Accidentally thrown phase.

I want to talk about sex. After Janet Jackson’s new album and her recent videos it seems a simple task. Sex in them, the main theme. It seems that Jackson thinks about sex at least their fans who buy her records in unprecedented quantities. However, when Janet comes to his dressing room and stands in front of me, dressed in leather and suede, in tight trousers and a narrow top, when she sits in the chair opposite, I realize that I can not start the way I wanted. What’s the matter?

«We’re all sensitive people» — Marvin Gaye sings

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Physics helps to unlock the mysteries of the ancient Greek artifacts




Recently, the role of increased markedly methods using the latest achievements in the field of physics and other natural sciences, in the analysis of archaeological finds. Manolis Pantos (Manolis Pantos) and his colleagues at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories) in the United Kingdom used the

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Stargate. Feature film

1928. Egypt. Archaeologist finds a strange construction. After many years in our time his daughter attracting young professionals to solving the mystery of Jackson, on which researchers are fighting on a military base in the mountains.Mysterious building is gate to other worlds. With a group of Special Forces Colonel Jackson and sent through the Stargate to meet the unknown. And there they are waiting for the ordeal and struggle, the outcome of which will determine the fate of mankind ..

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PETA Kills Animals oppose opening day Hobbit

Organization for the Protection of Animals PETA plans to organize a protest against the killing of animals, the actors involved in the film "The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey", the day of the premiere film, which will be held on Wednesday in the New Zealand city of Wellington, the website of the newspaper Herald Sun.

However, other animal rights organization — American Humane Association (AHA) — stated that immediately during filming no animal died and was not damaged.

Earlier it was reported that at least 27 animals: horses, ponies, goats, sheep and chickens — were killed during the shooting process because of

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Michael Jackson was afraid to buy a house because of ghosts


King of Pop Michael Jackson was afraid of ghosts. It is for this reason that the singer abandoned mansion in the UK. 50-year-old artist says he does not want to scare the ghosts of his children.

XVIII century manor house, situated in the county of Kent, it is not a safe place. Singer for her rent was going to pay one million pounds, but after his team showed a video in the walls of the castle, the singer dropped the idea, write

He is currently considering a mansion near Sevenoaks, in

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Jacksons ghost haunting the manor Neverland


Fans of the King of Pop convinced that their idol live.  


Already surrounded by mystery death of Michael Jackson continues to further grow into riddles. The next excitement among the fans after the show began on television reportage of the deserted manor Neverland. The animation was filmed CNN crew and laid out on the portal YouTube, immediately broke records for attendance. In addition to fans, it attracted a lot of fans of the

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Michael Jackson wanted to clone. Managed to you?


Michael Jackson, the pop star is unmatched, with whom the outside world and its countless fans goodbye on July 7 in Los Angeles, had the idea of its own clone, so far as possible to provide shelter his immortal soul, according to the London tabloid Daily Mirror citing chauffeur Al Bowman, one being served by the King of Pop.

using images ©


The King died on June 25.

The singer

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The mystery of wandering rocks revealed?



Perhaps the most mysterious place in California is the so-called Valley of Death. On its territory there are some strange and unexplained phenomena, one of which — the independent movement of stones, followed by a long stretch marks, leaving cracks in the dry clay.

For over five decades, these wandering rocks seriously perplexed scientists around the world. The fact is that no one actually saw the movement of the stones, but the fact that they are moving, there is

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Michael Jackson died from overwork



In Los Angeles in the courtroom of Michael Jackson's personal physician, said that before the death of Michael gone without sleep for a full 60 days. It turns out that more than two months, Jackson took propofol, and anesthetics to overcome insomnia, as was going to recover and return to the world of show — business.

However, under the influence of drugs Jackson only felt well rested, in fact, his dream was very superficial. So the doctor is sure that

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Time flying pyramids

Russian Information Agency has long been closely monitoring the subject of UFOs, which, as we have seen with all the advanced people suddenly become actively cover and mass media. The program "Time" while not explicitly say information supplied covertly, with hints. For example, such as the official channel "Vesti 24", a couple of times a week that will show a documentary about the lights on the moon, the interview with some ufologist. To the public, other channels, consistently show these films.

Finally, the network went plums of various kinds of previously secret archives. That is very similar to the

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