The big squeeze

Whether you’re making lemonade or going on a juice cleanse, get ready to press, squeeze, and twist with this tangy lineup of juicers

1. JUICY READ. With its 250 recipes of healthy juices and smoothies, you’ll be whipping up glass after glass once you read this book. Squeezed: 250 Juices + Smoothies, P999, Fully Booked

2. STEEPER STORAGE. Catch bitter citrus seeds and store orange and lemon halves inside these lovely steepers. Silicon Tea Steepers, P99.75 each, Dimensione

3. ICONIC SIGHTING. Beautiful and intelligently designed, this award winning, Jetsons-like juicer is even easier to clean—just run it under the tap!

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As long as you don’t drop it, a great battery case

It was the slightest of falls. My cat, no doubt complaining about the state of his food bowl, knocked the Mophie Juice Pack Air-clad iPhone 5 to the floor from my nightstand. It landed butter — er, case-side up. The iPhone, which absorbed all the hit, was fine. The Juice Pack, not so fine. That’s the last time it worked.

Which is a crying shame, because until that fateful day, the Juice Pack had rapidly become my favorite iPhone 5 accessory. I would almost never make it a full

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Summertime is here; the fish are jumpin’ and the junks arc sailin’. So what could possibly be better than spending a lazy afternoon with friends and family exploring Hong Kong’s 300-plus islands on a boat? Yes, we agree: nothing. The only thing that can make this experience any more perfect is a delicious spread and an exquisitely nautical table setting.

Use pretty white, blue and red crockery with simple stripes; for a subtle look, combine these with soft greys. Get creative and use Inside’s waffle towels as table linen — you can use them to dry off after that essential

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Pleasure usefully

Do you want to enjoy a meal at the same time to improve health? Then cook delicious meals using the gifts of the garden.

Spicy soup with greens and sour berries

Chakopuli National Georgian dish — the meat of lamb, cooked in a red dry wine with lots of greenery and sour plum. Since the recipe is quite complex, I had a few simplified and made some adjustments, particularly excluded from the ingredients of wine.

So, we need meat, beef or pork, you can with the bones. Boil strong broth. We take out the meat and carve it into large

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If you’re an iPhone user who frequently makes calls, runs applications, sends emails and takes photographs, you’ll be aware that you’re in danger of running the battery down fairly quickly. While this isn’t an issue if you’re close to a mains socket, it can be more of a problem if you find yourself in a remote location or in a place where it’s not convenient to leave your phone unattended while it charges. The Mophie Juice Pack is designed to get you out of any battery power problems by combining a protective case with an internal battery that’s capable of

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Rubbing the chest

When dry cough add a small amount of goose fat a couple of drops of essential oil or tea tree fir, rub this mixture of the chest and back of the baby.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always at grinding effect give it massage movements, the origin of the fat in this case is irrelevant. It is important that a child rubbing the back and chest, you are improving the blood circulation of the respiratory system and helps the child to transfer to a wet cough and stimulate expectoration.

I Medical banks

: Put on the back and left-i

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The kid grows.

Appetite — a pledge of male power.

Carefully watch your toddler at the time, when he wielded a spoon! According to Filipino researchers, male sexual potential future can be predicted according to his appetite in children. In their research involving thousands of boys aged from one month to 22 years. Observations have shown that men who as a child had a good appetite and ate fully in the future were not only better developed physically, but also led a more active sex life! Doctors have linked this to the fact that a good appetite and a healthy diet in

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Donuts banned sanitary station

Central Market traders that spend time in the shade under the empty shopping arcade, so explained the situation:First vendor: "Temperature. Heat on the street, we generally can not sell anything."Second vendor: "Sanitation center every day! Buyers do not complain, but they are not allowed to work. "Deputy head doctor of the town center of hygiene and epidemiology Alexander Mihaletski states that in connection with the establishment of the hot weather sansluzhba not prohibit the sale of the same juices, not counting some confectionery — biscuits, donuts:"No there is no ban. Buns, donuts — this pastry is another matter. There are

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Birch juice: drink or pay?

Forestry staff gave an order to the sector ministry — aggressively track down cases of unauthorized production of birch sap and on the spot to draw up reports on offenders. Typically, the amount of fines for all that repeatedly exceed revenue gatherers. As told in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the currently procure juice are allowed only in certain places: "As for the production of juice, then people can do it on the allotments for this purpose certain entities, leading forestry. Other words, competent people will show the places where it can be done legally. Sami leskhozes juice

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Ukraine set an absolute record for the production of apple juice

In 2012, Ukraine produced more than 150 tons of concentrated apple juice, which is an absolute record for Ukraine. In 2013, this figure could rise even more dramatically

Ukraine is actively increasing the production of concentrated apple juice. According to the portal, following the results of 2012 domestic enterprises have produced a record 151 million tonnes. For comparison, in 2011 was made a little less than 78 thousand tons of juice, and in 2010 — 67 thousand tons. Prior to this record for manufacturers of apple juice was in 2007. Then it was squeezed out of

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