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A military judge found Bra­dley Manning, an American soldier, guilty of violating the Espionage Act for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified documents to Wild-Leaks in 2010, though not of «aiding the enemy». Mr Man­ning could be sentenced to 136 years behind bars for his role in the largest leak in American military history.

The Obama administration declassified a number of docu­ments connected with its electronic-surveillance programmes, in the «interest of increased transparency». The move was eclipsed by the Guardian, a British newspaper, which published secret docu­ments providing more detail about xKeyscore, a system which

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Planned Thai Helicopter Deals

US CONGRESS was notified on July 21 by the US Defense Security Co-operation Agency of a possible Foreign Military Sale of two UH-601. Black Hawk helicopters to the Royal Thai Navy (RTN). If all options are exercised, the total value of the contract will be $46 million.

The deal would also include spare and repair parts, support equipment, personnel training and training equipment, contractor engineering and technical support services. The RTN will use the helicopters to provide utility lift requirements and help to reduce the variety of different airframe platforms in its inventory. Thailand already has S-70A Black Hawks in

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Czech MiG-21s Fly Into Retirement

AFTER PROTECTING Czech airspace for over four decades, the last five Czech Republic Air Force MiG-2ls that still remained operational (comprising four MiG-21MFNs and a single MiG-21 UM) made a final, symbolic flight over the country on July 12. The last MiG-21 unit was 211. Takticka Lekta (Tactical Squadron) of 21.Zakladna Taktickeho Letectva (Tactical Wing) at Caslav. The unit has now re-equipped with the Gripen, which formally took over defence of the country’s air space on July 1, now that the type is fully operational.

The aircraft’s farewell flight from Caslav took in a number of air bases, including Namest

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Baltiysk, Russia — 28 July

THE HEAVILY-GUARDED port and town of Baltiysk (Pilau) opened its gates to the general public for the first time on July 28, to mark the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy.

The Kaliningrad District has a special status within the Russian Federation which allows it to develop as a free economic zone. Separated from Russia by the Baltic states, the District is now establishing firm foreign contacts, mainly with Poland and Germany.

Thanks to its location, the Kaliningrad enclave has become particularly important to Russia. Its military significance was highlighted on January 1, 1995, with the creation of the Kaliningrad

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In July, most of the time I spend a garden. And that — is growing all around, will sing, care no longer requires the weeds even retreated, not active.

And because I’m starting to cut ornamental shrubs.

I also pinch out shoots of fruit trees and berry bushes, it is simply break off top. I do it so that trees and shrubs are not pomerzli winter.

Near each barrel can be set rack and tie with string to her branch.

In July, begins aging gooseberry, mark all the weak, thin, sick and small berries and twigs to later in the

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In Vilnius died Galina Voytik

Galina Voytik studied at Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium at Vilnius Institute, defended his thesis in Moscow in 1963. She specialized in the history of the German language, taught in educational institutions — Grodno (5 years) and Vilnius (35 years). In Vilnius the first 1990s Galina Voytik taught German language from the Belarusian for students in Belarusian. Until recent days, Galina Voytik nursed Belarusian cultural and educational transfer in Lithuanian public radio. "Portraits of the inhabitants of Vilnius" and Belarusian broadcast Galina Voytik took over in 1997, after the death of their founder, her husband, the famous Vilna Belarusian leader Leon Lutskevich.

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Gazprom confirmed the Belarusian debt repayment

Payable to "Gazprom" appeared for the reason that in the first half This year Belarus pays only 55% of the total price of gas. "Gazprom" has agreed to this request Belarusian government, that motivated its need to adapt to the new economy gas prices. Since July, Belarusian side must pay the full price of gas at the rate of $ 100 per a thousand cubic meters. So, in July must pay no later than August 23. Given the fact that in the summer than winter gas supplies or fall, experts at predicting — Belarus in July to pay to "Gazprom"

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Belarus promises now quite settle with Gazprom

Meanwhile Various sources refer to different amounts of payments already made. For example, a source in the state administration said the agency "Interfax" that still third in August on account of "Gazprom" donated more than 300 million dollars. A first Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko says that in one day was paid 190 million, and for the next day — about 60 million. He said, Belarus to pay the debt previously scheduled "Gazprom" period — August 10. Payable to "Gazprom" appeared for the reason that in the first half This year Belarus pays only 55% of the total price of

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In New York, Russell Street will Tymoshenko?

Born in Bobruisk Ruslan Timoshenko died July 14 at the New York Infirmary "Kings County». July 9 in the area patrolling police tried to stop a car with offenders, but was shot in the face with their pistols. City authorities posthumously Tymoshenko rank of detective. Funeral Russell came thousands of New Yorkers. Among them were well-known South American politics and the town mayor Michael Bloomberg.August 18 Russel Timoshenko would have turned 24.Ancestors Ruslan Timoshenko: "Our offspring was happy in America", 24.07.2007 In New York, the police buried Tymoshenko — a native of Belarus, 19.07.2007

Week in Belarus in photo, July 28 — August 3

July 28. Picket for Alyaksandr Kozulin, BonJuly 28. Memorial Tournament G.Karpenko for "Cup of freedom", MinskJuly 29. Requiem for the victims of Stalinism in Pale, Vitebsk RegionJuly 30. Franak Vyachorka in courtAugust 1. In Grodno outbuilding destroyed the king’s palace administratorAugust 1. U.S. salting Karen Stewart Bridges meets with activists of the democratic oppositionAugust 2. Tribunal over youth activists, Minsk She Karpovich Arthur Dosanov Sergei PalavkovAugust 2. Singer Vesna Cáceres at a concert in the club "Graffiti"

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