Rostekhnadzor increases capital of high-precision systems

Rostekhnadzor increases capital "of high-precision systems"

State Corporation Rostekhnadzor completes the holding of precision weapons on the basis ofJSC "NPO" High-complexes ". As the "Y", Rostekhnadzor recommended to the board of NGOs to increase the authorized capital from 15 million to 55 billion rubles. by the SPO, which is going to pay the corporation by transferring its shares in 16 companies under its control industry. Such a dramatic increase in the authorized capital will allow the holding Rostekhnadzor receive federal funds for capital investment.


That Rostekhnadzor modified the plan of forming the holding

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Skipping to the elite

[Img =] FC "Rostov" for five rounds before the end of the championship in the first football league secured place in the Premier League. Athletic performance, "Rostov" added the investment successes: how the "Y", the club successfully places the issue of shares for 700 million rubles., The results of which 25% will receive one share of Administration of Rostov region, 50% +1 share — holding "Estar" 25% -2 shares — LLC "RostovDonDevelopment." The next year, FC can spend another additional issue. [Cut] On Tuesday evening, FC "Rostov" has officially returned to the Premier League after a year's absence —

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USMC GAVE contract to develop PRECISION 120-mm mortar ammunition

  The U.S. Marine Corps issued contracts for the development of 120-mm mortar ammunition inflated accuracy and range for expeditionary fire support system (Expeditionary Fire Support System — EFSS).   Ammunition PERM (Precision Extended Range Munition) is designed for 120-mm towed mortar M327 nareznostvolnogo EFSS and should own up to the boundaries of more than 20 meters at a distance of about 17 km.   Contracts for the development and an experienced reference PERM: preparation for 24 months issued by Raytheon Company, together with Israel Military Industries (IAI), and ATK with a leading contractor EFSS company General Dynamics Ordnance and

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The new version of armored vehicles Tiger made by the Arzamas machine-builders

Arzamas Machine-Building Plant has started issuing a modified armored vehicle "Tiger-6A." The design of the car was based on the basic model of SPM-2 "GAZ-233036", "Tiger". One of the main advantages is the armored car protection housing, which is greater than the strength of the protection of ordinary army corps "GAZ-66" and "UAZ".

By the way, the "Tigers" are produced at the plant since 2005. "Tigers" can transport nine people at speeds up to 140 km per hour. Also, the crew of "Tiger" can create facing the firing of a hatch on the roof, and a sash that

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Wives in Saudi Arabia controls the electronics


23.11.12.Pravozaschitniki informed the public that in Saudi Arabia have introduced electronic control among married women. Husbands are to notify the movement of their spouse.

When crossing the border lady to submit documents and information about this immediately leaves his wife by SMS. After having the system, many saw in it an even greater violation of the rights of women.

In fact, the law of Saudi Arabia has long existed article regulating the issue of guardianship adult men wives, sisters and minor children and hired foreign workers. All of these people have no right to travel abroad unaccompanied by a

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PETER Gitselov: I WANT TO HELP Rostov QUIT to the Premier League

[Img] [/ img] [i] Press office of FC "Rostov» [/ i] In the game with the "Vityaz" midfielder made his debut for Rostovites whose name is well known to fans of Don football with the experience. Peter Gitselov — the son of the famous veteran club Alexander Gitselova. [Cut] [b] — Peter, first of all, let me congratulate you with the debut of "growth." Share your first impressions. [/ B] — Thank you. I train with "Rostov" just over a week and have not quite joined the group. I am confident that with time things will get better. In

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Drug revenues rescue the West from the crisis?

Not so long ago in Beijing held a meeting of the governing agencies of the SCO member states, who are working to counter the drug threat. Russian delegation headed by Viktor Ivanov — Director and Chairman of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service of the Municipal Anti-Drug Committee — Beijing became the founder of nearly informational bomb.

In the course of a typical remote video interview with Russian Viktor Ivanov told reporters on what side of the issues raised Russian Federation during the meeting. One of the main issues which proposed for discussion in Beijing Russians became question on

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Vladimir Sivchikov — a facsimile edition

Society Ivan Nosonovich. Dictionary of the Belarusian language. Minsk, "the Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia", 1983

Nearly 800-page tome was published 140 years ago. It is the fruit of many years of outstanding linguist, ethnographer and folklorist Ivan Nosonovich (1788-1877). That and the good fortune when it was committed properly evaluated colleagues noted prizes and awards Imperial Academy of Sciences. A little confused, the manuscript known as the "Dictionary belorusskago adverb" but such were the realities of the then yes leksykagrafichnyh qualities of this does not become smaller. It is likely that without the dictionary there would be "Wreath" Bogdanovich: the poet

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Sea power of. Deadly Games

October 28 1962 the submarine B-59, commanded by Valentin Savitsky produces a torpedo with a nuclear warhead on South American aircraft carrier "Rendle" …. The explosion destroys a dozen ships within 50 mil.Prezident U.S. John F. Kennedy gave the order to strike back on missile positions in Cuba. Multiple rocket launchers R-12 that survived the first wave of bombing strikes back nuclear blow to the country the United States. South American missile submarines produce nuclear ballistic missiles at naikrupneyshim factory centers of the USSR. Martial act involving weapons of mass destruction last several months. On the face of the Earth

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Britain intends to withdraw from the EU

David Cameron, the British prime minister, told the press about the intention to bring the issue of membership in the EU to a referendum in conjunction with the parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2017. On his side is an open challenge to Brussels. Minister insists on reviewing a number of conditions, otherwise the UK membership of the EU will be discontinued permanently. In a statement, David Cameron highlighted the fact that London is interested in getting back some of the powers and greater autonomy within the EU and thus opposed himself to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Francois Oladnu,

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