How to pay for the loan?

Bummer society with Russian loan allows a new look at the situation, which hit Belarus after December 19.

If the U.S. and the EU have reacted sharply to the post-election crackdown, stopped the dialogue between the official Minsk and the West, many media reported that the situation has returned two years ago, before August 2008. That is a familiar scheme: a conflict with Western countries, the friendship with Russia.

Externally, it looks really alike. But as you know, history does not repeat itself, you can not enter the same river twice.

I want to remind you that the

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In the Republic of Korea completed the trial of the first domestic HELICOPTER

In the Republic of Korea (ROK) absolutely completed tests of the first Russian helicopter «Surion» (Surion), said defense procurement agency programs. It is understood that the new product will replace the UH-1H percussion and light helicopter MD-500, which regularly are more than a dozen years. Already ordered 245 helicopters «Surion» means the release of up to 300 units a civilian version of the rotorcraft. Development «Suriona» by Korea Aerospace Institute (KAI) involving other Ghosn and different manufacturers of aircraft was conducted in the period 2006-2012. The project took a total of 1.3 trillion won difficulties (1.17 billion dollars). During

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In the U.S., ongoing debate — 11 or 10 aircraft carriers

In the U.S., the debate continues, many carriers have in the Navy, reported February 20. In a statement, the Pentagon said that the budget in 2015, «most of the decisions are already made, some under consideration.» The essence of the matter is whether the Navy to continue to maintain the number of carriers at 11 units. Many analysts believe that the yield can be found in reducing the number of carriers that will allow better finance the construction of other ships and submarines. The question of decommissioning of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), which will

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Sex Mission (Ukraine) (all editions) watch online

October 3 TV channel 1 +1 starts frank and public discussion of sex — with no complexes unacceptable jokes and no taboos. Creator and Leading applets — Svetlana Usenko, and the operator — her husband, Vitali Panasiuc. Television spouses who have lived together for many years and is raising a 14-year-old child, knows from experience the difficulties, which awkwardly read aloud, but which are in each family. Leading "Sex and the mission" Usenko Svetlana and her husband know that this is not always resolved to share with the coming relatives and friends. But Svetlana and Vitali ready not only

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Price of Love (5 issues) watch online

We offer some issues teletsikla "Price of Love." "Cost of Love" — a documentary TV series, fronted by TNT channel. Creation — TV Company "VID" and Soho Productions. Presenter — Julianna Yadav. It was published from January 5, 2004 to July 27, 2005. Each issue is dedicated to a specific atrocity, the verdict of which has already entered into a legitimate force. These are the stories of ordinary people who can affect at least some. Viewers will find out how to escape from persecution and not become a victim of a rapist, how to maintain self-pros and not succumb

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Cool World (35 — 36 issues) watch online

Parallel world — a series of programs about the unknown, unusual, mysterious, the paranormal. The most unspeakable things — next to us! We can not ignore them, we can turn a blind eye, but that miracles do not disappear from our lives. Home, work, kitchen, shopping, gatherings with friends — our life moves one by one, great friend circle. All things, all phenomena have been investigated, and may not be accustomed to spring a surprise? This is not the case. The world of the mysterious and raschudesno surrounds each of us. You will be amazed, realizing that the world

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Battle of civilizations with Igor Prokopenko (15 issues) watch online

"Clash of Civilizations" — the so-called new project known journalist Igor Prokopenko.Closed hitherto hidden information from the archives will be available only to viewers REN TV.15 unique documentary investigations: the undeniable facts, shocking discoveries, sonorous sensation.

1st issue. "Curse of Montezuma" Space, the celestial bodies, astronomy

Egyptian darkness

Very bad processes going on in the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE) has once again reminded that the revolution in the country to start simple. But the problem is how to finish it? The overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak is not only not solve the problems of Egypt, and had violated the fragile stability in the country, which is so filled with contradictions that now Egypt just went hawking.

In Egypt are democratic parliamentary elections. Representatives of the CEC called the Egyptian highest attendance record, only the right to vote in Egypt's own more than 50 million people in

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X Version. Other news 23 issue (19/10/2012)

October 23, 2012 20:34

"X-version" — is absolutely news program, with a report, exit correspondent on the scene, interviews with experts and participants in the events, and of course, with a charming presenter — Ivan Konovaltsevy. Regular news analysis program, but its subject matter is unusual. Our focus is solely on the paranormal: UFO sightings, "crop circles", poltergeist …

Overview of the most amazing and mysterious events in the world for the last night! you are waiting for the latest news, as well as astrological forecast at the end of each issue.

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While all the houses (all editions) watch online

For those of you curious to find out about the lives of famous people? You want to get a cup of fragrant tea to find out about how they live, what interests them and how they were able to reach such heights in one or other area of life? But think that this possibility is unlikely for you to provide, because celebrities are rarely invited anyone for such a friendly conversation? Then, dare to assure you that you are sadly mistaken and you will certainly have a chance to look for a cup of tea to so many famous

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