2011 in photos (part 2)

2011 in photos (part 2) This is interesting

The second collection of photographs is more involved in the extraordinary natural events and disasters that took place in 2011: floods, fires, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions. Also in the news headlines continue to flash events of the Muslim world.

1) The ash cloud rises above the volcano Puyeue in southern Chile in 870 kilometers from Santiago. June 4, 2011 for the first time in 50 years erupted. More than 3,500 residents were evacuated due to heavy clouds of smoke that reached Argentina. National Service geologists reported that during the earthquake volcano threw gas,

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Nabro volcano intensified in Eretria

Satellite images show that the eruption of Nabro, which began in June 2011, continues. The volcano is located on the edge of the Danakil desert in a remote and sparsely populated area on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, where the satellite monitoring is the only reliable way to monitor. Photo below, on June 29, 2011.

Source: Geology.com, Earthquake-report.com

Source: http://www.vseneprostotak.ru/2011/10/vulkan-nabro-v-eretree-aktivizirovalsya/

A series of earthquakes in Ethiopia and the volcanic eruption Nabro

Eighteen earthquakes occurred in the south of the Red Sea

A series of eighteen underground tremors of magnitude 3 to 5.6, struck the territory of Eritrea and Ethiopia, which are in the southern Red Sea.

The first earthquake magnitude 5, occurred last night, exactly eleven and a half hours ago. Following the interval followed by other tremors. Last push, a magnitude 4.4, recorded five and a half hours ago. Note that the average strength of underground tremors was about 4.

Details of casualties or damage, through foreign news agencies have been reported.

As you know, the Red Sea —

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Under Irbit went underground five-meter piece of road

June 9, 2011. On the road between the village and Baikalovo Irbit failed five "squares" of asphalt. Depth of the well — about three meters, according uralinform.ru

As "Uralinformbyuro" in the Office of Highway Sverdlovsk region, the failure is on the 81-kilometer road Gorbunovsky — Baikalovo — Irbit. He appeared after the rain, which was held in the area late in the evening of 7 June 2011. Meter diameter drainage pipe, laid under the track, ran out, and the water washed away the soil. The department noted that the pipe thirty years served flawlessly.

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Lightning slashed the sky over Europe

According to RIA Novosti, during a storm June 8, 2011 the sky over Belgrade, Serbia COLORS numerous flashes of lightning.

It is worth noting that thunderstorms are pretty private thing for the summer season. Lightning — a giant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, usually occurs during thunderstorms, manifested a bright flash of light and the accompanying thunder.

Most often, lightning occurs in cumulonimbus clouds, then they are called lightning, sometimes lightning formed in nimbostratus clouds, as well as volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and dust storms.

The average length of lightning is about 2.5 km, although some classes

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