Private Party

A Seattle karaoke joint gets the Japanese treatment

Think of Japanese design and what comes to mind? The neon pop of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood? The attention to detail and craft of an ancient Kyoto temple? For designers at Seattle-based mwlworks, the answer is a little of both, and it shows in the heady brew they’ve brought to Rock Box, an upscale karaoke joint in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

“When the owners approached us, they had a different kind of karaoke experience in mind,” says principal Eric Walter. “It’s not the same in Japan as it is here, where it’s

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On this happy note

In the world there are at least two good things: music and girls. And today we have a holiday at all: we have united with one another in our traditional rubric «Woman and the world.»

Vibrators help women take the high notes. This knowledge enjoys sharing Canadian singing teacher David Lei, who once casually discovered that produced sex toys vibration great relieve tension in the larynx, so that the range of his students seriously expanded. If you want to take advantage of this advice, consider that Lei massages charges are not inside, but outside.

Sex-coach and relationship expert Megan

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Karaoke Killer watch online

In Each issue "Karaoke Killer" on the part of the hero 4. Lead — 100500 Max and his team prepared a sophisticated testing, in which the participants will have to overcome their phobias, exercise endurance and stress. Only in dopevshih his song to the end will be a chance to get the highest points objective of "Karaoke machine." In Each issue soulless analytical engine determines party that takes place in the subsequent step. If the participants are gaining monotonous number points, the audience in the hall decides who will continue to fight for the grand prize — 500 000!

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