Interior designers tend to be one step ahead when it comes to house-hunting, which was certainly the case with Torill Tangen. She admits to finding it easy to visualise what any house will look like with her possessions inside it, and also had a clear image of where her new home should be and what it needed to provide. ‘I wanted to live in a small village with shops and easy access to transport,’ explains Torill. ‘The house also had to be in good structural and decorative condition; I’ve done several big restoration projects in the past and this time

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Steve Youngs Birdwatch logbook

The cuckoo’s rhythmic call is arguably one of the most recognisable bird sounds. Made famous in clocks and by the earliest spring reports in newspapers, everyone knows the cuckoo’s voice, but could you identify one?

I’ve photographed cuckoo on a few occasions, and when I’ve shown images to non-birding people I’ve nearly always had the same response: ‘I didn’t know a cuckoo looked like that, it looks more like a bird of prey.’ And to a certain extent it does, with its long wings and tail, raptor-like flight and slightly down curved bill, indeed, even experienced birdwatchers have often mistaken

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Land Rover Defender

Mileage 96,013. The Priors don’t do packing light, as a fully loaded Land Rover proves

You should see the equipment list. It’s about three sides of A4, per child. Double it and you get to the amount of kit needed by two nippers, accompanied by two nags, to camp in a field for a week.

Carrying it all — enormous tent, brace of wheelbarrows, that sort of thing — is precisely the kind of job for which we bought a Land Rover Defender in the first place, and why we had the roof rack fitted. And the inconvenient truth is?

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Ducati MultiStrada 1200S

O’kay, time to come clean. Even though I’ve been shouting from rooftops that the Multistrada is perfect the way it is, some tweaks here and there would probably make it better. Before I get into what I want to change, one more scoop of praise for the Multi. For a cool $20K, I really want a bike to hit the nail on the head, and I feel Ducati did that. I could easily be happy with this bike as my one and only without making any modifications. Sure, it’s got quirks, but it also has loads of charisma and even

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A quick word with Christopher Mintz-Plasse!

Kick-Ass 2’s bad guy on geese, cussing and weeing!

Hi Chris! Your Kick-Ass 2 character wears a stupendous bondage costume. Did you get a kick out of wearing it?

Yeah, well… everyone else got a kick out of watching me, ha-ha! It looks hilarious, twisted and dark but it was a pain in the ass to wear. Literally.

UFC star Chuck Liddell makes a cameo training your character The Motherf**ker. Did you pick up any moves?

He tried, but like my character, I’m terrible at sports. UFC is a little too much for me — it freaks me out seeing

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I’ll apologise now: it’s late, I’ve have a few cans of lager, and I just have to tell someone. I’ve just spent the past half an hour playing F without it sounding bad. Might not mean much to you, but it’s taken me the best part of six months to get it sounding right without hurting my fingers, wrist and hand. And I’m quite pleased with myself. That’s about it, really…

Derek Troutman via email

G&B Congratulations, Derek. You don’t add all the context, e.g. your age or how long you’ve been learning to play. However, we all know it’s

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