Serpent Sting in White Nights

With difficulty launching its roots in the local soil international music festivals. See for yourself: CTE rolled up DC — Kinoteatornogo level: a mother nursing BIZ Enterprises, beholding the commercial failure of the tour Sepultura, Accept and Cannibal Corpse, decided to take profits promotion promising local artists. It remains the only festival of its rank — "White Nights of St. Petersburg". This year, he said its fourth anniversary and gradually, although with difficulty, gets up on solid feet on the St. Petersburg rotten swamp. Today, we are talking about it.

The festival’s program is always the same: young performers competition,

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Victoria Dayneko

Word on the body

Ask yourself, «Would be better if the favorite will disappear forever from my life?» And answered honestly: «No». So, make any sudden movements, it is not necessary to break off relations.

Kores ready, waiting for you in a tattoo parlor! — Shouted into the phone Laysan.

— But I’m not ready right now.

— You said you wanted to get a tattoo?

— Well, I say …

— So, I organized. Forward!

Arguing with Utyasheva useless, and do not want to. And it’s amazing: I’m Taurus horoscope, that is always standing on his own, I

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Defect love increases cravings for cigarettes

Mogilev more than 10 ka organizations declared themselves centers where smoking is prohibited. Among them schools, cafes and even a few companies and companies. They say about it in the public health department of the Mogilev regional center of hygiene and epidemiology. According to department officials, to become the center, the organization must take a specific decision. In the municipal medical institute, where smoking is absolutely prohibited, visited Mogilev our correspondent.Mogilev municipal honey Institute announced himself as the center, smoke-free, two years back. One of the initiators of this solution was school teacher Vladimir Kozlov. According to him, while going

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Sergei Dubovets. How to vote?

Elections — the rite for those who vote and those who count the votes. Rite — the only thing that can stop fraud votes, not now, then later. After read the truth and not to impale — it is also rite that we make from our own upbringing and education — this is the ability. People know now rite of election is formal in nature, as in the Russian time. But rytualnasts procedure allows hope that in other historical criteria elections can go right. Impose on that frightening role to play here criminality for rigging the results should not, otherwise

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Night Siege — May 1

The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are part of Belarusian musicians in the May Day rally opposition to the communist government:" Comrade Mauser "Blood, Dmitry Bartosik sang Bangalore Square. Comments:Musician Blood: "I communism peranashu spirit and speak not go for them, but for listeners who will come. Could we have at the moment is not so little ability" to look at the people and show yourself? ";Guests: "Mayday and Bangalore — is their real element";"It’s not fair — to act with fig in the pocket";"The blood of the other groups to help gather more people to the rally";"What is the Communists

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Liberty Poll: Do you consider yourself a European?

Reporter: "Do you consider yourself a European, and why?"Man: Only geographically consider myself European. After all, there is more than anything else, that I was assured this would be. No freedom, no freedom for business — nothing. "Lady: "I do not know, I’ve never been in other statesah. And here I feel that — life is better, as it was earlier. "Man: "I am a citizen of Latvia, but I live here, began in Belarus. I think yes — Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania — part of Europe."Guy: "I feel Belarusians. And the Europeans — well, maybe because I live on the

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Flu? Enemy must know in person!


Flu — A severe viral infection that does not spare neither adults nor children. Despite the flippant attitude to the disease, it often ends lethal. In this annual influenza epidemic affects up to 15% of the inhabitants of our planet, and the total of each of us is losing the fight against the infection for about a year. According to statistics, the flu and SARS, the most common infectious diseases and mass. Only in Russia mark from 27.3 to 41.2 million infections a year. In medicine, the flu is divided into three types: A, B and C.

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Belarusian businessmen get away in Russia

In the Russian provincial town that little above Brest, tax 500 Russian rubles — 45 thousand Belarusian. And we tax the same workplace — 350 thousand

Baranavičy businessman Anatol Rychkov collapses own business and is going to go to work in Russia:"I’m past the officer and I do not see myself here prospects. Example, I myself decided I wish part with the "prosperous" state … "Reporter: "And it is easier, simpler?""I think just because of the fifteenth Consider: if the Russian provincial town, which is a little above Brest, tax 500 Russian rubles — 45 thousand Belarusian. And we

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Klimov: I never asked for and do not ask for pardon

Now 6-morning train Kalinkavičy Minsk Minsk came home last political prisoner Andrei Klimov. At the station, he was greeted by my mother, wife, opposition activists, journalists and friends. The first interview he gave to Radio Liberty.August 1 last year sovereign Klimov was sentenced Tribunal Central district of Minsk. He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for an article on the web and kept in Mozyr colony serious mode.

Andrei Klimov, released February 15, respectively, with a presidential decree to pardon 11 February. Last political prisoner released from the upcoming punishment. Sovereign Klimov said that for him it is a mystery.

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Friedrich Nietzsche: About Russia and Russian.

1. "At the wicked songs." And why do we have a Russian song?

2. "For the occurrence of any institutions was necessary there should be a will, impelling instinct, anti-liberal to the brightness — the will to tradition, to authority, to account for the entire century, the solidarity of the past and future generations … If the will is there, then there is that sometime in the way of the Roman Empire, or like Russia — the only country that currently there is a future … Russia — a phenomenon otherwise miserable nervousness smaller European states,

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