In Balashov, Saratov region opened a children’s entertainment center Jungle name!

The complex consists of four floors of attractions: screw slides for toddlers, slide for those who are older, trampoline, pool balls, a maze, bungee jumping, ride ‘Spider-Man’, children‘s slot machines …

Everything is done in such a way that can not fall or be injured. For the safety of children watching four employees and educators. At the same time in the "Jungle" can fit about 70 children between the ages of 2 and 11 years. There you can not only play, but also pleasing to be photographed attraction.


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A forest fire has destroyed 180 hectares of jungle in Ecuador


25.10.11.Lesnoy fire in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, in the south-eastern Ecuador, lasted two days and brought significant damage to the environment, emptying the 180 hectares of jungle.

Yesterday, firefighters managed to maintain control over the hearth fire and prevent it to spread further, but in the vast area of primary Amazonian forest left the ashes. It is not known who was responsible for this disaster.

The fire started on Saturday afternoon, October 22, in the National Park near the village Rodokarpus Sabanilya center, 38 km from the canton of Zamora, the provincial capital, where the research station in

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In India, two wild elephants ransacked. Video


9.06.11.Dva wild elephant made a big stir in the Indian city of Mysore. Animals out of the jungle at dawn and began destroying everything in its path. One of the elephants attacked the sacred cows in India, and then tried to catch a crowded bus.

At this time, the second animal, breaking the fence, rioted in the local college. Police with great difficulty managed to neutralize animals. One guard was killed order. Elephants will be detained for some time in quarantine, and then released into the jungle.

The first channel

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Outbreak of rabies in the jungles of Ecuador


5.12.11.Pravitelstvo Ecuador set to eradicate the country's bat that caused an outbreak of rabies among residents of the Amazon jungle, which led to the death of eight children and is a young woman in the province of Morona Santiago from November 17.

President Rafael Correa during his Saturday speech, pre-recorded due to visit the head of state on Saturday in Caracas, said that this is a complex problem because of the difficulty of struggle with the bats that transmit the rabies virus, as well as the remoteness and isolation of forest communities in the interior jungle.

Health Minister David

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A huge trident is depicted on the banks of Peru




There is a theory that it was the work of the Cossacks and the Vikings

South American country of Peru is full of mysteries and secrets. Here the legendary Incas lived here, among impenetrable jungle, is the lost city of Machu Picchu, and still is, in Peru

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Return of clouded leopards watch online

Two rare baby Clouded Leopard have been saved from poachers and environmental spices are grown, which, for their survival, trying to teach them instead of their mother. Let's observe the rehabilitation of orphaned cubs Clouded Leopard to their natural habitat — the jungle. Cubs need to go through training before heading to the tropical undergrowth. A year later, scientists are going to find a leopard, which themselves have lived all this time in the tropical undergrowth.

Animals sushi

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Jungle / Jungle watch online

Travel in feral tropical undergrowth — perhaps one of the most extreme forms of recreation. Despite the visual appeal these parts of the planet, not everyone dares to challenge themselves and forgetting about the beauty of civilization, immersed in an enchanting and terrifying world of the tropical forests of the Amazon, Congo and Borneo. Indescribable highest humidity, annoyingly-annoying insects, exotic disease — this is what greeted tropical undergrowth of desperate and unprepared daredevil. But there is and more than the usual method. You sit back in your own screen tele and without experiencing hardship, enjoy our applets. After all,

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Woodman met Yeti in the Indian jungle

January 8, 2012 6:03

Photo: Flickr / Express Monorail

In tropical India started his snowman. But until people are lucky to have frequent meetings with the Mande barungom is called in the local language Yeti.

Forester Deep Marak can not forget how in 2003 three head-faced Mande barungom on overgrown jungle Garo hills in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. At the first meeting the Yeti in the thicket was going to try some fruit, but the appearance of a forester distracted him from the table.

Wild hairy biped and worth in the eyes of Dipu.

"The growth

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Werewolves of Burma

October 31, 2011 16:33

A Harold M. Young served for many years in the government of Burma (Myanmar since 2010) in the period when it was ruled by the British (mid-twentieth century), and had to work in the countryside, surrounded by Shan and Lahu tribes. It is from the Highlanders Young tavah first heard and then saw them — these mountain werewolves terrorizing the Lahu people, living in the jungle on the border between the northern part of Thailand and Burma.

When Burma's political turmoil began, Young had to leave. Gathering few belongings, but with a lot of baggage of

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Tarzana concrete jungle. Parkour watch online

Parkour not taught to use any means, devices or tool, and allows you to develop skills in the criteria of behavior here and now. Trees, houses, roofs — it's not an obstacle, it is on the move tracers for urban tropical undergrowth. Speed of response, assessment of the situation and their own abilities — that the trained mind is working automatically in seconds. Experience in overcoming their own fears, insecurities, acquired by the huge number of classes, taught to build path everywhere. The ability of other faster to get where you're needed — an indicator of the

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