Eighty million years on land or problems herbivores.

On the problem of power first tetrapods noticed Philip Anderson, an evolutionary paleobiologist from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, USA). Together with his colleagues, Matthew Friedman of the University of Oxford and Marcello Ruta of the University of Lincoln (UK), he analyzed the jaw representatives of 89 genera of fossil vertebrates that lived on the Devonian (416 million years ago) to the Early Permian (295 million years ago). It was in this period were formed joints and limbs of tetrapods belt and separated from amphibians amniotes (reptiles, mammals and birds). Among the fossils studied the so-called four-legged fish Acanthostega,

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Intraoral devices for the treatment of snoring

Intraoral devices to prevent snoring increase the tone of pharyngeal muscles, which prevents them from vibration and the appearance of snoring.

There are several types of intra-oral devices to prevent snoring.

Some intraoral devices (eg, "Extra-ent") by referring vaguely resemble a normal baby pacifier and consist of a cup-shaped petals, regarding language, and fixing rims designed to protect against loss or swallowing mouth. The therapeutic effect of the device is a reflex stimulation of the muscles of the tongue and throat, which increases the tone of the sky, preventing vibration and eliminates snoring. Devicehas the greatest effect

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More than 80 percent of people have crooked teeth or malocclusion. And about a third of the cases require specialized orthodontic care. Under the correct bite understand this state of the jaws, in which the upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower. However, correct bite can boast of very few. According to dental statistics, only 10% of the world's population, "bite it right."

Each year, the frequency of Pathology bite is increasing. This is due to the nature of the food consumed by modern man. Because of the fact that the food is not hard, chewing machine does not

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Barracuda / Barracuda watch online

The struggle for survival. The story is about five-foot predator, which has a sharp mouth and instant speed. The distinguishing feature of barracudas — powerful lower jaw, protruding from the top. A series of small sharp teeth dot jaw outside, inside there is a larger number of teeth. The highest recorded size barracuda — 205 cm, weight — 50 kg. Storm they large speed, on the go othvatyvaya pieces of flesh strong jaws. In great barracuda disrepute. Few films taken of her, we are assured that she hunter human flesh. But is it in fact? How to avoid these

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