A most dramatic incident

At the beginning of 1915 a German-led Ottoman force invaded the Sinai Peninsula and attacked the Suez Canal. It marked the start of the fighting in the Middle East. When, two years later, General Allenby’s Egyptian Expeditionary Force captured Jerusalem, it was the first defeat of a Central power that resulted in a substantial loss of territory in the First World War.

In a long and difficult campaign throughout late October and early November 1917, the Egyptiar Expeditionary Force (EEF), consisting of XX Corps, XXI Corps and the Desert Mounted Corps, had pushed the German-led Ottoman Turks gradually further north

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What do you know about Euphrosyne?

Woman: "It was pershaasvetnitsay, rewrote the Kings and in expanding education. Were also trips to Jerusalem pilgrimage."Her friend: "There was a cross Euphrosyne, who made Lazarus Bogsch. It has not been preserved, only a copy of it there. During the war, the Nazis destroyed it here and there, he was lost and gone. She wished all his life perform a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, behold the power of the saints. It didand on the way back and died. No, died … "Youth"I believe that Euphrosyne of Polotsk — this is one of symbalev who now try to connect to one of

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Mosmetrostroj build rail tunnels between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

"Mosmetrostroj" next year will start laying rail tunnels between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. "In partnership with the Israeli company of" Mosmetrostroj "won the tender for the construction of tunnels for high speed rail link to Tel Aviv — Jerusalem. In February 2012, will begin excavation of tunnels ", — quotes" Interfax "First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, who spoke at the meeting of the Russian-Israeli commission on trade and economic cooperation, which was held in Moscow.

 Photo source:gazeta.ru

In "Mosmetrostroj" promptly failed to get a comment. The Russian company working in the Israeli market since 2010. In the

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Large fire near Jerusalem


17.07.11. A large fire broke out in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Museum of the Holocaust is the evacuation of visitors. For fire suppression in the sky alerted special aircraft. At the moment there is no information about the victims. On-site service work police, ambulance and fire brigades. The details for the radio "Vesti FM" — Sergey Auslander.

Auslander: In place now are active emergency operation, police continue the evacuation of visitors and staff of the Holocaust Museum. The evacuation is complete. And now the question of how to begin the evacuation of a residential area, which is located in

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Snow covered Jerusalem

March 2. Snow in Israel — is a bizarre phenomenon of nature, which is very rare and lasts, at best, only a few days. In addition, snow, and happy if their rare appearance, only Jerusalem.

This year the snow fell on March 2 in Jerusalem and Hebron, ie in early spring. It was the first snowfall in the last four years. Snow covered the roofs of the houses and streets of Jerusalem, fell asleep in the territory of the Patriarch and the tombs of the separation wall in the city of Hebron, 30 kilometers south of the capital of

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In northern Israel — snowfall in the center — showers

In Israel, the snow storm rages in the north and rain in its central part. Many highways closed due to flooding and high water. Forecasters predict a peak in bad weather weekend. Snow depth at Hermon reached three meters. Snowfall in the Golan Heights continues. Classes in schools canceled. The snow is still expected in Jerusalem.

Rain in different parts of the country accompanied by strong winds. In the south, came flooding in several beds. Also in the south is still a danger of smoke that impede visibility on the roads.

It is expected that due to heavy rains the

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Apocalypse delayed (Los Angeles Times, USA)

Lack of those who believe in the imminent end of the world will never

October 21 end of the world to come, despite the predictions of a famous figure of the Christian radio Harold Camping (Harold Camping). He has been ridiculed, but, perhaps, is to think again about what we said Camping. For example, I can not help but wonder: What if the apocalypse has already happened? Or, if not a "real" apocalypse, something quite a doomsday. What happened 900 years ago. Thousands of people were expecting the apocalypse and got it — although not in the form

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Galilee was deeper

Heavy snowfall in northern Israel and Jerusalem to the abundant amount of rain in Tel Aviv, helped to increase the level of Lake Kinneret at 20 cm

This lake is the main source of drinking water. Since last week in Jerusalem fell to 168 mm., Precipitation, Ariel — 93 mm., Tel Aviv — 58 millimeters. In general, during the period of snow and rain Galilee rose up to 30 cm

Snow began to accumulate on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights and the West Bank. In Jerusalem, such heavy snowfall for the last time was 4 years

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In the vicinity of Jerusalem stray dogs attacked a man

Until now, Israel stray dogs were a threat only to wild animals, from people they preferred to stay away. However, a recent incident in the Jerusalem area, which clearly shows that the stray dogs pose a threat to humans.

According to the publication "Haaretz", last Saturday a resident of the village Tzur Hadassah Uriel Rubin made a morning jog along the highway.

"I ran down the road, when from a nearby grove pack of dogs ran out of 8 or 10 individuals and ran after me, — he said. — Before I could understand what was happening,

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Most heavy snowfall in 20 years struck Jerusalem

Snowfall, the most abundant in the past 20 years, collapsed on Thursday in Jerusalem, prompting city officials to block the road, to cancel classes at schools and to ask citizens not to leave the house to warming.

Since last evening in the city which Israelis, contrary to UN resolutions, consider their united and undivided capital, fell to 10-15 inches of precipitation, which was the highest figure since 1992, a spokesman for Mayor Elisha Peleg. "Members could hardly remember the last time this was … After a day of family. Afternoon warming is expected, and you can go shopping," — he

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