Because of these Iskander can get into the mayhem

What is the danger Europe are plans to arrange Russian missiles in the Kaliningrad region, "Iskander"? How can it respond to NATO? What consequences this may have for Belarus? Comments Belarusian military professionals.Russian President Dmitry Medvedev November 5 announced plans to locate missiles in the Kaliningrad region, "Iskander" and throw on duty in the Kaluga region missile division, which was previously going to reduce Russian. What does this mean for the security of Europe? Great danger for Europe in these plans RF sees independent military analyst Alexander Alesin:"Termination of the dismantling of missile parts in the Kaluga region — it

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2018 FIFA World Cup. Five years before the dream

Recently, the site has a project Samara stadium for the 2018 World Cup in football. I decided to find out how things are going with the preparations for this major event. And that's what we have:




In Kaliningrad, which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium was built on the Island. In the course of geological research experts have assured that the soil in this place is quite solid and allow you to build any kind of structure. It remains unclear why the construction of such a

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Training Center for Automotive opened in Kaliningrad

The assembly of Opel and Chevrolet in the enterprise group of companies Autotor in the Kaliningrad region

The first resource center for training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for the automotive industry was opened in Kaliningrad, the institution plans to produce annually up to 250 people, said on Wednesday during the presentation of the center of the Minister of Education of the Kaliningrad region Svetlana Truseneva. 

"With the resource center related development prospects of the company itself," Autotor holding ", and engineering in general. Fact, we carry out the order of the regional economy by

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GS Nanotech center in the Kaliningrad region is ready to start

«GS-Nanotech» (

The first high-volume plant in the Russian Federation on korpusirovke microelectronic components in the topology 45 nanometers and less, the Center GS Nanotech, located in the Kaliningrad region, will be commissioned in late autumn.

As the head of the production center Alexei Yarcev: "The production capacity of the center — more 10 million microchip in the year, "- he said.

And yet it seems plant is not engaged in the production of chips (lithography, etc.) in 45 nm technology. Orders for chips (even, apparently on a plate with chips) are placed on the outside, and at this

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Successful launch TRK Point held in Kaliningrad

Start of tactical missiles "Point" is made in the Kaliningrad region on the Baltic Fleet missile exercises, the press service of the Western Military District.

"A tactical missile, following the flight of a ballistic trajectory, successfully hit the command post of the imaginary enemy. Target accuracy was 97% damaged area — about 7 hectares, "- said the press service.

It notes that this is the first launch of tactical missiles "Point" in the Kaliningrad region for the past three years.

Missile "ground-to-ground" was launched at the Baltic Fleet Training Ground "Pavenkovo." Start completed the next phase of training units Guards

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In Kaliningrad pilots died from Belarus

As reported by the media is now Kaliningrad, in their kitchen was incorporated gas burner, and the house was suffocating smell sour. Specialists have found that death occurred as a result of suffocation about two hours before departure of pilots in their next flight.Vladimir Strezh came from Bobruisk, and Nicholas eyelid — from Minsk. After an internship in the United States have both been invited to fly on "Boeing" in Kaliningrad.Nicholas was the only offspring of parents. In Minsk, he also left a five-month daughter and wife. Vladimir did not manage to become a dad. Shortly before the crash his

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Technopolis new Russian electronics


Holding GS Group creates a "western Zelenograd": in the Kaliningrad region from the ground is being built with private funds electronics city center "Technopolis GS» — a unique combination of Russian production and design centers microelectronics, electronics and related industries.  

In the country's history, perhaps, there is only one good example of this urban development in the interests of the electronics industry: growing up in place of forests and wetlands near Moscow, Zelenograd, for his half a century bringing together the best resources of the Soviet Union in the field of

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Construction of the bridge in Kaliningrad

In Kaliningrad the construction of a bridge leading from the neighborhood, "Selma" on the Soviet prospectus. Overpass will be part of the new route, which will be held parallel to the street. Narva and out of the Soviet Avenue in the streets of Gaidar.

As narrated. about. Regional Development Minister Alexei Klyuneev infrastructure, the bridge will have four lanes — two in each direction. Also on the line will be provided for sidewalks and zaezdnyh pockets for public transport.

Now on the site preparation work is already under way — is laying the roadbed for the movement of

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Sovietsk (up to 1946 — Tilsit it. Tilsit) — the second largest population (after Kaliningrad) city of Kaliningrad Oblast — 44.6 thousand people. (2011).

The city is located at the confluence of the rivers and Tylzha Neman connected — customs terminal with the Lithuanian coast across the bridge of Queen Louise.

Industrial center: enterprises of electronic, light and food industries. Transport hub.

Queen Louise Bridge

the hotel "Russia"

a new sports complex "Druzhba"

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Svetlogorsk — cold Baltika warmer Southern Seas

Svetlogorsk — a small town in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, which in 2012 was attended by about 500 thousand tourists, of which about 50 million — were foreigners. Cold Baltic Sea and the beaches are quite small — its natural "cons" Svetlahorsk draws in the "pros". 

The coolness of the Baltic forced exercise fiction in attracting tourists to the town of Kaliningrad, and keep it clean at the neighboring Northwest Territories. A variety of hotels, motels and guest houses — a continuous flight of fantasy owners. Great nature, clean air and friendly locals.

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