Barrels big and small

Acoustic Beauty Jake Bugg and mud Icelandic folk Of Monsters And Men Bushmills Live festival in Northern Ireland lyrics Boris Dal

Every year in Northern Ireland, about an hour’s drive from Belfast Bushmills distillery holds an annual music festival which gathers close but the spirit of the artists playing «needlework music.» Selection of the idea of ​​responsible actors in the past year in the local noble barn, converted into a concert hall, sweeping the show rolled band Snow Patrol. This year’s headliner was no less attractive: Icelandic folk-rock band Of Monsters And Men, whose logo is a month after

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Photo report from the streets of Minsk

Midst of surprises parade — nobody’s baby

What prazdnichek without props?

Excellent lyazhytstsa municipal colors

Where’s my Ice Palace?

By guns had no ability to drive or approach

For all those ladies prazdnichkom — languid work

During speech Alexander Lukashenko"Belarus threatens NATO

Noble guard at the monitor?

"I do not shoot!"

…prospectus to Favorites …

…of Komsomol lake

Prazdnichek … Costumed?

Veteran in the heat became ill

After the president’s speech sounded colorful pipe


Minskers thousand gathered on the avenue favorites hour before prazdnichka, otherwise not allowed to

Occupation does not happen very much


Athletic prazdnichka started with

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Department of Execution of Punishment: Andrei Klimov returned products

"The products were taken for testing, now all returned. Klimov wrote a statement that claims it does not have the usual situation, "- said Yuri Barankau. Meanwhile relatives of political prisoner they say that for more than 3 weeks from Andrei Klimov no answers to letters and telegrams, and they fear for his health. "He violations composed of glucose in the blood. This disease, which is close to the sweet diabetes. He must eat, but what conditions can be in jail for this?" — Says the wife of political prisoner Tatyana Klimova. Continued listen to live and read on the

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Peace has been avenged!

Author: Alexander Orlov

Above — ISS "World" at the bottom — the shuttle "Columbia"

Creating a national missile defense system and, therefore, a nuclear blitzkrieg against Russia delayed for at least five years, and the Russian commercial space gets a chance on the multibillion-dollar orders

The next "shuttle" crashed. And that's good. Very good. Because killing all five pilots — four American and one Israeli — by the way, who took part in the bombing of the civilian population as well as facilities in Iraq. But the American military machine, making a bet on the total aerospace dominance, received

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Buzek: Belarus — the laboratory for non-democratic forces

Society European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, speaking in Tbilisi on May 19 speech at the Parliamentary Forum of the Community of Democracies, called Belarus "laboratory for non-democratic forces."

Belarus in the speech of Jerzy Buzek, has appeared in the context of the Eastern Partnership, which, in his opinion, is not justified the hopes associated with it. Buzek said:

"The worst situation — in Belarus. European Union expressed a desire to dialogue with Minsk. However, the answer to our openness was the police and prisons for the opposition. Belarus I mention, as I am afraid that those attempts that are made

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Dinosaur Wall

In one of the poorest countries of Bolivia, near the provincial city of Sucre (Sucre), is unremarkable, small cement plant. Actually it would be so and no one was more interesting if, in its vicinity, in 1994, did not appear Klaus Schutt (Klaus Schutt). History is silent as to why Klaus went for a walk it is to this plant, but from what he saw there, Klaus was a real shock. So was open "Dinosaur Wall".

Along the plant, over 1.2 kilometers is almost vertical wall, as tall as a

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In Vitebsk, paid tribute to the victims of the Minsk bombing

The funeral was held the Company's share in Vitebsk, where once there was a sign of "zero kilometer" carried away during the restoration of the Victory Square. About six hundred people came here with candles and flowers — some placed flowers on the curb near the fountain, the other down into the underpass, where it was quieter than the wind. Some of the girls were crying, someone brought a small plyakatsiki with the words "It is our misfortune" and "fond memory".

Candles in the underpass

A minute of silence

"It is our misfortune" and "fond memory"

The rally observed

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Our homeland and Ukraine will hand over ground thread for rent

This week's visit to Ukraine by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov many refer not so much useful and constructive as mysterious and confusing.

The first in the program of the visit was to visit the Academy of Sevastopol Navy them. Nakhimov, and indeed Serdyukov visited her, but it was a brief inspection and superficial acquaintance with the way learning takes place future captains. Many expected that the head of Russian Defense Minister intrigue new simulators for training of cadets and that is a simulator that simulates perfectly the bridge — "flying bridge". Such a simulator is not in any

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Life under the monarchs

Society Mr. Orlov, one of the essential characteristics of European civilization, which you like to think, there was a community for a variety of one and the same royal dynasties. For example, the Habsburgs could rule from the Pyrenees to the Carpathians. How to fit into this scheme ON and Rzeczpospolita Two Nations?

Jaroslav Lisowski, Belarusian monarchist

Perfect fit, Mr Jaroslaw. Although in Russian it would be better to say — ushtukovvayutstsa.

Representatives of our Jagiellonian dynasty, or Yagelenav based Sophia Golshanskaya except the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, ruled in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The last of the

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Journalists Rzeczpospolita would be fired for publishing misinformation

Editor in chief of the Polish newspaper "Speech Rzeczpospolita "Tomasz Wroblewski will be fired for publishing material on the traces of explosives, which Tipo was found on the ruins of the crashed Airbus Lech Kaczynski. Befitting recommendation announced in the evening on November 5th Supervisory Board of the company issuing the newspaper" Presspublika. "

Coupled with Vrublevsky leave their posts three others — his deputy, the head of the department of internal political and creator of the controversial material.

"After the investigation Monitoring Board concluded that the journalists involved in publishing, had no basis for the claim that, on the

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