I.Survila. Road: Reviews and Presentations

Now — premiere books Ivonka SurvilaMinsk hosted the presentation of the book "The Road"First presentation books Ivonka Survila "The Road"Presentation of "The Road." Picture storyIvonka Survila. "Road" in the photo***Alevtina Vecherko: "The Road" — the path to the creator of Belarus "Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: On the horizon of her way — BelarusMisha Chernyavskii: "The Road" teaches build Belarusian House "Vladimir Orlov: "I read a book Survilla as saws March birch sap"Alexander Lukashuk: "The Road" — a postmodern book "Zahar Shibeko "mentality Ivonka Survila — ideal for Belarusians"Ivonka Survila: Tails Lukashenko offered to writeAleh Dashkevich: "Struck dramatic life Ivonka Survila"Alexander Makovik: "Here’s

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Z.Shybeka: mentality Ivonka Survila — ideal for Belarusians

Recall that the "Road" Ivonka Survila — this fourteenth book publishing series our radio "Library of Liberty XXI century." Her presentation will be held in Minsk on March 17 at 18 hours in the office of the BPF on Masherova 8 (former Varvashenya)."I took this book as such exclamations spring. This book is written with the belief that the Belarusian spring awakening faith in her.The second thing that has struck me as a scientist — is the extreme cleanliness of the Belarusian mentality that shows Ivonka Survila in his book. This mentality can serve as an ideal typical natural, of

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First presentation books Ivonka Survila Road

The guests presented their books, as a recent book series "Library of Liberty XXI Century" "The Road", which included the president memories BNR Ivonka Survilla.

Huge rooms for meetings local authorities not allowed to hire because they have occurred in personal spaces.

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Ivonka Survila congratulates favorites BPF

Poznyak, Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPFYury Belenky, Acting Chairman of the CCP BPF.Leon Barshcheuski,chairman of the Party BPFVintsuk Vyachorka,first Deputy Chairman BPF. Dear friends!Greetings to you and your colleagues with the 20th anniversary of the founding Belarusian Popular Front! Actions October 19, 1988 remains forever in the Belarusian history as a way of aboriginal civilization zeal for freedom. Based on the reference of the Act on March 25, activists Belarusian Popular Front, thanks to the unity and determination, have gained independence for Russia.Let us believe that the saint White-red-white flag worthy again flying over a free and democratic

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