rainfall is not expected, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

As noted by the Office, an atmospheric front moved from the southern regions of China, covered Primorsky Krai, and the rains of varying intensity will be held throughout the Maritime Provinces.

"Heavy precipitation expected location in the southern half of the province, including in Vladivostok. At night and in the morning on August 16 rain intensified in Sakhalin, Dolinsky, Kholmsk, Nevel, Aniva, Korsakov. Heavy rains will be in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Predicted that rainfall

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The worst of the island in the world


However, fans of exotic seaside them do not bypass their attention!

Face Tkachenko

Even the paradises of the world — an exotic island, annually attracting thousands of seeking the perfect beach holiday travelers may sometimes strike not so much comfort as rife with terrible details of history. But the truly scary place — it's uninhabited, all forgotten islands, once became a place so horrific tragedies that even the most desperate travelers to this day prefer to avoid them. compiled a list of the most horrible islands.

1.Ilha de Queimada Grande, Snake

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred in the Aleutian Islands

Earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred in the Pacific Ocean near the Aleutian Islands (U.S.), told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS. The epicenter was registered at 22.10 MSK medium, located at 27 kilometers from the island of Attu in the depths of 61.7 kilometers under the seabed. Residents of Kamchatka, far from the island by 690 miles, do not feel the tremors. The threat of a tsunami has not been announced. Atta — the westernmost and largest island of the archipelago of the Near Islands Aleutian Islands. Attu is the

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Chinese Atlantis

In China, in Zhejiang province is Lake Qingdao — it's amazingly beautiful place, man-made. Qingdao lake was formed in 1959 by the construction of hydroelectric power plants. After the construction of the dam, the reservoir was formed, with a giant square five hundred seventy-three square kilometers. Chinese call Qingdao Lake — the lake of a thousand islands, so named due to the fact that on the surface of the lake is located 1078 large islands and thousands of small islands.

Lovers of land tours is to visit themed islands: Monkey Island, Bird Island, Island of the castle, etc.

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The first baby seals this year appeared on the island in Primorye

This year's first spotted seals born on the island of Rimsky-Korsakov in Primorye, which are part of the only Russian Far Eastern Marine Reserve, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a senior state inspector reserve, PhD Igor Katin.

Spotted seal or sea calf, lives in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Japan and the Far East coast of Russia. According to experts, in the Maritime region is home to around 2.3 thousand spotted seals.

"The islands of the reserve labor began seals, we've already seen some newborn babies. Annual seasonal labor larghas begins in late January —

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On the islands of Tokelau near New Zealand finished drinking water

On the islands of Tokelau, a state of emergency due to the shortage of fresh water. It is reported by Agence France-Presse on Tuesday, October 4, with reference to the government of New Zealand. Tokelau — the territory administered by New Zealand, which consists of three small islands in the Pacific.

According to the authorities, the water in Tokelau have less than a week. Emergency caused by the absence of seven months rains caused by a natural phenomenon called, known as La Niña. In 2010-2011, the "Baby" with his twin brother El Nino has caused devastating floods in Australia, South

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Downpours, hail and floods in Greece

If you are planning a winter vacation and want to escape to warmer climes, beware. On the Mediterranean Sea not stop rains and floods.

Winter travel companies offer tours to Greece, Italy and Spain. But lately, in these countries there is not a good weather.

The second week is rampant rains, storms and hurricanes. And the weather does not plan to improve. Most of precipitation over the past three days has fallen in Greece. The islands recorded 80 liters of water per square meter of land. On the popular tourist islands of Rhodes and Kos began flooding.

Under the water

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