While the Royal

Australian Air

Force may have only had five squadrons equipped with Beaufighters in the Pacific Theatre, they punched well above their weight. Crews had three years of intensive low-level operations over land and sea, hitting the enemy hard; but often at the cost of men and aircraft lost. Combat in the Pacific was a war of grinding attrition.

The two most active RAAF Beaufighter units were 30 and 31 Squadrons, both of which were war-raised. No.30 was formed at Richmond, New South Wales, on March 9, 1942 and five months later 31 was created at Wagga Wagga, NSW.

No.30 remained

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Private Party

A Seattle karaoke joint gets the Japanese treatment

Think of Japanese design and what comes to mind? The neon pop of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood? The attention to detail and craft of an ancient Kyoto temple? For designers at Seattle-based mwlworks, the answer is a little of both, and it shows in the heady brew they’ve brought to Rock Box, an upscale karaoke joint in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

“When the owners approached us, they had a different kind of karaoke experience in mind,” says principal Eric Walter. “It’s not the same in Japan as it is here, where it’s

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D Force, Burma

This trained decoy unit, the first in history, became a thorn in the Japanese side in the jungles of Burma

For the first time in military history a field unit of a specialist deception force was in direct contact with the enemy in the last week of January 1944 the Sikh company of D’ Force fought men of the Japanese 55th Division in the Valley Abakan (W Burma). Till then the task of misleading an adversary had always been delegated to an HQ staff where strategy was concerned, or tactically to a unit detached from the battalion, brigade, or division

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Chef at home

I enjoy eating squid in all its incarnations. Whether it’s cooked adobe-style, breaded and fried, or simply grilled, I just love its unique flavor and texture. For this month, I want to share with you a salad recipe which reminds me of a favorite appetizer served in Japanese restaurants. It is usually offered in small portions—an amuse b o u c h e, if you will. It’s a small bite with extraordinary flavors that is meant to excite your palate for the meal ahead.

When cooked too long, squid becomes gummy and tough. In this recipe, the squid is just

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B29 Super fortress

The biggest bomber to fly in World War II and the plane that delivered the atomic death-blow to Japan

One by one the Japanese delegation shuffled forward to sign the humiliating instrument of unconditional surrender. World War II finally ended on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, at 0900 on 2 September 1945 as the ceremony was concluded, the sun broke through the clouds and the concerted roar of aircraft engines drew all eyes upward to the sky. The gleaming silver ranks of 462 Super fortresses flying in battle formation provided a fitting finale to the historic

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Are we there jet?

Itching to fight

I had been interested in aviation ever since Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic. As a kid growing up in Newark, New Jersey, during the Great Depression, all pilots were my heroes. I always looked to the sky to watch military aircraft flying over head, smiled and convinced myself that someday I was going to be a fighter pilot. The beginning of that journey began on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. However, after I joined the Army Air Force, it took me over two years to finally get my hands on a fighter. Then, I

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Japan Ministry of Defense will direct $ 55 million on fifth-generation fighter

Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun has asked the government funding of 5.5 billion yen (55.1 million dollars), which is planned to restore the assembly and testing of the first flight reference promising fighter fifth generation ATD-X Shinshin. First flight of the aircraft is scheduled for 2014 monetary year, which in the Land of the Rising Sun will begin on April 1 next year, reports Lenta.ru referring to Jane’s.   Funds requested by the Japanese military planned to bring the testing layout fighter engines, including their work on huge heights, strength tests ATF-X design, and specifically the first

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Prayer wind Gregory Baradulin published in the Land of the Rising Sun

News about the book edition of his poems in Japanese caught in Gregory Baradulin Ushachi — on a small home."I glad that worked out for me the book of poetry in Japanese. It is called "Prayer wind" — this is very exciting in the Eastern title. I’m just really glad that the sun has come out of the country the sun in my mood "- said Ryhor Baradulin. And he added, in particular its hast the fact that translations of his poems in Japanese manufactured specifically with the original.Translated the poems of famous Belarusian poet in Japanese Gov Cassino. 35-year-old

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FIRST FOUR tiltrotor MV-22 OSPREY arrived at the base of Futenma

Complete transfer of 6 out of 12 konvertoplanov MV-22 Osprey at the location — Futenma base in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, Kyodo said in Mon In late July, 12 cargo MV-22 Osprey arrived at the U.S. military base Iwakuni. Their implementation has been hampered by resistance to the Japanese side and protests of the population concerned konvertoplanov degree of safety. Exceptionally this year tiltrotor suffered two crash, which eventually killed and injured nine people. Okinawa Osprey MV-22 should be located on the Futenma base, which is located in a densely populated area of ​​the town of Ginowan and is adjacent

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GROUP combat aircraft F-22 «Raptor» transferred to the U.S. Air Force base on the Japanese island OKINAWA

  First 9 combat stealth aircraft F-22 «Raptor» Profit Now Kadena U.S. Air Force base on the southern Japanese peninsula of Okinawa, which plays the role of the head of the South American base in East Asia. Total there will be airlifted 12 of these machines. They are made by «stealth» technology, unobtrusive radar and because of their own privacy are not sold even allies, ITAR-TASS reported.   Since 2007, the Pentagon often for several months a F-22 on Okinawa. Segodnyaschy transfer, which is made with the base in the South American state of Virginia, is the seventh. These aircraft

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