Quack. The gift of a legacy issue 2 (10/15/2012)

October 16, 2012 23:29

Lydia Surina — hereditary Siberian healer. For 40 years, she heals people gifts of nature. At the urging of his father abandoned Lydia Nestorovna healing and moved to the side of science. Surin fate itself forced to return to the craft herbalist …

Quack. The gift of a legacy issue 2 (10/15/2012) Genre: Documentary Year: 2012 Issued: Russia, TV3

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In the Chilean sky observed a strange object

July 15, 2012 12:44

Object like a meteor, seen in the Chilean sky had had called UFOs. Photo: paranormal-news.ru

Tuesday, 10 July, one of the representatives of the Chilean National Emergency Mario Ernandes said that early in the morning appeared in the sky looking forward beam, who published a lot of noise during the move.

According Ernandesa, we can talk about the unusual phenomenon of nature, or meteorite. Many residents also observed this phenomenon and even managed to take a picture. Many photos can be seen in the Internet. Stranger is the fact that no air

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Housing issue 2012 (6 assists) watch online

Housing question "Bedroom under the British flag" from 10.06.2012

Housing Problem "Interior lining with" from 28.07.2012

Housing question "Kitchen with a reddish ribbon "from 04.08.2012

Housing question "Living in the style space-Shabby" from 25.08.2012

Housing Problem "Tea Cuisine" from 18.08.2012

Housing question, "sky, the sea, the ships' 01.09.2012

Repairs, Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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On Mars, found a plastic bag (VIDEO)

NASA continue with curiosity and amazement to consider another batch of photos Martian landscape, which is sent to Earth apparatus Curiosity. At this time, the rover, as usual, looked down at his feet.

The sand itself and the sand on the beach, first mentioned in the aerospace agency. Then the image is increased, and there was another awkward question: where on Mars thing, like a piece of a plastic bag? That is true, as on the public beach.

Scientists are puzzled, and fans of the sensations began to talk again about life on Mars, and traces of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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The initiators of the referendum car reached the Supreme Court

Society July 7 The Supreme Court will hear the appeal on the refusal to register the initiative group in the referendum on customs duties on cars.

The Central Election Commission of Belarus on May 20 refused to register the initiative group. 122 Belarusians would like to collect signatures in order to maintain the current duty on the import of foreign cars to Belarus.

CEC, making a decision, referred to the negative opinion of the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor's Office this issue

Deputy head of the BPF Igor Lyalkov, who is the head of the initiative group, said

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Parallel World — issues 36-40

June 30, 2012 2:28

Parallel World — Issue 36 (06/13/2012)

The energy of the mentally ill, or dangerous sickness of the soul destroying energy? What color to choose shoes and why you should give up high heels? Who sleeps in a coffin, to win your own?

Parallel World — Issue 37 (06/14/2012)

Millions of believers pray and kiss the relics of saints. What is a miracle? How to use the magic of the knife for peaceful purposes? What happens to those who ate little kid cereals? Why men are bachelors?

Parallel World — Issue

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Elections — not intended, the Customs Code — to be ratified

Society The next regular session of the House of Representatives will begin, according to the Constitution, on October 2. And the extraordinary session shall appoint by decree only head of state. Therefore, MPs and are forced to turn to it when the need arises.

Chairman of the Commission of nation-building, local government and regulations Vasily Bajkov motivated the need for an extraordinary session of the fact that without a prompt decision of some legislative acts can not be made great challenges facing the country:

"We need to take into account the requirement of the head of state that

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Private enterprises are seeking to enter into defense procurement

In strengthening the defense capability of the country all the more noticeable role is played entirely new format businessmen thinking. Important for them not only a commercial success, and the realization of the idea: Russian — is the best.

On the basis of the first in Moscow personal arms factory was small, but very colorful exhibition, which showed that even at the moment produce non-state enterprises in the interests of all law enforcement agencies, what they can do in the future.

The very history of this factory is fascinating and revealing. This is a purely private venture, made by

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Chuck Hagel: In war there is no glory, there is some suffering …

January 7, U.S. President Barack Obama has put forward a 66-year-old Chuck Hagel for the post of defense minister. You can not say, as if the candidate satisfied all senators. Even party members Hagel, Republicans, among them such luminaries as Graham and McCain, on the day or gave him a severe dressing down. The latter, for example, was sincerely shocked that Hagel considered and considers the position of the George W. Bush on Iraq is fundamentally wrong, and the military operation itself — a mistake. Also, many can not forgive the candidate, a former sergeant who fought in Vietnam and

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Parallel World — issues 41-45

June 30, 2012 2:41

Parallel World — Issue 41 (20/06/2012)

How do I know whether it's time to save a loved one? Why do parents feel their child at any distance? Can sweet improve your relationship?

Parallel World — Issue 42 (06/21/2012)

As with a needle can sew to the man in trouble? Who, when and how to borrow money? And who controls the leaders and governments? And also: what light is right for you? Which day your tryst with success? And where to go to find the meaning of life?

Parallel World —

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