Unknown robbed Khamaida

Distributor-independent press revealed that kept it all with friends — that every day carry prints in the center of town from the outskirts of Vitebsk, where he lives. Now the day he opened the shed, so pick up the newspapers and magazines, and saw there empty. Unknown thieves only white-red-white umbrella, which papakinulid Boris Khamaida normally distributes independent press about "the blue house" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street. Oppositionist says that, most likely, the thieves tracked where his "composition", and picked up the keys, because the doors were not hacked. But go to the police to report

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Vitebsk: Khamaida detained opposition leader and human rights activist Levinov

Khamayda police detained about of so-called "Blue House" on Lenin Street. He told Radio Liberty, that the police have to claim it as a distribution-independent press.Recall that only a day or two reverse Boris Khamaida freed after arrest, to which he was convicted in the opening day of "Slavic market". According to opposition against him was then made provocation unfamiliar man rushed to fight. But the tribunal Railway District ruled that povinet hooliganism in a small 60-year-old Boris Khamaida. Opposition leader believes that through the arrest and police authorities want to get rid of his unwanted presence in the center

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First exhibit of the Museum of the Belarusian resistance

Khamaida states that the first artifact that he is willing to sacrifice this museum — the statue of the "Liberty Bell", which he was instructed to convey Myron famous for his role in national dictation.While there is no museum, statue will be on display around of so-called "Blue House" in Vitebsk — house number 28 Lenin Street, where Boris Khamaida distributes independent press. Opposition leader for the first time put it now on public display and inquisitive passers explained what it did for the achievement and why she was awarded the famous Myron, who, according to the inscription on the

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B.Khamaida: They beat brother — I want revenge

According to the description Vyacheslav Khamajda, a young boy of 20 years had attacked him on the road with cottages: lupil legs to the blood smashed face, and all is silent, without any explanation. In the police department of the Vitebsk region according to this fact a criminal case. Boris Khamaida remembered that fall last year similarly unknown hooligans beat 18-year-old son Vitebsk member of the CCP BPF Jan Derzhavtseva. The other day that action Khamaida Dzyarzhautsau also two more members of the CCP BPF Tovpyga Yang and Sergey Kovalenko received a letter on behalf of the dangers of the

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Boris Khamaida arrested for 5 days

As witnesses were summoned to the court only policemen who detained Boris Khamayda. He was detained for what came to of so-called "The blue house" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street in Vitebsk — with white-red-white scarf on the neck. Together with him to the police drove the Vitebsk district railway activist Lena Zaleski, who was also in the white-red-white scarf, and a representative of Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Antonin Pivonos that came to the "blue house" with white towel on which their own hands embroidered reddish thread the prayer "Our Father." Mrs. Zalesskaya Pivonos and were

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Dictation went on families

Some families come. In Minsk dictation wrote in BPF office and in the office of the Belarusian Language Society. Dictation accomplished th in the regional centers. In Lida local authorities did not allow people to come together to write a dictation. Boris wrote Khamaida dictation on the square in the center of Vitebsk.At the office BPF from 11:00 to 5 pm dictation wrote every hour. First were so many people that do not have enough space to all comers. So some had to wait an hour to sit in the hall on the vacant chair.Dictation from the song began Sergei

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Vitebsk: trial participants of the funeral shares

The action took place near the "blue house" (house number 28 Lenin Street) in Vitebsk.Activists handed out leaflets with information about the death of Ira Kazulina and that the political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin not allowed to attend the funeral of his wife. During that activists were detained and taken first to the police station and then to the court. First, the court claimed Boris Khamaida translator, saying that is not exactly aware of the meaning of questions judges Alla Bordyukova, which reads in Russian. Referee was grant the petition and opposition suffered a hearing for present day. Lena Zalesskaya also

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Miron raised the flag in honor of Vaclav Lastovsky

This Radio Liberty said opposition leader Boris Khamaida Vitebsk.Referring to their information from reliable sources, quoted Khamaida note that was attached to the flag. It is written: "Honor and glory politician Belarusian People Republic and outstanding scientist Vaclav Lastovskaya. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Long live Belarus! Lives forever! Myron. "This is not the first flag that famous and elusive Miron raises in Vitebsk in honor of the founders and leaders of the BNR. According to Boris Khamaida in Vitebsk currently held "white-red-white marathon", dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR: until March 25 in the town

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Vitebsk: Tribunal mourning over participants shares transferred

Referee Vitebsk Railway Court Alla Bordyukova took up the case of Boris Khamaida Zalessk and Lena, now detained during mourning rally in memory of Ira Kazulina.First meeting Boris Khamaida claimed interpreter. He said he was not aware of the meaning of questions the judge. Ms. Bordyukova suggested that he testified in Belarusian, and she spoke to him in Russian. Boris Khamaida arbitrator disagreed and deferred consideration of the case on March 4. Lena Zalessk also issued a summons for the same day.B.Khamaida E.Zalesskuyu blame and participation in an unsanctioned rally.

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White-red-white flag in honor of Grunwald

Society Last night on the street in Vitebsk "Truth" waving white-red-white flag.

It was posted around 23.30 on electric wires near the Combine arts. And passers-by could see the flag, who were returning from the concerts "Slavonic Bazaar", or those who simply walking around the city.

According to the Vitebsk opposition leader Boris Khamaida, the flag was attached a note: "To the 600th anniversary of the historic victory at Grunwald. July 15, 1410 GSU ON combined forces of Poland and with the participation of Czech soldiers and Tatar troops crushed the crusaders of the Teutonic Order. Troops led

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