Classic Jersey

The Amateur Photographer Masterclass with Tom Mackie

A beguiling mixture of British and Continental influences, Jersey is in a league of its own when it comes to landscapes. Tom shows five AP readers how to make the most of its classic landmarks. Gill Mullins reports.

SOME 100 miles south of the mainland lie the Channel Islands, with roots in both England and France but with a flavour all of their own. Jersey is the largest and most southerly, just 14 miles off the Normandy coast. Its 45 square miles pack in an extraordinary range of landscapes, from rugged coves to

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“Allo ‘allo,’ I say — Jersey being an island as francophone as it is friendly — as we swing into the car park of Mark Jordan at the Beach. ‘What ‘ave we ‘ere?’ A beach bistro so neat, so perfectly conceived, with its rattan furniture and jaw-dropping view of the bay, that we could be in Saint-Raphael or Portofino — only the fish and shellfish, I think, are going to be much better. And I’m right. There’s devilled whitebait with mustard mayo, their plaintive little faces looking longingly out of a paper cone; lobster and prawn cocktail with


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Normal family of New Jersey — Dad, Dad, I

A bill to legalize same-sex marriage approved by the Senate of New Jersey. The results of the voting held on February 13 24 Senators (Democrats) "for" and 16 (Republicans) "against". Interestingly, back in 2006, the court ordered the state government to recognize "same-sex unions." However, gay activists felt that this wording does not provide them full equality and insisted on full legalization of gay marriage. Thus the number of states where same-sex marriage has increased to eight, including Washington and New York.

The tsunami of unknown origin struck the northwestern part of the U.S.

June 25, 2013. Sue Willard was shocked when I heard the news.

"I do not think that there is something like this could happen," — said a resident of Stafford Township. "I do not know that this can not happen by the earthquake."

But, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it was true. The tsunami hit the Jersey Shore early this month.

Cohen, when he saw a big wave, about 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) from peak to trough was moving towards. The wave was so powerful that she was "grabbed" two people on a

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Gone with the wind

America worships success and remains deaf to the pleas in distress. 9 months after Hurricane Sandy thousands of residents east coast of the United States remain without a roof over their heads. Lucky ones — have found shelter with relatives and friends, and the rest are crammed into shelters. They are no longer waiting for the promised widely publicized by the authorities — one hopes only on themselves. Or do not have hoped for anything.

In the last two days of October last year, the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey took over

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New York and New Jersey after Sandy

New York and New Jersey after Sandy Facts

Two weeks have passed since the hurricane Sandy ran into the U.S. East Coast and left 8.5 million people without electricity. But work on the clearing of settlements, roads and beaches of loose debris, far from complete. This is especially noticeable in New York and New Jersey, in Coney Island and around Staten Island. A major force in this case are the team of volunteers who work on the clean-up of flooded homes and property saving surviving victims. Their work continues, even in the absence of electricity.

1. Residents of

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In New Jersey, due to a regime of snow emergencies


1.12.11.Prezident Barack Obama today signed a decree on the introduction of state of emergency in the state of New Jersey, hit hard by the snow storm.

This will allow local authorities to get help from the federal government. Funds should be directed primarily to repair and replace damaged as a result of the snow storm infrastructure.

Intense snowfall began in the north-eastern United States in the morning on October 29. Were powered down whole areas of cities, road and traffic lights, which led to hundreds of accidents.

The most difficult situation is in located right on the Atlantic, Massachusetts

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Tremors in New Jersey greatly puzzled residents

Local residents of New Jersey feel small shocks at about 10 am. Residents in Newark, Bergen also felt these tremors-house began to shake, and there was a ripple on the water. It was not an earthquake. But what was it? "We have received a number of reports from people about this event. We do not know what it was."Source: Press Atlantic City

The number of victims of Hurricane Sandy rose to 111 people

The number of victims of the hurricane, "Sandy" has risen to 111 people. At the moment, most of the victims in New York — 48. In New Jersey, 24 people died in Pennsylvania — 13, Maryland — 11, West Virginia — six, four — in Connecticut, two — in Virginia, one by one — in New Hampshire and North Carolina. Another victim of the elements became a member of the crew sank in a hurricane off the east coast of the U.S. ship "Bounty" peredaetITAR-TASS.

Authorities, meanwhile, look for temporary housing for those who are at risk of flooding had

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