Guest night air — Dr. Yuri Khadika

In "Night studies" is now talking about the use of Belarusian military to civilian jobs. Ministry of Defense said that it is also a combat training, but the Belarusian human rights activists say the army practiced forced labor.In our present night air — a report from the presentation of the first four years of the municipal drive Ensemble "Pesnyary". Also, you will report from the Warsaw premiere of the new film by renowned Polish director Andrzej Wajda’s "Post Mort. Katyn story" — the movie is dedicated to the disaster in Katyn. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of

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Minsk entrepreneurs and traders — the requirements of their own colleagues

Businessman: "Before decide, need to hear world society. You can read a lot, but the essence is clear. Many people remains without work, will thrill in society. Why is it necessary? People work, pay taxes to the state, do not require anything in return. "Merchant: "unlimited amount of people remain without work. I do not know how it would be in my case. I’m working for hire, and no similar relationships I have with my employer is not, although I know it is very long. Or I’ll stay out of work, or it will somehow be turned out. "Businessman: "It

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Centralized testing began with the Belarusian language

In the case of university education allowed only for registered applicants with a pass, passport and pen. In buildings where the tests were conducted, even for employees entrance closed until 15:30. Tests were opened in the audience in the presence of members of the commission. In fact, to do the job on whiteRussian language, assigned to two hours. So ask about the test could only of the students, as they left the building: Reporter: "Why did you choose specifically Belarusian language?"Woman: "This is our city language, and it is easier for her to write."Young Man: "Patriot".2nd boy: "This is my

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Choosing child care

Who stay at home with the baby, everyone decides for himself. Of course, when the baby is very tiny, it is better to be with his mother. And though he only sleeps and eats, he still needed a mother's love, affection and attention.

Nanny or grandmother?

Closer to the year, the children are usually quite easy to survive separation from the mother. Andif mom at home bored or just need to go to work, she begins to wonder — hire a nanny or restrict a grandmother?

Grandma is a definite plus is that it is the native

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Unbearable Lightness of Being (in California)

About Belarus, as usualIn California, heard about Belarus, but they know about it is not enough either, and nothing at all. So it seemed to me during my speech at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian research Stenfardkaga Institute (Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, CREEES) November 14, 2007. I suggested the topic "How Firm Is President Lukashenka’s Grip on Power in Belarus?", Ruling analyze social and economic support of the regime and provide some sociological calculations. Adnak Vesling Rob (Rob Wessling), Deputy Director CREEES, recommended me to tell about Belarus something more simple. Say, come

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English students will be trained by phone

This decision was made one of the schools of England — English newcomer hack City Academy — where students were offered to move to digital textbooks and homework in an electrical form.This will be the latest in the school, which will open in September next year. It is expected that if access to the materials for educational programmke can be obtained using SIM cards and mobile phones are also using home computers.First, as stated school management itself — the English city academy hack — meaning reduce the cost of the yearly purchase of hundreds of books. For doctors, parents thought

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Where funeral services were — made the House of Culture

On the days of the remand center of the camera to freedom came from another questioned the criminal proceedings instituted after the bombing on July 4. Investigators so far have not detained any 1st suspect in the explosion. "Now the suspects in this case is not" — said the manager of disk imaging Minsk Department of the Interior Alexander Lastouski. In a criminal case, which wound up under "Malicious hooliganism" and interviewed hundreds of people and many of them took fingerprints and saliva for analysis.Sovereign Zinoviev"I think in the illegal detention of the PE for the July Naumova and accuse.

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Night work is dangerous for the health of the ladies

According to research, the ladies working the night shift, the risk of breast cancer increases twice. How are the results of these research Belarusian medical professionals?Ministry of Health Dr. Brain mammalogy Leonid Putyrskaya study results have amazed:"I have not studied as the second and third shifts affect the disease of breast cancer, but nerves and hormones — this is the main thing that has an impact on these diseases. Other words, affects the nervous system and hormonal status. Naturally , that lady drinks, eats, what she breathes, is also influenced by, but not before. And the second and third shifts

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Sexism: pioneer who pointed questions?

Lady in the decree — the place is occupiedSociologist Julia Miscavige studied gender psychology at the European Humanities Institute. At the moment it carries itself to the Belarusian activists feministychnaga movement. According to Julia, occasions to discussions about sex discrimination in Belarus more than pretty:"As for the actual work. If the lady is implemented as a mom, how she vorachivaetsya to work (especially if it’s some prestigious job) it is almost always unnecessary. In its place come the men who are able to change it. One gets the memory that in the 18 months that she brought the baby, suddenly

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Object 188M

December 8, 2009 tank "Object 188M" was presented by Vladimir Putin before a meeting on the development of Russian tank design, which was held in the "Tank capital" of — the town of Nizhny Tagil. Highlighting the visit of the President of the Government, the journalistic fraternity many "cracked" the commander of the serial version of the T-90A MBT running program-technical complex built in automatic control system for the tactical level, but the "Ehmke" standing on the demonstration site GDVTS next to the T-90AK, and which represented a real, genuine, show a sensation — not a word!

"Object 188M"

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