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Whats wrong with doing a Japanese children?


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Japanese tradition

Peculiarities of the National Kitchen

Japanese police arrested three men, cannibals, roasted on the grill body of a person killed by them, according to Japanese television on October 4, reports "Interfax".

The accused allegedly killed Kazuyuki Kobayashi, who disappeared in 2009, with the knives. After the man's dismembered his body sprinkled with spices and roasted meat on a grill for a barbecue, to avoid any unpleasant odors. Cooked body parts were stored in a refrigerator in a warehouse Tokyo, after which they were transported to the city of Niigata in northern Japan.

One suspect admitted his guilt, the second

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Marines and dead head.

In the film Full Metal Jacket is an interesting episode. Actually, there are all the episodes are interesting, but there is one particular, when the Joker arrives at the location of the first platoon. In the arrangement of the first platoon in a chair seated corpse Vietnamese soldier. The soldiers talking to him and congratulate his birthday and jeer at every one.


The episode, of course, can be interpreted as anything. Death is near, type. Live inseparable from the dead. Today, he is, and tomorrow we are. Existential lightness of being. Other nonsense. But reminds me of quite specific.

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More young Japanese wear surgical masks to hide her face

Those who come to Japan for the first time are often surprised at how many people walk through the streets wearing surgical masks.

This phenomenon for several reasons. First, most masks are those who are ill and do not want to infect others. Further, many wearing masks to protect against foreign microbes. Some wear masks in order to protect themselves from cedar pollen every spring allergies are causing a lot of inconvenience.

Finally, there are those who wear masks because their appearance shy, want to hide a lack of, for example, a pimple, or even emotions.

In fact, over

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Concentration camp for the Aleuts

In the first special report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the situation of human rights in the United States, rendered at the hearing in the State Duma October 22, 2012, were cited numerous cases of discrimination based on race and religion in the lives of American citizens. The same was said and the recently released film "Aleut Story," a nightmarish events dedicated to the 1942 — deportations of the Aleutian Islands and the Pribilof Islands. The majority of Americans today unknown to the story so far …

On the deportation of the Japanese American public is more

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Stalinist repression — a special case of a global phenomenon era

February 19, 1942 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the extremely decree number 9066, by launching forcibly displaced 114,000 Japanese (of which 70,000 were U.S. citizens) in the concentration camps.

Being by nature a counterbalance to the myth of Stalin in his lifetime, according to which the Generalissimo was a living deity in the "earthly paradise", an anti-Stalinist legend has kept Stalin in the center of "hell" of the past, but in the role of the prince of darkness …

Like any myth, which denies the existence of the world outside of a closed universe, the anti-Stalinist legend ignore events

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The Japanese are dying

Japanese Ministry of Health released figures showing that in 2012. experienced the most significant reduction in the population of all time record keeping.

According to authorities, the 12 months born about 1.03 million people, and died — 1.24 million, thus the residents of the rising sun over the year gone by was less than 212,000.

In comparison with 2011 the number of births per woman in Japan decreased by 18 thousand in the ministry make a disappointing outlook, to overcome the negative trend in the next 50 years is unlikely to succeed — one woman will have 1.35 children

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Japan — the flip side

Faced with the view that Japan is a country of high-tech, futuristic ideal, and in general, we Slavs to high-tech Japanese people never get up. Not that I wanted to downplay the Japanese high-tech achievements, but the sun has spots, and its Fukushima in Japan, which has not yet been eliminated. And it's been more than six years. Compare with the operational work in the Soviet Union during the Chernobyl disaster — yes, there was some delay in the delivery of information, but after the problems up the sarcophagus over the reactor was built in the shortest possible time.

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On the influence of Dostoevsky by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (father of the Japanese short story)

In the first half of the XVII century, the Japanese government, for fear of the development of relations with European countries and the spread of Christianity, has issued a decree that banned the entry of foreigners in Japan and the Japanese people travel abroad under penalty of death. Japan for a long time was "closed" country. However, the policy of "self-isolation" ultimately did not pay off. In the second half of the XIX century, the ruling class of Japan has decided to make a revolution from above. In 1868, the shogun (military-feudal ruler) gave political power to the emperor, who

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