Project spotlight. Restoring Potential.

PURE Design Environments turns repair into redesign.

Saying a leak caused damage in your bathroom sounds relatively innocuous and routine. But in one Eden Prairie, Minn. home, a leak that started from the toilet caused thousands of dollars worth of destruction.

There was so much water that it seeped into the home’s lower level through the bathroom floor and ruined the ceiling of one bedroom; repairs had to be made to the bedroom, and the ceiling of the bedroom had to be replaced. But the brunt of the damage occurred in the home’s bathroom, which had to be entirely reconstructed.

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Belarusian bear Masha and Pasha loved in Europe

Moviemakers oppose everyday struggle for survival of small predators in the criteria of Unleashed Nature and comfortable, one-track life in a cage. Premiere of the film was accomplished on Sunday. The painting caused a great resonance in Europe and Australia. Narrative of Knut and his friends Maida, Masha and Pasha is on behalf of Wind. He says that long rides on the clouds and the sky, flying over land, to build all that has gone down. Wind the film takes viewers to the Arctic ice cap in the woods of Belarus, and from there to Berlin, where he was born

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18 most concealing from the society of inventions



Perhaps the most notorious example of the invention are not allowed to move, the company is the EV1 "General Motors", which was dedicated to the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?". EV1 was the world's first mass-produced electric car, which is 800 models in the late nineties, GM gave up for rent. The company turned EV1 line in 1999, referring to the fact that consumers are not satisfied limited cruising range, which provided the vehicle battery, making it unprofitable to

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China accused the U.S. lead attack

China accused the U.S. lead attack Facts

Shanghai authorities charged battery manufacturer Johnson Controls U.S. company and two other companies that their products caused lead poisoning 49 Chinese children aged one to three years.

It became clear in the course of the investigation, Johnson Controls without authorization to increase the output of products containing lead. Shanghai Xinmingyuan Automobile Parts Co Ltd and a waste recycling company Shanghai Kangshuo Co Ltd have also been observed in environmental contamination with lead. All of them were forced to shut down their operations.

Officials from Johnson Controls denies excess plan for lead, and the

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Earth's atmosphere is abnormally swollen

NASA claim that the planet is so responsive to the sun spots.

NASA presents report on the state of the near-Earth space. In terms of its trash. Nick Johnson (Nick Johnson), a representative of the agency in charge of the problem, according to information released by letter that "in 2011 the number of registered space debris orbiting the Earth was considerably reduced."

Nick sure that the space cleared by the fact that inflated atmosphere. It ballooned from that increased the amount of UV radiation coming from the sun. And it has increased because the light more and

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Senator Johnson in favor of new sanctions against Belarus

Society U.S. Sen. Johnson Those in favor of new sanctions against Belarus for violence against the opposition after the presidential election. It is reported in his blog on the website edition of The Wall Street Journal journalist Samuel Rubenfeld.

Senator Johnson, the chief representative of the Democrats in the Senate Banking Committee, said, he wants review the sanctions against Belarus, and could initiate legislation in this issue.

Senator Johnson on February 2 members of the committee sent out a memorandum in which it said that the bill "could include an expansion of the current visa restrictions, frozen assets of Belarusian

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