Psychics detectives (1 — 4 issues) watch online

At the base of the project — a real investigation and shocking stories about how psychics help the police to conduct an investigation. Each issue involves two programs from psychics, but they do not compete, and help each other. Along with a couple of psychics investigation leading criminologist Professor. Together they would restore justice! Holidays at the seaside ended in a terrible disaster for the 6-year-old boy and his mother. The baby was gone in a matter of seconds. My mother to this day is not aware of how it happened. Who took the life of her only son?

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Romanchuk met with voters Vitebsk

Society Presidential candidate held a regional center of two meetings. The first took place in the afternoon on Lenin Square, near the propaganda of the picket. Second — in the evening in the auditorium of the college of light industry.

The meeting in the yard was not long, as the weather was not conducive to conversation: was very cold. Nevertheless About a hundred passers-by stopped at the picket to spread with Yaroslav Romanchuk a word, ask a question.

Meeting on Lenin Square

The candidate said that during a trip to Vitebsk could not pass the places associated with the Belarusian

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M. Statkevich: When December 19'll stand and disperse, it would be a shame to live

Society The questions of our visitors adkazav presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich.

Radio Liberty plans to hold online conferences with each of the candidates registered in Presidents of Belarus. Your questions have already been answered presidential candidates Grigory Kastusyou, Ales Mikhalevich, Vitaly Rymashevski, Yaroslav Romanchuk. December 8th to your questions answered presidential candidate Statkevich.

Read the answers to the questions can be HERE.

Proleskovsky promises to regulate online media in 2011

Society Information Minister Oleg Proleskovsky considers it necessary to impose registration online media."While the official online media — it's not the media. This bloggers is possible, but not journalists. I think that next year the government decision we this issue decide, "- said Proleskovsky during an online conference hosted by BelTA.

So he replied to the question what to do Press secretaries of state organizations and agencies in a situation where "journalists internet sites that were not registered with the Ministry of information, trying to get accredited for formal events."

According to the minister, in Belarus, "there is no

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Allies (17 issues) watch online

Reconstruction of events, exclusive information and unique video — all in a military television magazine "allies". New items of military equipment, military routine, the fight against drug trafficking, emergencies, anti-terror, counter-intelligence work and law enforcement agencies throughout the country of the Commonwealth — for correspondents applets are no boundaries!

1st edition. Allies (efir_05.03.2013) In this issue: — to survive at any cost: hazing in the army of Kazakhstan — svehu I see everything: a report from the Test Center Gallakticheskih Troops — Snow White captivity: Rescuers Tajikistan expressed as assist a person who has fallen under an

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Mubarak has stood up for our motherland

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has opposed the death penalty as a punishment for Hosni Mubarak the former president of Egypt. In the Foreign Ministry statement said that hanging may byvalschiny replaced by another penalty.

"In the case of the former head of Egypt consider plausible account of the humanitarian judgment, because it is about a man of advanced age, he was in '83, and he reportedly seriously ill. In addition, as a politician in February 2011 Mubarak was decided to abandon his post, and that nearly all gave the opportunity to avoid more victims in

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Autukhovich asks the lawyer to visit him in prison

Society CEC asks headquarters Gregory Kastusiou return the certificate trusted person who gave the name of Autukhovich. Andrei Bondarenko relatives learned about the time period after which the detainee must be released from the cell-type rooms.

Employees of the Central Election Commission appealed to the headquarters of a presidential candidate Gregory Kastusiou to return the certificate of a trusted person who gave the name of the Central Electoral Commission concluded Ivatsevichy colony Autukhovich. Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, who heads the campaign headquarters Kastusiou says about what CEC officials explain their original decision to issue a certificate of Autukhovich trustee:

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Kudrin Lukashenko: There will be no privatization — not loans

Society Large-scale privatization of Belarusian assets — a condition of the loan EAEC Minsk, said Friday the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

His comments came after statements Lukashenko that he would not allow "gangster privatization."

"The fact that privatization is one of the most important sources of currency and currency just need to maintain the balance of payments, respectively, to solve the monetary problems of Belarus. Do not privatize — it means not getting the currency, thereby not solve these problems, the Belarusian problems. So, of course, it is a condition of the loan "- quoted by Interfax Kudrin.


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Tell the Truth campaign activists released from the Central police station

Society About an hour after the arrest of activists of the campaign "Tell the truth!"Mikhail Pashkevich and Roman Bogdanovich was released from the Central district police. Mikhail Pashkevich said:

"We allegedly detained for identification. But when we were brought to the Central police station, came colonel of the municipal government, and says:" They took away because people call in and say that you are preventing people throw away trash. I protested that we holes in those bags left, it was convenient to throw out the garbage. Finally he gave a command to let out, making the survey protocols. But the

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Arab revolutions and the European Union

What policies should pursue the European Union after the Arab revolutions? What is the EU's policy in the Middle East? Answers to these and other questions, we tried to find a two-day conference on "The EU and the Arab World", held in the Italian city of Bologna. Along with the scientific leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Lebanon, most of the participants — the American and European experts. At the end of the meeting the participants agreed on three issues.



First of all, still retains its relevance Henry Kissinger's remark: "Give me

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