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Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud believes he’s the world’s worst property expert and that he wouldn’t recognise a trend if it hit him in the face!

So, how did you get in to property?

KM: Well I don’t think I am in to property. I have never made money out of property. So I think I am the world’s worst property expert. What I love about my job is that it has nothing to do with property, it is all about passion – the journey, the adventure, the design process and the way in which self-build is a form of

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Evil spirits have settled in the couch

February 10, 2012 15:04

"If there is any of the scientists or priests, who are able to help me, you are welcome to my house"

56-year-old restaurant owner Kevin Cartwright, who lives in the British town of Worcester, recently admitted to local reporters that he is hindered at night to sleep evil spirits, who had settled in his bed!

David Boreanaz has a choice

"My house — a fine example of old construction. Everything in it is fine with me, except for an old bed, — he says. — I recently returned from a holiday, who was in

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A nickname in the world for a long time is one man — Kevin Richardson. He deserved it "rank" — for many years Kevin communicates equally with wild animals. But — note — not a circus or a zoo, but in their natural habitat — the South African Reserve. Among his friends — lions, tigers, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes.

Way to preserve Richardson was tortuous and thorny. He was born in 1974 in Johannesburg — one of the largest cities in South Africa. His ancestors emigrated there from England. Kevin was the youngest child in the family,

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Kevin Spacey and Jude Law with portraits of political prisoners

Society Stars of world cinema rally in central London, and expressed open protest against the arrest of opposition in Belarus.

The shares were well-known British actors, Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Jude Law, sister Andrei Sannikov and the initiator trial against Lukashenko Irina Bogdanov, head of the Free Theatre Natalia Kolyada British actress Azhoa Ando and the head of the "Index on Censorship" John Kampfr.

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Hurricane Sandy has brought a shark on the streets of New Jersey


A resident of New Jersey has posted photos of the flooded social network of streets, which is clearly visible marine predator. It is unknown how the most famous predator hit the streets (Photo: / KevinPMcCarty)

Kevin McCartney — one of the many who captures the devastating effects of hurricane "Sandy", captures a rare guest in the water near his home.

— I can not go … Shark on the street! — Commented on the photo of the young people in social networks.

The two photos are clearly visible to all the familiar

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