«I was kicking the verse along with him, «Shelowitz said the other day», and he calls out his comer: On 1-3-9 and Lenox Ave. there’s a big park. «I just thought, I want to mark that somehow, his words in that physical place». The following weekend, he rented a car and installed the sign, and twenty-six others, on posts in four boroughs and a few Westchester suburbs. «At first, I felt a little uncomfortable, especially with some of the more gruesome lyrics», Shelowitz said. «I’m this schmuck artist sneaking into these neighborhoods, and I just imagined people being, like, We

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Strongman from Egypt



Mustafa Ismail, a bodybuilder from Egypt, hit the Guinness Book of Records as the possessor of the biggest forearms, biceps and triceps in the world. He trains every day at 3:00 for 10 years and is not going to stop there. Egyptian bodybuilder arm circumference from the shoulder to the elbow is nearly 79 centimeters. The biceps, he takes the weight of 226 kilograms. According to the Daily Mail, Mustafa trained twice a day for 10 years. He is now

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