The music man

Hidden behind a barbershop in a particularly nondescript part of Los Angeles’ Korea town district sits a small, equally unremarkable looking building. We call it the Death star,” says Stacy Jones, gesturing at the unit through a rain-splattered windshield. We’re sitting in his car because inside the studio, which the American Hi-Fi frontman has owned for the past decade, French garage- rock girls Plastiscines are recording vocal takes for their third album, which Jones is producing. “Normally I’d say we could just do the interview outside, but this weather….» He nods toward the ominous skies above, which have darkened following

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September in Hi-Def

The best on the box


2013 Formula 1 coverage

BBC One HD & Sky Sports F1/HD — 8th and 22nd September

The European leg of the Formula 1 race calendar ends with the Italian Grand Prix on 8th September. The historic race circuit in Monza is a driver favourite, featuring long straights and fast corners — there are some great overtaking chances to be taken here.

We then move on to the spectacular night racing event at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore on 22nd September. Sebastian Vettel needs to start winning consecutive races again if he wants

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«So, I’m an actress»

The series «Mad Men,» made the whole world to sigh for the days when the whiskey flowed a river in all offices, even the smokers smoked on board the aircraft, and the girls wore dresses beating in the eyes of flowers. And at the same time he made the stars before obscure Dzhenyueri Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Pare. Their heroine for six consecutive seasons proves that behind every successful man is a clever woman.

Sex Bomb «Mad Men,» the redhead Miss extract Christina Hendricks, in real life, a natural blonde, preferring provocative dresses jeans and shirts,

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In Britain, the Christians banned from adopting children

The Supreme Court, part of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, has taken a fundamentally new solution that can have serious consequences for the process of adoption of children believing families. The Court was of the view that Christians with traditional views on sexual ethics are unsuitable for the role of foster parents — their beliefs may be unfavorable for children.

This position of the British court is reflected in the decision of 28 February 2011 in the case № CO/4594/2010, a copy of which is the Institute for Religious Freedom.

This judgment concerns the debate between the

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Correspondence climatologists resurfaced before the UN talks

November 22. Unknown persons have published on the file server that is located in the blast zone. Ru, an archive containing more than 5,000 emails and documents of climate scientists from the UK and other countries, as in "klimatgeyte" in 2009, the letter made public on the eve of the next session of the UN negotiations Climate, told BBC Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

The scandal, dubbed "Climategate", erupted at the end of the 2009 session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Copenhagen. On the Internet were published a few thousand e-mails

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The Pentagon will conduct tests superfast aircraft

The Pentagon is planning to hold on Tuesday the first test flight of an apparatus capable of exceeding the speed of sound 20 times.

As said in the official Sun reporters representative Office of the Defense Ministry of promising research programs (DARPA) Joanna Jones, hypersonic unmanned apparatus, received the title HTV-2, was developed by Lockheed Martin as part of programs from FALCON.

Its purpose — to provide to the Pentagon instrument with which to "apply frisky and clear non-nuclear strikes on at least some purpose on the planet in response to the danger of national security of the United

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Scientists deliberately hid climate data

Climate scientists from the University of East Anglia refused to provide initial observations at the request of opponents of the theory of human influence on the growth temperatures. Direct instructions not to share this data were found in e-mails stolen by hackers from the servers of the University, which is one of the most active organizations involved in the study of global warming. New details leading British newspaper The Times.

Thousands of documents relating to climate research, were posted by unknown hackers (although there were suggestions that hackers working from Siberia) in the open access on the eve

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Vinnie Jones: The reality of the Russian / Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest watch online

This documentary film tells of Vinnie Jones which throws a challenge of. Winnie task — to find out why it is believed that it's so hard to work and live, and if it matches reality. Winnie try live in Russia, to try on a profession that may seem very languid. The former "bad little boy" from football and today the bully from Hollywood Winnie Jones is not creepy fights and rivalry. The most difficult tests await him in the future, when he will have to work shoulder to shoulder with the people who fearlessly make some of the most

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To the public is a two-headed turtle




In the UK, the attention of the public is a two-headed turtle. The animal came to light in the house of 66-year-old turtle lover John Jones.

"I'm 55 years old and hold breed turtles, but never in my life seen anything like it. Turtle hatched out of

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A resident of the UK argues that receives SMS-message from his dead wife

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