Jubilee Adamovich official events not observed

Need to immediately recognize nowshnyaya official date, fixed in handbooks and encyclopedias. She was a writer and a passport, but Actually Ales Adamovich was born in another day and year, said daughter Natalia:"He’s since 1926. We in the past year the family themselves have noted the 80th anniversary. And then another month — not September 3, and on August 3, the date of birth."Confusion with the year, says Natalia made mom coming writer intentionally, that the minor is not dragged the Germans during the war for forced labor in Germany. And with a month — it is not clear why.

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Ice jams in Michigan

January 31, 2013. Congestion of ice blocks on the Muskegon River in Michigan, caused flooding in towns which have resulted in damaged homes of local residents. Luckily the people were not injured.

People who live in close proximity to the river, were evacuated yesterday. Among the evacuees were two elderly women who were hiding from the rising water on the second floor.

Mike Entszer, who has lived here for 26 years, said that he had never seen such a flood, like what happened on Wednesday.

— I did not think I would see one day is when I

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Habitat. Condensed milk on vegetable oil watch online

You learn from what is done essentially store-bought jam, marmalade, jam, pudding, chocolate spread and condensed milk. For the experiment was purchased 10 jars of jam and tested for radiation. We will share with you how to find out what bank located strontium and cesium. Would know, why Carlson is not strawberry jam? And what do you know about the condensed milk with palm oil? You will learn how to choose non-hazardous jam, What jam not made of dyes and how to find a real condensed milk.

Food and products

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