Personal Items of the British Soldier during WWI

The identity disc is arguably the most personal of all the multitude of items issued to soldiers in WWI. Worn at all times around the neck and underneath the clothing the identity discs accompanied the soldier everywhere, from his enlistment, through training to his theatre of war and through the familiar routine of front line, support and rest. They absorbed the sweat of his labours and sometimes the blood of his wounds. In the event of his death ‘in the Field’ they identified him for appropriate burial in the faith he declared on enlistment and many discs found their way

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Modern conveniences found under traditional wraps.

Today’s homeowners have a variety of modern conveniences available to them when remodeling their kitchen. Most homeowners incorporate luxury conveniences from the outset of the remodel. The kitchen design is as much about aesthetic as functionality allowing families to enjoy spending time together while preparing meals and entertaining guests.

Appliances that offer ease of use for the entire family, including the children, are sought after in many kitchen projects. One example is microwaves designed for use in the base cabinetry. A drawer-style microwave allows easy access for children and helps to avert spills. A lock is available to prevent the

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Another proof of the superiority of the ancient technology of the modern


The researchers found that the artisans, who lived 2,000 years ago, used some kind of ancient technology of thin metal films on statues and other items that surpasses today's standards to produce DVD, solar panels, electronic devices and other items.

This is an extraordinary discovery, published in the journal «Accounts of Chemical Research», refers to the "high level of competence of the artisans of the ancient period, who were able to produce items of a quality that can not be beat in those days, and which has not yet reached the advanced technology," write Scientists

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In the Krasnoyarsk region of 10% decreased mortality on roads due to medical care en-route points

Last year on the roads of the Krasnoyarsk region appeared five points en-route emergency medical care. Locations chosen not anyhow — items stood there, where over the past few years have seen the highest accident rate. Results of the points from the beginning of 2011, doctors encouraged — the number of deaths in road accidents has decreased, and the quality and speed of care have increased significantly.


Opening of the first paragraph piste emergency medical care in the Krasnoyarsk regional traffic police in 2009 has provided the regional Ministry of Health data on accidents on the

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E-mobile was officially introduced in Moscow

Today, in the suburban Central Automobile and Automotive Research Institute (NAMI), the official presentation of the "E-mobile". This is a new generation of car prototypes. Representatives of the "E-car" development company, did not disclose the cost of the machine, but noted that by 2018, series production of "E-Mobile" will reach 40,000 units per year. The first ten thousand cars will be collected in 2015.

First photos of pre-production "E-crossover" presented June 21, 2013. Then the businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, founded the "E-car" came to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum the new "E-mobile". Earlier it was reported that

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The remains of an ancient civilization




Traces of the ancient civilization of Mexico were discovered by accident. This was reported by the head of the National Museum of Anthropology and History Maria Cabrera.

Early last year, started earthworks electrical wiring for lighting Chapultepec Park. Then the workers came across a wall of mud and

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Live magnets and X-ray vision




After the Chernobyl accident 76-year-old Russian factory worker Leonid Tenkan, his wife Galina, and their daughter, Tatiana, and their grandson Nick attract the metal objects. Leonid can keep the chest up to 23 pounds of metal. Doctors in Russia and Japan believe that the ability Tenkaevyh real,

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If you move it is important to pack

The most common of these are cardboard boxes of different sizes and weights, air bubble film, adhesive tape in various colors, stretch film and foam.

So, the most convenient packaging used when moving, are cardboard boxes. They are needed for packing dishes, books, clothes, office equipment, household appliances, shoes and other things. Boxes available on the market can be divided into two types: barrel and bookbox. First designed to carry large in size but small in weight items such as cushions, clothing, blankets, personal items. In the same type of box «bookbox» packed dense objects that are small, but

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Art carving

Wood is the main natural materials that help a person to survive from time immemorial. Of wood could build a house, make tools, and a host of other items necessary for life. Since the tree is difficult to keep a thousand years, the items made from it, have disappeared, leaving us with evidence on which to judge the history of human use of this material.

During some of the archaeological excavations in the territory of South-Eastern Europe were found imprints of wood products, created 7000 years ago. Were also found remains of wooden houses, beds, tables,

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There was an ancient man




Sensational finds the Stavropol archaeologists. In the vicinity of mineral waters they discovered an ancient human. Stavropol region is always of great interest to historians and archaeologists. In ancient times these places through the Great Silk Road, where once housed the city Khazar kingdom, and before these

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