Managing arrested Grodno regional UCP

Case sovereign Istomin in the October district court considered Grodno referee Zinaida Bartsevich.Yury Istomin detained yesterday at the mini-market near the supermarket "Brest" and put in a detention center. He seized about four hundred copies of "Freedom of Belarus." But the court did not mention this fact.The Leninsky district court also accused of abuse neprelichnoy now punished Andrei Janushkevich but — penalty in the three basic units.Andrew — Deputy Manager UCP branch. He was detained on September 30 with the newspaper "Freedom of Belarus" and put behind bars.

Yury Istomin: This decision is a private

At the same time, Yury Istomin declares that the Grodno UCP members continue in the role of campaign:"I support those candidates who withdrew in Minsk, as to the criteria that have been established in their election campaigns (And it was not printed campaign materials), can not continue further.If similar happened in Grodno, we too would remove their candidacy. Forced to announce that the decision private and not party, because we go on, we’re going to end. "

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Grodno: UCP is not allowed pickets

In refusing the executive committee, according to Yury Istomin, managing regional structure UCP says that in places where said pickets, mass actions are prohibited.Pickets planned to put on the street bitter — not far from the frontier, near the entrance to the stadium "Neman" and Dzerzhinsky Street at the entrance to the park Zhiliber.By Yury Istomin, planned to collect signatures for the transfer to the prosecutor area, also in Presidential Administration.Istomin did not agree with the decision of the city authorities — believes it is biased and wants along with other members of the party to challenge it in court.Sovereign

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Istomin is nothing to judge?

Paper to bring him to administrative responsibility, was not enough, and sent his case to the tribunal reversed the district prosecutor. Analysis owed held on September 9, but now it will be delayed, probably, at a time when elections are completed, the politician said.Yury Istomin recalled that he was going to run for House of Representatives in Novogrudskaya environment. But at the last day of delivery of documents in his Navagrudak detained by police, and he was not able to assure voters’ signatures. Later on he made the report on charges of early campaigning for himself before registration as a

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160 km for a chat with the prosecutor

There it made the administrative record "for the distribution of campaign materials unregistered candidate" and on Thursday summoned to Novogrudskij tribunal.Protocol was Deputy District Attorney Tsemirava.Yury Istomin explained Radio Liberty, that he was summoned to the prosecutor Novograd to talk about the situation between him as a possible candidate for parliamentary elections, and Novogrudok district executive committee. Since web sites have appeared that sovereign Istomin August 18 Navagrudak detained by police, and he failed to assure and deliver to the executive committee voter signatures, because lost opportunity to run in the local environment. Then he seized leaflets and SLM platform

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Minute with the national flag in the hand is worth 470,000 rubles

Istomin has to pay 50 basis values (it 750 1000000 thousand rubles), Sazonov-thirty (50 1,000,000 thousand). Tried them "for their active role in the unauthorized mass event." May 2 was held in Grodno street concert of famous Polish rock band "Lombard", the listeners had a huge number of Polish and several Belarusian flags. Istomin and Sazonov also kept together white-red-white flag, while on the roof of the building. Our correspondent reports from Grodno.Administrative protocols Yury Istomin and Viktor Sazonov considered in Leninsky district court of Grodno referee Natalia Kozel. At the end of Yury Istomin made subsequent calculations on the

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Grodno: Police interested in electoral lists of opposition

On the highway Minsk-Grodno about 20 kilometers from Schuchin of a police car that braked ahead "Opel" sovereign Sazonov, jumped police and detained opposition.As said Yury Istomin us, they were taken to the police station Shchuchin saying Tipo will find fake money. Policemen intently searched the car, inspected the personal belongings, the contents of the pockets and purses of the detainees. But the more they are interested documents, lists Opposition candidates for future parliamentary elections Grodno in the area, the paper for registration of party structures. Policemen made copies of these documents. As said Sovereign Istomin, the detainees were released

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Milinkevich visited Bridges, Hrodna activists have not been put on the march Soc

Managing Grodno regional UCP Yury Istomin Pronunciation our radio: The main purpose of police was that the UCP were unable to provide their own capital in the region, even more so they carried flags Grodno.By the way, members of the party before the march in the capital made a sudden step: Set on its website the information that the police are preparing to arrest activists Grodno, that they could not get to the capital on November 4. Even called name Colonel Chabanava, which Tipo owed control the operation. We turned to him for comment and heard such a response:Shepherd: "This

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We do not regret that on December 19 were in the Square …

Society Participants Square with the Grodno region, recalling the events of December 19, they say, what they think about them more and more often, and really want to quickly bring changes in the society.

The head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin, who participated in the events of the Square spent 13 days in response to the question — if he does not regret his involvement in the events, said that he was sorry about was that the cells continue to be political prisoners, his friends and associates.

He said that on December 19

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Istomin Vladimir Ivanovich — the pride of the Russian fleet and the hero of the defense of Sevastopol

Heroic defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War, led by Vice Admiral Vladimir Kornilov. The coming of His assistant was Vice-Admiral Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov, managing Southern defense of the town. But the command key sector of defense, the main position of the left flank — Malakhov Hill, Nakhimov entrusted to Rear-Admiral Vladimir Ivanovich Istomin.

The future hero of the Crimean War, Vladimir Istomin was from the nobility of Pskov province. His father, a collegiate secretary, had five sons. They all then devote himself seamanship. The initial formation of Vladimir got home, after he entered the Sea Cadet Corps. He

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