The Reign Of Spain…

Many years ago, when I first learned what the ‘ES’ part of the ES-335 stood for, the strangeness of the label only added to the guitar’s allure. It was also a surprise to find out that it was part of a long and distinguished line of ES instruments that Gibson produced. The 335’s place in guitar history has long been assured, but this month’s cover story goes a fair bit deeper than that. Not only do we celebrate the ES-335’s majesty, we also look into the other members of the Electric Spanish family, and discover why this model gained a

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Mick’s Letter From Berlin (June 2013). I have begun contacting them about appearances they might be making over here, and the chances of me getting some ink at a local show.

I’ll still defend the American artists to the very end, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Sean J.

Montgomely. AL

Professor Nate

I can say without hesitation that I am a better artist today because of Nate Beavers and his column in Skin&Ink. I feel like I am in a one-on-one seminar when I turn to the column in each issue. He breaks down techniques and

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Helping family and friends design their homes is one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences and, when it comes to trying renos, the kitchen takes the cake. Renovating a kitchen is unbelievably stressful for any homeowner (including me!), so my job is to make the whole process as painless as possible. That comes easily when the clients are my friends: Design meetings are held over a glass of wine, and outings to appliance stores become an opportunity to catch up.

This past year, one of my most fabulous friends asked me to redo her kitchen. The project was a

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Incredible Year! Incredible Issue!

I don’t get out to the expos-much anymore and my tattoo collecting days are behind me.

However, I always feel like I’ve been brought up-to-speed on the goings on in the tattoo world when the Skin&Ink anniversary issue arrives in my mailbox each year.

Getting to see all of the big conventions, the fantastic shops, and artists, (and all of those pretty girls!) in one issue is a true gift for a life-long tattoo lover like myself.

It’s good to see that the tattoo scene is alive and well across the world and that my favorite tattoo magazine is able

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Glad to see everyone enjoyed the Year In Ink issue.

The feedback was great and the letters and emails are still coming in… with a 99% approval rating.

Admittedly, there is ALWAYS room for improve-ment…but now it’s time to get back to business here at the offices of Skin & Ink.

After giving the Table of Contents of this issue a last look over, I noticed what an international delight it had shaped up to be. So readers, get ready to rack up some serious frequent flyer miles as we circle the globe and bring you some of the best tattooing from around the world (well, the Earth).

First stop

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I am an interior design student and love working with innovative designs for my assignments. I love testing new styles of wallpapers and of course am always on the lookout for great ideas on space management. However, until recently. I had never taken a look at Good Homes and so had no idea what I was missing out on. My father of course is a big fan and I thank him for the introduction.

The magazine particularly came in handy a few months ago, while I was working on my project. So, when I asked my father for suggestions, he


On the question of an early settlement date have to. SUPRUTY (for ceramic materials)

In recent years, the expedition of the Moscow State University under the leadership of SA Izyumova carried out excavations at the fort with. Supruty Shchekino district of Tula region. These materials demonstrate the continued existence of the settlements — from the first centuries BC. e. to X in the. The complex finds the end I millennium BC. e. It can be interpreted as a close-Borshevsky monuments Romenskaya type. The presence in the cultural layer of the settlement black-polished ceramic flat zhalovidnyh arrows, black-polished biconical spindles, one-sided scallop with a convex back evidence of sediments Moshchinskii culture of the first

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We regret to have to advise readers that Issues 1 to

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Lukashenko: Energy from a purely economic issue turned into a political

"Unfortunately, the energy of a purely economic issue turned into a political issue, a factor that determines the base interactionrelations between States and the entire municipal associations. Western countries are already discussions are necessary to introduce additional control regime for transactions with energy facilities in order to obtain the ability to block them if they threaten national security, "- said Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on the preparation of building a nuclear plant in Belarus.Preparation for construction of nuclear power plants should be completed in 2008.• What utter Gorbachev on NPP construction in Belarus?, 13.09.2007 • Belarusian nuclear power plant

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Premiers meeting initiated Minsk

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov first negotiations said: "We will try to find approaches to solve all the questions that disturb us. Their not so not small, but they are — large and small." Misha Fradkov also gave realize that the initiative came from Minsk negotiations. He As the last said: "We responded promptly to your request encounter and are ready to discuss a number of issues." • Belarusian and Russian premiers discussions are an opportunity loan, 30.07.2007 • Russian Government for the previously approved the issuance of credit to Belarus, 27.07.2007

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