Profound: the fate of the Belarusian-language training to find vote

Vice-chairman Vitebsk Regional branch of the BPF said Yaroslav Bernikovich Radio Liberty, to attend the conference in school № 3 favorites many delegates who will vote against the creation of classes with Russian language of instruction. "The other day, more than 30 people put their signatures under the appeal to the head of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman — says Yaroslav Bernikovich — we believe that Byelorussian is one of the attributes of statehood of Belarus. Similar action to close public schools do not in any of our adjoining states. "Earlier Radio Liberty has reported that the initiative to make

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Protest at the heartstrings

The action took place in the center of the deepest, and the audience there were manynumerical passersby. — I was on the neck of a poster reading "No — the administrative resource! No — besprintsipialnoy Election Commission! The law is equal for everyone! "I stood on the porch of the Executive Committee, where the district is located Election Commission. Secretary came out and asked if I have a permit for the rally. I replied that this was my way of campaigning and I am now I have the right campaign — said Jaroslav Bernikovich.Passers-by, who approached and asked, what’s happening,

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Glubokskiy ideologue complained to the prosecutor's office for opposition leader

Bernikovich society called the acting prosecutor Volinets, saying that he must take the explanation at the request of the head of the ideological department of Gluboksky executive committee. Statement by Mr. Bernikovich shown but not given to read.

Volinets explained that the officer believes the activist organizer unauthorized celebrations, and for this administrative responsibility.

Jaroslav Bernikovich explained that the bard festival, which was held in the second year and in the near Gluboksky This year, dedicated to the memory of Larissa Heniyush was lifted after the intervention of the head of the ideological department.

The event was scheduled

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700,000 fine — for a sanctioned picket

Society Glubokskiy district court fined activist Yaroslav Bernikovich for violating the law on mass events during picketing permitted by the authorities. The picket was held March 19 at the sign of solidarity with political prisoners — members of the protest against the results of the presidential election. Jaroslav Bernikovich was fined as the organizer of the picket on the second part of Article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offences. District Court Judge Gluboksky Stanislav Trapuk activist fined 20 basic units, representing 700,000 Belarusian rubles. In the court considered a police report made by Yaroslav Bernikovich April 27 — more than a

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For authorized picket — as in court

Society On Gluboksky activist Yaroslav Bernikovich up a report for violation of legislation on mass actions during a sanctioned rally local authorities. Statement to the police, according to which the opposition will be judged, wrote the chairman of the executive committee Oleg Morhatu.

Jaroslav Bernikovich said, "Freedom", that on April 27 he was visited by two policemen:

"They showed me a statement signed by the chairman of the district executive committee, in which he asked to give a legal assessment of my actions during a rally on March 19. This was the only one in the Vitebsk region sanctioned picket

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