Japanese cities hit winter temperature records

As the cold front that came to Japan before Christmas, is in no hurry to leave the island, the Japanese towns and villages continued to set fresh temperature records. To date, 44 points, mainly in the northern regions of the country. Hokkaido, winter beaten old records.

Thus, in the northern city of Furano the thermometer dropped to -28,4 ° C, which is an absolute record in the history of December of weather observations. In Tokyo, it was also surprisingly cold (-6 ° C) for this season of the year, as in Tottori Prefecture and Saitama (-8 ° C). Let's

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Elchin Khalilov: forecast the earthquake in Japan was given on March 9

Statement GNFE: forecast the earthquake in Japan was introduced on March 9.

Chairman of the International Committee on Global Change subsurface GEOCHANGE, Professor Elchin Khalilov, the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNEF posted a forecast of strong earthquake in Japan on March 9.

Weather was placed on the map of weather website network and its got all the countries that are part of GNFE as full members. Prognosis was given a 90% chance with the center point of the expected earthquake in o.Honsyu.

Weather forecasts for major earthquakes in Japan provided repeatedly, starting in August 2009, and all

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Japans Ministry of Energy reported anomalies at the plant in Fukushima

At nuclear power plants in Fukushima recorded an anomaly. NPP automatically stopped working after the earthquake, Kyodo reported citing Energy Japan. What exactly happened at the plant was not specified. The number of victims of the disaster has reached 19 people. Only in Iwate prefecture reported 10 dead. Living in Tokyo Russian Mikhail Lights in his microblog wrote that in big traffic jams, road transport costs. Most residents are walking to the nearest available accommodations. Voice mobile communications in violation, but the internet is still working. Significant areas on the island of Honshu was flooded by the tsunami. Due to

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Chat Q & ZetaTalk for September 22, 2012

Would the Zetas care to shed some light on the design of large-scale underground construction work being carried out in the White House? I suspect that this is due to PH, but the scale of construction (in my opinion) go far beyond the normal expectations of security for the neighborhood with PX. [And from another]

http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/after-huge-white-house-construction-job construction project (the official purpose of which is the long-awaited upgrade of service facilities of the White House) began in September 2010, when it was dug a huge, multi-storey pit in front of the west wing, which reaches Western Executive Avenue

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View of the villains from the window of the Tu-214R

As already here reported on 17 and 18 December 2012 the first and only flying prototype of the new Russian aircraft Tu-intelligence complex 214R (registration number RA-64511) from the airport of Khabarovsk made two flights near the Japanese islands — probably as part of a complex on-board intelligence test aircraft equipment. In both cases, the Self-Defense Forces of Japan raised to support the Tu-214R fighters.

Member VNK Online www.vif2ne.ru posted taken on board the Tu-214R in these flights curious photos — accompanied him as fighter F-15J and F-2A of the Air Self-Defense Forces of Japan and carried out the "escort"

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Siberian cat will go to Japan

Puppy Akita Inu, which was promised by the Japanese Prime Minister Noda Yosihiko, was brought to our capital. This animal is as a present prefecture of Akita. During the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba Japan, our president made a promise to send as a reciprocal gift Siberian cat large.

Putin expressed his heartfelt gratitude for such a lovely gift, and explained his reciprocal gesture of courtesy that according to him the prefect particularly sympathetic to cats. At the time, the intentions to send a gift of living in his Sochi residence Bocharov Stream, where

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Japan and China have been under the snow

Active atmospheric wave fronts passing through the southern periphery of the Siberian anticyclone powerful, have caused quite a rare meteorological phenomenon, which is now observed in Japan — snow.

Anticyclonic cold air descending from the north, as "pushes" atmospheric fronts in the south, not only exacerbating them, and causing intense rainfall, but also significantly lowering the temperature. As a result of the penetration of the Japanese islands of cold and humid air masses, places already started to snow, which will continue throughout the day. According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, can namesti 15 cm

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The Fukushima radiation surge

At the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan halted the clean-up of radioactive water from a sharp rise in radiation.

Energy company TEPCO said radiation levels rose in just a few hours after engineers began to water treatment.

Experts fear that the 110 thousand tons of radioactive water into the sea may leak and contaminate it. Such amount of contaminated water is enough to fill 40 swimming pools for the Olympic Games.

This water was pumped at Fukushima to cool the reactors after the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan in March. It is the largest nuclear

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Doses of radiation after the accident at Fukushima in Japan were lower than the norms

The World Health Organization on Wednesday issued a report, which contains evaluation level radiation doses after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant "Fukushima" in Japan: the results of the study, the level of active doses of radiation virtually the entire country below international standards and "very low" in other countries.

The main purpose of the study — to evaluate the global level of the potential effects of the disaster on human health in the first year after the accident at the nuclear power plant. The study covers data on infants, children and adults living in Fukushima prefecture, in neighboring areas in

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In Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 5.0

In the north-east Japan earthquake with magnitude 5.0. According to the National Meteorological Administration of the country, the epicenter of the earthquake was located in Iwate Prefecture, and the focus lies at a depth of 40 km. No injuries or damage were reported, the threat of a tsunami was not announced.

Tremors were felt in the six prefectures of the central Japanese island of Honshu.

Last Wednesday, in the north-east of Japan was a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.8. Was declared a tsunami threat. Strong tremors were felt in the 19 prefectures in Japan, the most notable were recorded in

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