Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and a second category for all breeds of hunting dogs following comrades who have graduated from courses for dog handlers in 1961: JF Shishkov (Barnaul), GA Podyachevo (Vladivostok), GA Budylenko A. B. Geytsa, LM Kostyukova, RM Lobacheva AA Rovnina (Irkutsk), GV Osadchaya (Krasnoyarsk), AM Veselov (Kemerovo), VM Sergeev (Barrow ), JF Alekseev (Omsk), Grigoryev AT (Orenburg), AG Dultseva, PF Tarhaneevu (Sverdlovsk), IV Kudryasheva (Ulan-Ude)

AF Reshetnikov (Ufa), IA Teterin (Khabarovsk), BP Fedorov (Chelyabinsk).

Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and the second category of the following comrades prepared by


Quote a day or 22 August

"What happened on August 19 and the following days are — lawlessness. Like almost all of what is happening at the moment in Belarus. During this iniquity will have to answer before the tribunal and the tribunal of God in a human." What the tribunal judge, and judge you will "- I reminded the court the gospel of Matthew. And I believe that those who believe in God and Belarus, prevail."Paul Metropolitan Seviarynets court of Vitebsk after the announcement of the verdict — 15 days of arrest for "repeated violation of the Law on Assembly and public events."

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Vitebsk: activists arrested yesterday will now be judged

Polochanin Gennady Bowls, Dmitry Lisienko from Minsk and Vitebsk inhabitants Ales Derevjanko Danilevsky and Andrew spent the night in the temporary detention. Now they will be judged on the First of District Court — court order, which is now the process will continue over Valery Shchukin.• K. Shatsikava: My son took his face and thrown into a car, 6.06.2007 • Policemen beat young people who came to support Valery Shchukin, 6.06.2007 • Vitebsk: Shchukin be tried for insulting members of the election committee, 6.06.2007

In the Tribunal is not missed all

About 20 activists of the police did not even miss the courtyard building ships and they were expected on the street. Among them — a friend of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitry Fedoruk:"Said, we did not let you yesterday, and now you’re not on the lists. So no one will be held. Said later that it was Tipo

Said, we did not let you yesterday, and now you’re not in the lists

command is given that the hall is full. And just do not want to make people beheld the ugliness that happens on the court, which once again

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Judge — as fear …

Man: "Judged them for what they do not like to power."

Trial for political affairs

Lady: "Judged — as fear. What else can they do? " Man: "I believe that the trial for political cases people someway find out the truth about what is happening in reality. And the authorities are afraid of those who know something and passes his knowledge to others. " Young Man: "By my views, this political trials. Lukashenko just afraid of losing their place and therefore different methods trying to escape. A judge even then that person is a registered organization. And how many

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Will always support people who are struggling for independence

Reporter: "Dmitriy Fedoruk now with portraitsthat peopleand who is tried, huh? "

Judge people who are not guilty

Fedoruk, "Yes. I came here as judge people who are not guilty. Not guilty or the people, nor to God for what they have such beliefs. Not guilty before the law and the Constitution, which allows such procession. They wholeheartedly want change in our country, and to support them in such a moment would be a shame for everyone. "Meanwhile OMON officers were talking through radios and push people.Correspondent "Dashkevich, what you say about what is happening?"Dashkevich: "There is one more lawlessness.

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Catherine Solovyov will be judged on March 27

In This year Catherine was fired from the Municipal Institute of Polotsk with the wording "for academic failure and truancy."Catherine Solovyov tenth activist "Junior Front, "Which will be judged for his role in an unregistered organization. Maid threatens till 2 years in prison.

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Do you agree with the verdict for the Muhammad cartoons?

What is your attitude to the sentence Zdvizhkovu journalist? Must be judged journalist for insulting the Prophet Muhammad?Lady: "I do not know. But everyone has their own faith, their worldview. So not because must . "Man: "I believe people must adhere to certain canons of the church. And if a person violates these canons, they should be punished. "Lady: "Planting is not necessary. A person has to realize that it is a sin. Sin to offend anyone who is more holy and dignified than himself. "Lady: "The question of faith — it is private. Person chooses Orthodoxy or Mohammedanism. Naturally,

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European experts say the rapid growth of the outer debt Belarus

In the past year, the gross domestic product of Belarus increased by almost 10%. In the first half of this year, the growth rate declined by about 1 percent — to 8.6%, that of the same figure is forecasted for the year. This slowdown experts explain the deterioration of the criterion of trade with Russia, and as a result — reduced production and export of oil products.Compared with other countries, the Belarusian economy is showing good growth, predictable average GDP growth This year is about 8% for the CIS countries, and about 7% — all transit countries. In Ukraine and

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It is not Christian — evidence against his friends

Young lady: "In 1937, many of which beat out indications, and people were put in jail, shot, because I think it’s pretty brave move by Dashkevycha. Though in 1937 shot and those who did not give any testimony. But formally they can now judge Dashkevycha because they cling to it. "Young Man: "Yes, in this country in general there is no freedom, no elections, no nothing. And our government — it seems to be not quite our government. This is my world. "Young Man: "In our country, in my opinion, many of the same things accomplished. I think what you

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